Hoover, Jacuzzi, Photoshop - El? And Other Trademarked Godnames

My current UPG is that the names chosen by a certain single or multiple group of batfuck crazy middle eastern cult gods/egregores who throw their toys out the pram at the idea of other gods getting any worship, and who suppress humanity via causing them to renounce magick and hate (other) women, sexuality, and themselves, have also historically hogged sacred syllables and sounds.

That’s the short version. Explanation:

These are sacred syllables and sounds that tap into ways of channelling/manipulating the undifferentiated Source energy which is the rightful property of us all, regardless of whether we eat bacon, refuse to mutilate our babies’ genitals, etc., and that this is part of their power grab.

A post about this power grab, which matches with much of my pre-existing UPG, is this one: The Veils of Negative Existence (1): Limitless Light, Limitless Darkness, and how “God” became schizophrenic.

A recent post by Amorifier (pardon the namecheck please sir!) reminded me of this, also of the fact that Archangels such as Raphael and Michael (and other angels) have told me their names can end with the trad. “el” spelling - which many interpret to mean they’re aligned with some fuckwit god who sends people to hell for petty reasons - or with the sounds “aeheh” - so that would be Raphaeheh, and Michaeheh.

Now, I posted a healing “mantra” method of using Raphael’s name as a three-syllable formula, RA-PHA-EL and despite the fact I’ve never been a Christian and have, obviously, a few issues with the Abrahamaic “god,” this works for me, and has worked on other people (even animals) as well - what I’m TOLD is that the last 2 syllables in the formula above (RA-PHA-EHEH) are presented as one.

And that the power still resides in the second “PHA” syllable, which interestingly with Flowers’ “stoicheia” system aligns with Air (ph) and Moon (a).

Do I know what this means, if anything?

Nope, not really. I’d love to stick this into a kitty box, aka
Schrödingers Compartment
, which is a fancy-pants way of saying I try to ignore shit that sounds too crazy, once the work is done, so I don’t have to deal with it.

But - 3 takeaways:

  1. the “aeheh” ending of an angelic name in place of “el” seems to work, though the manifestation is slightly less established and stable - think, that flickering hologram of Princess Leia in Star Wars, in place of a more solid one in like in the “holodecks” of Star Trek TNG - BUT this has been affirmed for me by many spirits, so take that fwiw to you personally with results (which are all that matters);

  2. if I was a fucking asshole and claimed that all things that began with “www” were calls upon my own personal awesomeness, and my audience was ONLY old technologically naïve grannies and grandads, they’d probably believe it. So it’s entirely possible to dupe the unaware, and the superstitious, etc., IF you have superior knowledge of basic and neutral technology, and are an evil asshole;

  3. the “demon” called Ba’el has suggested to me that I try calling upon him using the name Ba’oahi, which I have been doing now for some time, and that’s something you can probably test at home to see if this is useful.

Not because the “el” ending was related to a certain middle eastern lunatic ball of scumminess and evil, but because somehow these sounds bring forth the power of the same unique and genuinely sacred being in different ways - which I’ve found to be true so far for us, me and my household, or I wouldn’t be sharing this.

Finally, in Flowers’ system of Stoicheia, E (epsilon) represents Mercury, while Ê (eta) represents Venus, and L represents Virgo. Yeah, I know, crazy - but a planet (Mercury) associated with magick, then Venus, either a “goddess” or bloodspilling/morningstar planet, who also has an orbit that matches a symbol that a lot of people have described as an ancient covenant, protection, or other symbol of power? (Here’s a description.)

Plus “L” which Flowers attributes to Virgo - you got me there, UNLESS of course it’s the link to something that I discussed here, which could be a gateway to the “Santa Muerte” feminine figure.

Which is about so much more (no disprespect intended to the folk saint) and seems to link to the genesis of humanity, as arisen above the apes.

Question: has the sacred tech of using certain vowel/consonent sounds been hoarded, misappropriated, in an exact reversal of the way words like “I photoshopped the image I’d googled” have stopped being specific and owned, and become generic?

I think so.

Then again, I think a lot of crazy shit. :wink:


Interesting Lady Eva.

I know according to some work I have been doing that “EL” at the end of an Angelic name denotes the angel coming to Earth in power to make a change, while “IAH” at the end of an angelic name denotes the angel returning to Heaven with a message to “God”.

It is interesting to think what would happen if we changed the El to Iah or Eheh and see what happened. It is still strange to me that many of the Archangels and Angels are totally cool with working outside of an Abrahmic context, but won’t really talk to much about it. It’s almost as I’d the just do whatever they do and let humans make contact as they will.


[quote=“Orismen, post:2, topic:5720”]Interesting Lady Eva.

I know according to some work I have been doing that “EL” at the end of an Angelic name denotes the angel coming to Earth in power to make a change, while “IAH” at the end of an angelic name denotes the angel returning to Heaven with a message to “God”.

It is interesting to think what would happen if we changed the El to Iah or Eheh and see what happened. It is still strange to me that many of the Archangels and Angels are totally cool with working outside of an Abrahmic context, but won’t really talk to much about it. It’s almost as I’d the just do whatever they do and let humans make contact as they will.[/quote]

My personal understanding of spirits and their names is that: The spirit and the name are one and the same. Pronunciation may have some variances as our utilization of our linguistic faculties becomes more efficient to deal with the exponential increase of information we are processing, but the essence of the name remains the same. If a spirit tells you that you can call it by an alternative name or reveals one of it’s personas to you: great! However, I would not even begin to assume or suggest that the altering of names to suit one’s own practice is wise at all.

Names for spirits are a part of their identity as they have no form, and some spirits can be very attached to those identities. It could easily be a fatal disaster to change the name of a spirit, not mention the notion itself is hubris. I personally think modern magical philosophy is dangerous in that it places many assumptions on the place, power, and importance of the magician. Some of these beings are thousands of years old and our little existence is but a forgetful blip in their eternity.


That’s fascinating, thank you!

We work in some pretty different ways, so when your perception seems to match in some ways with mine, that’s going to make me want to investigate it even more.

I agree with granchemin insofar as changing a spirit’s name just because you think it’s a reference to a god you have issues with would be most unwise - that’s also why I clearly flagged this as UPG and not “the way things should be” of course! :wink:

But I respectfully disagree with what I understand you to mean by “The spirit and the name are one and the same” - or at least, I would take that in a different direction.

It seems to me that the name and the expected identity, form and persona we believe in creates the interface through which the spirit can manifest, and that it’s both necessary to create these specific interfaces, but also, often, limiting.

The old, tried-and-true names (and therefore forms) that have been handed through centuries, even millenia, do not (IMO) represent the fullest, or even the most accurate, expression of all that spirit is capable of being, and of doing.

This is unsurprising, when you consider the eras of superstition and slavish “fear of God” these names and forms have had to pass through, to reach us today. Anything complex or that challenged the dogma was probably stripped away.

People who believe that demons are fallen angels, maybe correlating to a limited set of human flaws/sins that have to be mastered, and that their aim is to drag mankind back into hell are likely to create an interface that will ONLY permit the spirit to act in certain ways, and if that sounds wacky, then consider the difference between how two people with widely opposing political views will see the exact same news item in radically different ways, and take different meanings from it.

Hell, consider how differently you’d react to someone who makes it clear they distrust you on first sight, compared to someone who approaches you with some basic respect and civility.

So, people who believe the beings listed in the grimoires are ancient gods, powerful spirits who don’t have intentionally harmful agendas and may even wish to help us, seem to encounter beings like Belial, Azazel, and all the other grimoire big names in different ways.

The old-school mages keep on having experiences where spirits live into the description as tricksters, liars, or delivering wishes with a sting in the tail, and therefore believe the newer approach is foolhardy and will lead to downfalls; the newer approach regards the old one as bigoted, when in fact the old approach simply affirms the important role structuring (through expectations as much as visualisation) plays when we interact with any spirit.

Here’s an analogy - a lot of people who aren’t very tech savvy still confuse their “browser” - the program they use to download and view internet content - with “the internet” - they’ll say things like “When I opened the internet I couldn’t find the shoes I wanted.”

But it’s not “the internet” they opened - it’s their browser. A specific program on their own computer, whose settings can actually modify, block, or transform raw content from the internet.

And if your browser is an out-of-date version that wasn’t very good to begin with, and you try to view modern flash-based/java-heavy sites, you’re in for a crappy and ugly experience - your old and vulnerable software may even expose you to random malware.

If, on the other hand, your browser has the tech to handle the latest and more complex “manifestations” of content on the internet, then you’re going to have a better - and safer - time, and a better overall experience of using the internet.

It will be the exact same internet that’s caused the user with the outdated browser to be pulling his hair out with frustration, or wondering if he’ll ever be rid of the malware.

To my mind, the words we use form part of the interface - part of the spiritual “browser” - by which we “download” an interactive aspect of the spirits we want to talk to. Our pre-existing beliefs and other stuff are also important, obviously.

If a spirit gives one individual a unique name, and says “You are to call me XXX, but don’t share it” that’s like being given a unique access code to internet content behind a paywall - if you share it, you’ll probably piss the content owner (the spirit) off, and end up blocked yourself.

If spirits create new “content” - reveal new aspects of themselves for people to work with that are outside a specific paradigm - in my analogy, that would correlate to a website releasing fantastic new content, for some or all of their users, and then propagating the links as widely as they can.

Arguably, that matches Orismen’s perception, in that humans are no longer simply asking angels to pass down notes from god, instead we’re also asking them to do things for us. Maybe! (Sorry if that’s me taking this differently than you meant it Orismen!)

Finally (yeah I know this is long!), it’s possible for bad guys online to cause your browser to redirect to content they want, and not to the content you were hoping for, by hijacking what’s (coincidentally) called the Domain Name System (DNS), to deliver requests for that page, to a different location entirely.

If the maniacal desert entity which I believe to be behind any religion that actively prohibits magick, and interacting with other gods and spirits, succeeded in getting enough force of belief - unquestioning absolute faith - that requests sent to a certain name (link, in my internet analogy) will instead deliver to its own current, then that amounts to hacking those names, these sacred syllables, which is very different to actually OWNING them as an innate part of its own properties.

Okay this is getting too long so I’ll cut off there, I say again these are only ideas, musings, and personal gnoses, obviously don’t just go round renaming spirits randomly without their explicit consent! (I will say that all the spirits I mentioned above, Raphael, Michael, and Ba’el, gave me their confirmed consent to post this, but still, due diligence with anything as important as this is ALWAYS wise.)


If someone has followed a mainstream religion many years that has the idea “fear of god” How would you suggest ending that old programming in an effective manner ?[/quote]

That’s a big question and not something I’ve really had to deal with, but I’ll do my best - you could probably begin by examining the logical contradictions inherent in the idea that “God is love” but then requires and expects fear, obediance, submission, and instead exploring the writings of authors who view God as the all-loving Source of all creation, guys like Napoleon Hill and any of the early New Thought authors - even Wallace T. Wattles.

Hill & Wattles have plenty of work online, because it’s out of copyright, so you should be able to track down some free reading material. They’re good because they pre-suppose a loving god, but also encourage you to live in and be of the world, whereas eastern mysticism leans more towards renouncing the world, inclduing (ultimately) even love of the people and things in the world that you believe to be good and worthwhile.

They all explore ideas within a recognisable Judeo-Christian framework, and within a similar moral structure to most mainstream religions, so you’re not going to have to slash and burn all your received beliefs or do anything you find morally awkward, and they evolve the old beliefs based on fear into a stance of handing people back responsibility for their lives.

Also, their ideas are clearly explained and you can actually test them out in your own life and see if they deliver good results, retaining as much (or as little) faith in a loving God as you wish, and judge them by the results.

From what I hear the “el” means of god, this might not neessecerily refer to the judeochristian god though as I don’t think he nessecerily has ownership over said entities, but then again I have reason to think there are at least two different gods that assume the title of the christian god and I don’t know a whole lot about the second guy so I can’t say much there.

Another example of trademarked god names and the like, I found out today that Damballa is now an anti-virus software. Your post reminded me of modern day programs and items that have been named after mythological gods, occult symbols, and creatures.

I’ll do my best to explain this and hope it helps…

The “angels” and “demons” are all ancient entities from Egypt and the middle east. The new names were adopted as blinds for strategic purposes that won’t be immediately intuitive. They will tell you point blank who they are and you can go look the names up in obscure reference books. Many magicians knew who these spirits really were and put hints in plain sight, Mathers for instance.

Virtually every academic/reference book on western magic assumes that these spirits are Judeo-Christian literary inventions and do not even attempt to trace them back further than the Old Testament, so most attempts to research the real origins of these spirits through mainstream reference material will be in vain.

The spirits in the big-deal grimoires like the Key of Solomon are NOT Jewish. They are Greek masks of certain entities that were adopted by Abrahamic occultists and fit into a Christian ritual and mythological structure.

Here’s the issue–the “demonic” thing hijacks the nature of these entities and inhibits their ability to work. These spirits are affected by and must conform to the expectations of the person manifesting - it’s just how reality “works.” The black magicians who rig up these monotheist spiritual scam corporations spread the word that these spirits - who they of course work with personally - are evil in order to sabotage independent (non-incorporated) upstart magicians who still haven’t learned never to believe what “esteemed authorities” are paid to tell them.

This is also the basic logic behind “Archon” theory and its countless New Age copycats. All spirits behave the way you allow and expect them to behave, period. If you let them help you, they’ll help you. So the syndicate FLOODS the spiritual landscape non-stop with fear and paranoia. Jehovah is evil, angels are evil, demons are evil, Jupiter wants to eat your soul, on and on…

Stop listening to these people. This reality is programmed to help you. Let it help you.


That kind of fits with my browser analogy above, thanks. If I set my browser (belief system, magickal paradigm) to display all web pages with puce backgrounds and Comic Sans font, I’m going to have an awful time reading even the simplest content…

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I was inspired by Eva’s post about the word El and the replacing of other ending syllables.Just before two minutes i was chanting the name RAPHA-YAH to see what will happen and i connected with a current that i can say it feels great and strong.

JEHOVA RAPHA=lord that heals.



If someone has followed a mainstream religion many years that has the idea “fear of god” How would you suggest ending that old programming in an effective manner ?


The quikest way is to jump in the deep end so to speak.
Just evoke a demon :smiley:

Or start with Archangels then give it a few months before one of them goes " Why don’t you call on this demon" and yea it happens.

Ps I know this is an old thread but still good stuff on it


For whatever it’s worth, I’m still using Ba’oahi as the lyrical name for the same being, who is also the one who turns up (complete with cat/toad/man vibe, and spider/tentacle legs) when called as Ba’el, so that and the angel names have kind of persisted.

Just updating since it’s been 9 months and this all still works for me. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah and since this disrupted my SACRED SLEEP,

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Very cool!

I will have to try that alternative to Ba’el’s name next time I call him!

L, according to Bardon’s cosmic letter system leads to absolute control of one’s vitality and therefore health, as well as astral and physical immortality/agelessness once mastered in it’s various ways.

I’ve also noticed that Virgo has many alchemical spirits in Bardon’s grimoire who can give/teach the magician these same abilities/mastery, and are all about ideal characteristics and bringing and solidifying those in the magician.


Like with “Rama” a brand, selling their cancerfeeding oil-butter crap.
~Just as allways: a lot of good stuff from you, thanks :3