Could This Occult CIA Code Relieve Grief & Depression?!

So I was putting some cold-weather stuff away just now and found some things which reminded me of someone who died, it upset me, triggered memories, regrets, the usual deal.

In the middle of that I was sitting feeling burning grief, when it occurred to me to try this CIA code on the emotional pain:


I focused on where the pain was, inside my chest and throat, and thought “55515” into it, 3 or 4 times.

I felt the pain just dissolve, it didn’t lift into feeling great, or euphoric, or upbeat, or that sun-after-storms feeling of a big crying session, it just kind of melted.

I would be very interested to read if anyone has a problem whose basis is some kind of emotional pain, whether you get results from testing this method?

Important: this post is not intended to diagnose or treat psychological or physical health problems, it’s an account of personal experimentation and occult studies.


Worked for me as well, upper back pain just vanished. Although it did came back, using it again and again made it vanish for good.


I haven’t tried it yet for emotional pain, but it did help me relieve some pain on the side of my head a few hours ago.

That’s what I did, basically. After 3 or so repetitions, the pain started to disappear, slowly. After about ten repetitions, I stopped, and it returned after maybe a few minutes. I started doing the repetitions again, but don’t know if they worked because I fell asleep.

I was quite surprised. I will try it and see how it works with emotions, now that you mentioned it.


I seriously thought I was going to be like, crying, feeling miserable, maybe 20 - 30 minutes, talking myself up out of it, etc., remembering last time I spoke with them in the astral, that’s how it usually goes. I mean this doesn’t happen often but when it happens, that’s the usual.

Instead, “55515” a few times and I’m up and almost open-mouthed with astonishment and wondering wtf just happened.

In a long life of weird shit, that is one of the weirdest things, like, ever.

I even tried to bring the grief back, got it to the tangible beginnings again, “55515” and it dissolved again. Not numb, not elated, just dissolved.

If they had this in 1977 and kept it classified to 2003, what the fuck else do they have by now? Not getting political, just genuinely curious.


Probably some very weird shit.


So, this specific tachnique of using a sequence of numbers reminded me of this:

I heard about this some years ago. Apparently this guy, called Grabovoi, discovered or developed sequences of numbers that could have magical effects. He doesn’t call it magic, though. These “Grabovoi numbers” are said to have all sorts of positive impacts, and help people with money, love, emotional balance, etc., etc. This is a small article I found. When I first heard about him and his numbers, I paid little to no attention, but I might have to give it some time now lol


I’d never heard of that, thank you! :+1:


Hmmm like calling the spirits of Mercury, interesting sequence of number. Hmmm was Hermes a healer or other Mercury Gods? It’s like saying 555 healing, 1 in the name of the most Highest and 5 the human (as Pentagramm)

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Seems like this has become a very popular subject, which is strange considering it was pointed out, and the document alluded to, by an individual two years ago.

And is also somewhat related to a post of mine in November:

Especially the following part: Let’s not forget, that with regards to human trafficking, the FBI has released evidence regarding the Finders Cult connected to the CIA (ironically connected to Aquino and Gottlieb, known for working on MK Ultra, MK Delta (local MK Ultra), MK Often, and MK Search. The latter two were involved in even more brutal drug tests on subjects to see how much they could subject them to, and ritual magic respectively, all of which you can find documents on, in fact I have an entire folder with over 10000 DOJ documents regarding these subjects if you’d like me to prove it.)”


It works so weird just wondering where the energy or effect originated from attached to the numbers

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Did you visualize the numbers at the pain area or did you just vocalize them in your head?

"What is weird about it? 5 is the number of mars (moving energy), 3 times five involves both 3 (Saturn destroying and binding the pain) and 6 (15=1+5=6) equaling the sun and thus healthy energy. 1 represents kether and in this context (bringing the body part back to its natural state (note that 1=10 malkuth is the reflection of kether). The last five represents movement again in the sense of healthy movement (1 followed by 5).

working with the sephiroth in analyzing things can be quite beneficial."

This was my explanation for it working.


I haven’t tried this with emotional pain, but I tried it with an incoming migraine yesterday and it seemed to help. It’s going to take some more testing and research though, because with things like this I always have to wonder if it works based on it’s own nature, or if it works because we were told it works and it’s a metaphysical placebo.


That’s true, especially since we learned about the numbers from a CIA document (at least that was the case with me). However, it did seem to work.


Both. I formed the sequence as I vocalized it, in my head, while tried to direct it to the pain area with the intent of mitigating it.

That’s interesting. So, if you look at it from this perspective, what you’re doing is essentially a very short, very concise ritual, in which you use the numbers to connect to these energies and processes in a specific, ordered way. This might make some fun chaos magick experiments.


I’ll try it, but I have intrinsic pain dampening abilities already. I don’t recall taking an aspirin in my life.

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You are for sure doing a ritual in my opinion and thats exactly how great Qabalists like Bardon practiced later on, though Bardon did not use numbers but letters instead. I believe that it is way more than chaos magick though, when I create a servitor I go through the whole tree of life once and the results have been incredibly good compared to other servitors I have created after the directions of chaos magic partitioners. (But most of the time its the practitioners lacking ability rather than something not working- so I take the blame on me)

And thank you for elaborating how you did it.


@anon35721968 this might help you too

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Thank for sharing this, I have been doing astral work with a best friend of mine who past and every time I come back the grief is overwhelming so much so my heart aches for days.

I look forward to trying this as an instant coping mechanism.

Thanks for the tag @dagar


Np! Glad it helped lol

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Is this CIA same as the US Intelligence CIA?? So why did they research on this btw?

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