Help- cat is very sick and possibly dying


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Thank you @QueenMustang @DarkestKnight @Maxwell @anon97554939 @Niantiel69 @Rav @anon39079500 @Anassa @itsnathanm7 @Mei and everyone else I didn’t mention (sorry it limited to 10 mentions so I just went off the top of my head what I could remember) for all your responses and support.
I’m grateful for this community, the incredible response, for all this help and as a result was/am able to be stronger for her. Thank you all so much❤️

Just to update, we just got a call from the hospital today that they are starting to administer more comforting meds/treatment (starting palliative care) while they continue running diagnostics. They said one more test is coming back tomorrow morning.
Sorry for being volatile/hostile and all. I recognize I’m not really thinking logically right now, but will keep focused on her needs and supporting her however I can. Put on the big girl pants and keep doing what I can for her, while the wait continues and will update on her progress again at the end of the day.
Big thanks to everyone again.
I’m glad she’s transferred to the larger hospital now as it turned out the previous facility didn’t actually do most of the “testing” or “treatment/care” that they claimed they did (to quote the hospital vet, it didn’t look like they did much beyond basic bloodwork and hydration with an IV) there was barely any information to transfer


Also @Czar_Lish with the first opportunity please do an introduction as you were prompted back in 25 August 2020. You either never made it, or you deleted it. I was looking for it yesterday to see your experience and what you work with so I can give you a better answer, but never found it.


Sorry yes I deleted it along with a bunch of earlier posts due to some issue with another user that I spoke to Lady Eva about that’s hopefully not an issue anymore and I’ve been meaning to rewrite it properly


@Anassa Just posted what I have and
Thank you for reminding me. :heart:
Sorry again my mind is not working today as I haven’t slept since tis started two/three days ago.
Forcing myself to take a power nap, as we’re probably going to be waiting a few more hours for the next update,
Thanks again to everyone for the support as I am finding strength from this. I’ll continue reminding myself to be a big girl/the caretaker she deserves, that whatever happens, to be strong and redirect my focus on her wants and prioritize what she wants❤️


If it does come to this, repeat “I release you with love and my blessings” three times either when it’s done (if you can be there) or as soon as you find out, if it’s done by the veterinary staff when you’re not there.

Your reactions are normal for a time like this, I have had sick family and sick animals and it messes with your head. Don’t worry about it, we understand. :heart_decoration:

See if you can take her something with your scent on, and read this, try tapping this number to anything you have in your home which is linked to her, or smells of her:

Other things to try (check these don’t clash with existing workings):

Possibly also this, especially if her lapping number (as in first link) is 5: Could This Occult CIA Code Relieve Grief & Depression?! - and you could also try it on yourself, long enough to get some rest, because being sleep deprived at a time like this will not help you to make great decisions.


Wow thank you so much for taking the time to offer this treasure trove of information and advice! :heart::heart::heart: (I’m taking notes to remind myself in case I brain fart, and writing down what others previously so kindly responded with too so I’m prepared for her whichever situation turns up)
That’s so interesting about the number of laps! Definitely reading more into this. Thinking of it, she averages about 4 laps before she takes a swallow and when I asked for guidance the other day from a trusted guide while preparing the health/protection gris gris bag I later snuck into her carrier, I was somehow compelled to put exactly 4 crystals in and not the 2 or 6 like I might have (turned out to be a small Lemurian quartz, an emerald, a piece of staurolite and fairy quartz) along with the other stuff, all sealed in a red velvet tie-bag. I hope they call to let us see her soon so I can try everything I learned from here since leaving yesterday, of course guided and gauging by her wants. I will leave a piece of clothing and bring a toy or something, sing to her again. sing healing mantras. I suck at singing but somehow my off key singing voice comforts her🤷🏻‍♀️
Lots of love and gratitude for the help, support, understanding, and this community❤️

@Czar_Lish regarding my reintro I guess

since I last wrote an intro, my mind may have been recovering some and though not fully back up to speed yet, I am thinking clearer than I was then and think it’s more accurate than previous one. I know I initially mentioned reaching out to Marchosias but believe that I contacted an imposter that time, so I didn’t include it this time.

The doctor called just to say they’re comforting her while continuing to run diagnostics to pinpoint exactly what’s going on. Suspecting a few hours until the next update


Don’t worry about the intro thing, it’s only so we can help you but you gave a valid reason for removing that and posts before (@Anassa couldn’t have known this of couse, so was correct to ask :+1:).

So 4 seems to be her power number, and you sensed that, which is great, try doing 4’s of those mantra wraps and doing other things in multiples of 4. :heart_decoration:


You should read the Teachings of Ryke Geerd Hamer on Cancer and Biological Conflicts. The system is said to also work on animals.
Did the cat lose a family member or go through some biological shock some time ago (1-2 years)?
I would not recommend chemo -
It alway makes things worse.
The best would be to live a happy life and make her feel good and healthy - and not fear or the terror of thousand doctors and tests. It usually gets better this way by itself.
Cancer can be healed and this healing method has been suppressed.


Thank you for your time and response❤️
I’m not sure much about her past to be honest. I adopted her at approx age 5 in May 2014 from a small no-kill shelter for elderly/‘discarded’ animals other shelters gave up on (yup I signed up for heartbreak and should have known that clean bill of health I initially saw from the vet was a lie, that she was no exception. I thought her quick recovery (to normal kidney levels within weeks of her $10K surgery to remove a ureter stone in 2016 and quick recovery from kidney disease was a good sign)

Just based off an initial search on Amazon, could only find $2150+ in paperback on one book in English by Ryke Geerd Hamer Is there another way to access the teachings/concepts in any way? Appreciate any information at all and already💜
I’m going to prioritize her comfort and her wants and needs first. I won’t let her suffer any more than she already is and will continue updating as I hear more, doing what I can magically/energetically/spiritually in the meantime and hopefully get a power nap in to think straighter.


I could only find it in German and Spanish and I’m not sure it’s the same one, as I can’t read either language that well- it looks like New Medicine Part 1 and Part 2 as far as the Spanish copies I found go.


I have no opinion on whether his work’s effective but I found these:

If you could identify what her trauma may be, try tapping on it:

Quick version of EFT aka "tapping

“Emotional Freedom Technique” aka EFT or “tapping” works on energy channels whilst also making statements to remove energy blockages, and while it’s primarily designed for personal healing, many people have found amazing results using it for distance work. In this case you’re using it to iron out any stuck energies, fears, old programming, and general energy problems underlying the illness.

Take your right hand, middle finger and the fingers on either side, make the fingertips level to tap on a thing with all three fingertips at the same time.

Take your left hand, do a mini karate chop in the air - not hard.

Tap on the side of your left hand that would have made contact with the imaginary ninja/pile of bricks, with the 3 fingertips of your right hand, and repeat:

Even though (state unwanted thing, such as “cat’s-name has (describe illness)” etc), I still totally and completely love and accept myself.

(Or for that last bit, “love and accept myself,” insert similar wording that has credibility and meaning to you about accepting, loving, respecting, yourself, in a way that has no friction or bad associations.)

You can then adjust that for trauma as you see fit, such as “Even though cat’s-name has (describe past trauma), I still…”

Take a break and have some water or tea, and repeat as seems advisable.


Update: one carcinoma detected in left lung, continuing comforting measures/palliative care like painkillers, the IV, and oxygenation etc overnight in ICU, as the other samples are tested and prognosis/likelihoods can be further determined


Couldn’t visit her today- I am an asshole and fell asleep until 9pm while my partner took over. He said no news until around 7pm which was when visiting hours ended and it would have been a short 5 minute visit with two people. I wish I could have been there today even briefly, or even just in the lobby, to do something/comfort her/get a better gauge on her wants/ needs. The news from the doctor was just further stabilizing and comforting as they wait to determine the news which just feels grave.
I think I drained myself the last few days and literally feel exhausted and guilty for it because she’s probably lonely and scared, they won’t let me see her beyond photos from them (covid protocol or something) and I should be stronger for her and have more energy/power left to continue ritualing. Called to ask if I could just swing by for a few minutes even if just sitting in the lobby but covid protocol prevents me until news in the morning. I’m still hoping for a miracle for her though the waiting is seemingly endless, feels hopeless, and my Baby deserves the best whatever she wants.
I’m just projecting love and happy thoughts, reminding her of her happy times, projecting positive energies to her and continuing to explore possibilities (I tried Ariel, Raphael, Isis, the pathworkings with Lucifer-Magot-Dulleed shared earlier in the thread last night). I’ll work on recovering tonight so my energy tank is full for her and anything she wants in the morning and I’m going in as long as the vet says it’s safe to.


I am so sorry this covid protocol thing is causing you to be separated, but please don’t be hard on yourself, you’re under enormous pressure and sometimes your body is going to take over and just get the rest it needs. :heart_decoration:

You’re working flat-out on this and giving it everything you have, and she knows that, I mean her Higher Self is seeing you and understands.


Update from Hospital: she’s made some improvements and is eating and drinking finally though still trouble breathing due to carcinoma in the lung and she’s getting oxygen and pain medicine and some other stabilizing treatments.
Really I don’t know how diagnostics can take so long, maybe it’s just covid and understaffed? I have no idea how it’s taking so long just to provide a prognosis/likelihoods. just continuing to give this my all and figure out how to fully accommodate anything she needs/wants in the meantime.


Final update from today I think. Just got back. We finally got a visit cleared with the doctor (just 5 minutes but feeling a bit of hope).My partner and I saw her in the ICU and the prognosis is grave not likely to recover from the lung carcinoma that is making it difficult for her to breathe outside of the oxygen tank right now.

Overall, however, and unexpectedly, she is improving- eating and drinking normally again, much more alert than yesterday and has some of her “spark” back (apparently got a little frisky with a parakeet that she met in passing, that’s my girl❤️), but it’s untreatable from a surgical/chemo standpoint and now focusing on comfort, accommodating her wants and needs, then reassess in the morning. I guess all depending on how she progresses overnight.

in the case of continuing palliative care at home, we were given info for equipment we could set up at home for her, but I won’t extend her suffering if she’s really ready to go, reminding myself that this is all about her, not me. I guess next steps all depend on how she progresses tonight, how she feels, and hope for continued improvements in her condition.

We were told that with oxygen support and with the recommended medical setup at home, hopeful further improvement, it’s possible she can comfortably potentially live on for some time (unknown timeframe, doctor didn’t mention and said she’d have a better estimate tomorrow after further observation), but being cancer, and unpredictable, anything can happen and I will do right by her whichever way this goes

Sorry for yesterday’s mess of not thinking straight I got a half hour nap in this morning and recognize that logic/rationality had completely left me yesterday and I was desperate and in a state I should have kept myself offline. Stronger today both of us I guess good sign

Before leaving, I sang to her again, left some flowers from her favorite tree (the doctor arranged to safely have it in her tank) and the sigil I made for Ariel invocation, which has a piece of Lemurian quartz attached, is also taped to the outside of her tank.
She got excited about the smell of the flowers, so I hope keeping the flowers there gives her hope and can remind her of the happy times.
with the information we have now, for tonight we’re going to keep her in the hospital where she has critical medical support (oxygen) and comforting palliative care and continue waiting for updates from the hospital.

So much gratitude and endless thanks again to everyone for your responses, time, support, advice, workings, well wishes and for your positive energies/thoughts❤️
The huge response from everyone and all the advice and information provided gave me strength to be better for her along with learning a lot about how to be the caretaker she needs in this time.


You’re very welcome, I hope at least one of these rituals works for you :slight_smile:


Thank you and everyone and definitely💚

Today she’s eating better but struggling to breathe without the oxygen tank.

Working on following vet advice for continuing supportive and palliative care at hospital temporarily and eventually at home if we can safely transfer her (some kind of custom set up oxygenator/tank is being prescribed by the hospital which should be ready by Tuesday). Visiting her today I had a little more time with her and I believe she wants to be home and comfortable with her family again, and working with the vet and their advice to guarantee her comfort whenever she eventually passes, so just working out the logistics of guaranteeing her continued support and comfort at home (she is also receiving a pain med applied to the gums) while continuing hospital observation. Sadly it’s beyond surgery or chemo, so palliative care is priority right now and assisting and supporting her however she needs during this time and eventually when she transitions. I’m going to continue doing what I can from my end and take it day by day as the hospital recommends
The spiritual help definitely helped as she’s feeling better despite the grave reality of the situation, so extra thanking everyone again-
Couldn’t express enough how grateful I am for the support, information and kindness of everyone here​:black_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::orange_heart::heart::yellow_heart::white_heart:
Sorry if being annoying, last update promise, thanks again to all


You’re not being annoying, no need to apologize, the updates are welcome.