Helping someone out of a depression

Yes exactly. That person even though was asking me for help, some times even crying to help, in fact never wanted help. They refused to seek professional help and take medication isn’t that like, suspish? There’s no logic (even during depression) behind accepting they need help, yet never doing anything to help themselves. And since this means more than meets the eye, it’s one more reason why they should be encouraged to visit a professional.


As someone who was in a deep depression for years, things are different for each individual. Something that may work on one person, won’t work on another one. For example for me, seeing a therapist never helped me, same for any medication. My situation was particuliar, so there is that. Now like @anon8398376 said, some people hold onto their depression, for different reason. One being that it became part of them, some do not want to let go because they are afraid people won’t care for them anymore. It is a really complicated topic, I am not the best to talk about it but I just wanted to give my side on that.


I just realized I said like a million times the word “help” roflmao


@Mei you just described my best friend growing up. His parents were going through a divorce so he took on depression and used it as part of his identity.


:rofl: you did lol.

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As a wildcard, think this into them:

If you think they may be remotely receptive, try getting them to do it. A member on here recently had some pretty cool results as well.


Yup, those things happens. Sadly, sometimes you cannot do anything to help them, they have to get back up themself. Looking back I was kinda like this too, not that I needed the attention of others, I wasn’t talking to anyone back then, but I got to a point where I didn’t even want to fight anymore, so I just waited :woman_shrugging:

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PS I don’t know their situation with meds but this is an alternative, if those are not an option (and great addition anyway):

Although obviously harder for a depressed person to motivate themselves into, so always a tricky thing since it can tend to be put off until tomorrow…

To magick, Buer, Hathor, both may be helpful, and that may include tipping them off to the specific material world method which helps them the most. :+1:


I appreciate everyone’s responses. She is on meds, she’s been on different meds before. That route never seems to make a lasting difference.
Right now, it’s sort of a situation where she really is disappointed in a situation that isn’t going the way she wanted. But she’s not doing anything to improve it, just literally sulking and taking her anger out on everyone and waiting for the situation to change by itself. Very “woe is me” attitude. She needs motivation, inspiration, a fresh perspective on the situation. Maybe buer… thx for the suggestion


Reminds me of myself on the angry part. Is she angry against herself perhaps ?


She’s hard on everyone around her when she’s like this, so I can only imagine that she’s even harder on herself internally.

But she tends to push me away in times like this, ‘until she’s in a better place mentally.’ That’s why I’m thinking about going the magick route and seeing if I can just plant better thoughts in her head.


The House of Kel. Worked wonders for me. They are Mercurial spirits that can heal any aspect of someone’s existence.


Advise other person to take Damiana in higher doses than prescribed. Elixir is better (stronger) than tonic, but tablets work as well. Just take more then recommended. Elevation of mood is something I experienced, but tell the other person it’s for any of the other purposes for which you could take damiana. Does work to attract sexual interest but takes time (depending on dosage and times of dosage) to build up in the body. Took me a few days before I noticed obvious changes.


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Thanks for the recommendation. How does one work with the house of kel, any books that you would recommend?

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You will find the seal of the House of Kel in the book Evoking Eternity by EA Koetting, in the chapter on evoking legions.

You would open the seal the same way you would any other. It connect you to multitudes of spirits, rather than a singular one.


I would try Cimeries ( to illuminate and remove subconscious fears that weaken you ), Haagenti ( to bring about a desired change in your personality ), Dantalion ( to know the thoughts and feelings of a named individual, and to change the thoughts and feelings of a named individual ), Orias ( to change the mind and heart of a named individual without ant words being spoken to them ), Bathin ( to transform your current way of thinking and mood to one of your choice ), Buer ( to ease mental suffering caused by dark perceptions of the self, to bring healing and recovery from disease and illness ), Valefar ( to obtain wisdom and perception regarding a matter which confounds you [this is more for your benefit so you can more effectively help her] ), If the girl you seek to help is on psychotropic medications and can’t find a combination that helps her, I would get in contact with and evoke these demons. I have a nasty panic disorder and I was given a galaxy of SSRI, SSNRI, Tri-Cyclic, Duo-Cyclic, and lots of crazy meds by quacks who wanted to try giving me stuff that drove me crazy and caused panic attacks, before giving me the Xanax that I know works. Apparently, a drug’s tendency to cause dependence is of more concern than what is good for the patient. I have been on the correct ( for me ) dosage of Xanax for many years and I feel more comfortable in my own skin without constant anxiety and frequent panic attacks. It’s no wonder that psycho, crazy meds don’t work.They seriously fuck up your brain and neurotransmitters. I would go with the demons before I ever let someone get near me with those antidepressant and anti-psychotic meds

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I just wanted to echo some of the other replies, in that I’ve found with healing work- they need to be ready. If they are aren’t ready and willing to help themselves and the healing process, you’ll do more damage than good. I’ve even had people seem like it was helping and then suddenly revert and their problems become even worse than the began, when I wanted to heal them before they could handle it.

There have been literally tear jerking, heart breaking times in life I wanted to help someone with all that I am, and I could not as it was not their time yet, or not my place to.

Other times they were ready, they not only recognized they needed help, but they were able to help me help them, by taking whatever actions were necessary- sometimes it’s not much they can do on their end to begin with, other than talk about whatever the traumas/problems that lead to the state they are in. Other times, it’s taking up exercising, journaling, seeking medical help etc.

It doesn’t really matter if they are willing or not, I’ve found I can usually get someone to talk to me about the issues so I can address them with healing talks and energy- knowing what the problem is, is way more effective than just throwing general healing energy at them, but if they aren’t ready, like I said it usually makes it worse because it draws their attention to the problem and then they get stuck in it and dwell on it and human stuff.

Just my two cents, YMMV.


You can also make a blessing jar for this person. Jar spells aren’t all about love and cursing. You can fill one with positive stuff. I did this for a friend and combined it with sigil magic I put on the jar.


@DarkestKnight Have you found that employing multiple spirits works well, or even better, than calling on one spirit at a time? I ask because I’ve heard and read that " some energies don’t get along and work together well", and it can be frustrating to ponder and figure which demon to work on aspect A of an issue, then demon B for another aspect, and so on. It’s not that I lack the patience and dedication to do this, but it can be hard to figure out which spirits to work on which aspects and when, especially when I want to get the show on the road and the demon(s) on task as soon as possible. Are these Mercurial spirits for healing only, or can they do more ( fulfilling your desires, and so-on ). I feel it worth mentioning that I am a Gemini ( a mutable, air sign ), born right on the cusp of Taurus ( May 22nd ). Will this have any effect on working with Mercurial spirits?

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I know I’m not him and he’ll come along after he’s done petting the kitties and answer you but…

I have always wondered why a certain angel and a certain demon are said so often to not mix energy wise, personality wise around here, because I’ve called on both, at the same time or one after the other- frequently over the last few months and I’ve never encountered this supposed energetic clash. Supposedly this angel and demon just about hate each other.

So I had to wonder then, was me or everyone else on balg? I mean sometimes, when we are real good friends with someone, will suck up our issues for another friend that matters and tolerate someone we don’t like.

But… I don’t have half the relationship with these spirits, that many of the balgers making these claims do so… that makes no sense.

I finally (recently) asked someone that works very closely with angel in question, if they had any idea why I didn’t experience what everyone else did in regards to these two, and instead of talking to me theoretically about it, he evoked the angel.

He was told they clash like that, because that is what the summoner expects. I don’t expect it, I don’t even think it should be- it doesn’t feel right to me for some reason- and so they don’t put on a show for me, like they do those that expect it.

Personal gnosis obviously but food for thought.