I don’t know if this is allowed but

Can someone do a ritual to heal me? I’ve tried reaching Raphael, I’ve tried reaching Marbas and also tried a number of healing rituals I randomly found and nothing works. I am in a lot of pain physically. Can anyone help me?

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Sorry to see that, have you tried using this:


can you write down your diagnosis?

please it is a technical necessity write only and only the medical diagnosis even in private if you want

If you want you can use this method: say your name and surname out loud as if your body was in front of you, speak in the third person and speak to your physical pain by saying I NAME AND SURNAME RESET COMMAND (INDICATE THE ORGAN INVOLVED) SAY THE CODE 0XFFFFFF * π * φ *-1/12 this code is a generic reset that brings the organ to the state of zero, repeat this code at least 3 times without interruption if you did it right you will feel heat and then cold an electrical signal and heating behind the cerebellum


Thank you

attention * stands for multiplication

Where did this method come from? :slight_smile:

This is a method I made

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Where did the information or inspiration come from?

I am passionate about numbers that can change our lives, I have done many studies and channeled many types of interventions, and I have arrived at this working system for all organs.

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Okay, well while the “55515” code has had known test subjects on here who had good results, we don’t yet know how your stuff works, so no offence but I urge people to do a reading first (same with “55515”) and see whether this is right for them.


Of course I understand but we must also admit that the system exists even if it is unknown, and it is also true that if one asks for help my system is this then surely one can take this train or not,

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What happens when you try to call Raphael and Marbas?

Ten of Swords, your issue is serious can you talk about it here?


My bad @Mulberry & @DragonsBlood - I accidentally removed this when clearing up some stuff from this thread earlier, restored now and giving it a little bump for visibility.


You did tarot on him?

First of all nice to meet you

I see from your comments you are Italian

So am I, from Venice

There’s books written by this guy named Cristiano Tenca

Parole magiche

Try them, they are Latin spells you recite like mantras

Also, if Mulberry says your issue is serious, that worries me too

Maybe you can help him with energy healing @Mulberry ? Like you did me?

We spoke in pm, I gave him advice, to use a book that has done wonders for me.

Let’s see how it goes

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@GentoMatrix Would it be possible for you to make a thread explaining the genesis of your system? Like where you came up with the idea, the underlying theory of how it works, how long you have practiced it, the results you have seen, etc?

We have a rule here that prohibits new members from doing readings, channelling, or posting unknown sigils and seals, until they have been reasonably active for at least 90 days, and you have not yet reached that mark, so it would be appreciated if you could provide some context on your work so we can properly evaluate it, instead of just posting random numbers and telling people to “try this,” which can be dangerous, as we have learned in the past.


I did not give random numbers, oh I gave an exact string, to help a person who ASKED FOR HELP, and except Lady Eva bob it seems to me that many rushed to help him, we are in a community, and I think it is right to help a person in that moment of difficulty. I didn’t think twice about it.
So I did not want to violate the rules that I know inside out, I wanted to make my contribution after all asked for help a person who is sick, so I gave my solution that is not random, but is the result of long studies and I have tested and tested them.
But rules are rules, so please if you have not already done so delete everything. It’s ok

I take this opportunity to say goodbye to everyone it was a great experience the door to Balg and small to enter but it is also Great to exit with loving kindness thanks again.

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