Just wondering

I’ve constantly been sick off and on since covid19 came. I suffered agonizing pain and every time it comes i feel completely exhausted, i feel burnt out and then its hard to recover energy. It isn’t covid or anything too serious and I’m embarrassed to even say what it is because its disgusting.

My progress in developing my astral senses was going pretty well until it happened but since i know why its happening i can stop it and progress through it. Thankfully.

but my question is this and I’m assuming that one shouldn’t summon if you feel drained because summoning requires energy to open doors to a spirit right? And if so is that the reason why I’ve been failing quite a lot?

Thanks again. (Sorry for the stupid questions)

In times of discontent especially being sick I’ve had some of my best results… especially working with angels.

Have you tried the Raphael & non-angelic mantra wraps, and this? Could This Occult CIA Code Relieve Grief & Depression?!


Health starts in the gut, meaning, if your bioflora is off you will get sick - Have you checked your diet for sensitivities (use an “elimination diet”), got an allergy test, or tried probiotics?

Raphael is good for things you can change without the introduction of missing resources. Like, your DNA.

He can’t add gut bioflora that you’re missing, he can help reduce bioflora you have too much of, like Candida (gut yeast), which it’s common to get overgrowth issues with (stop eating sugar and simple carbs that feed it).