Idk. Terence McKenna speaks on this. That the Shaman and the Schizophrenic, swim in the same ocean but the shaman in a different society has traditions and techniques to fall back upon and receives help from the elder shamans. They would be singled out because they are special and would have a place among their tribe. Here we condemn them to being crazy and cast them out of the tribe. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. I do think people should seek professional help but it should be more balanced. That’s my personal opinion. I have experienced schizophrenia with someone who was very dear to my heart. He refused professional help and didn’t make it.

I have a friend who is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and a psychonaut and he has been able to make himself a nice life by integrating it.


I agree, i think its both metaphysical and psychological


Complex stuff.

It’s important to follow medical advice and treatment in these situations.

Some authors state illness is due to karma issues and they should be accepted, of course no one like to be sick.

Very complex stuff. Hope illnesses get erradicated soon worldwide and that humanity improve and reach happiness and unity, because others suffering is our suffering and others joy is ours


I agree, and youre right, unless we all move forward, mankind may never truly evolve


my hallucinations and pain im having causes me to have difficuklty even getting out the house, i basically spend the whole day inside excpet to go out for groceries


Psychology is very much a pseudoscience as it is practiced today. Three decades ago they were still shocking gay people, convinced they could cure it. Seven decades ago they were still drilling holes in people’s heads, believing that doing this and exposing them to cold water could cure their erratic behavior, basically torturing people.

In reality I think the only reason psychology has become so popular in recent decades, is due to governments wanting more people on drugs, so as to be easier to manipulate, and also, prescription drugs have been linked to American mass shootings, Bill Cooper, a former high official wrote about it in his book, that at the time they wanted to use psychology to promote Prozac, which had been proven in trials to lead people to become dissociative.

In fact, I want you to study the document I will link at the end of my reply to you. It’s regarding the gateway process, a government experiment. Just read it and see that the US government was also involved with magic, not only propping up and destroying cults and currents in the early 50’s and 60’s, but also it’s practice, and how they could use it against their own populace. They have a black hole / white hole Cosmological Torus model. Also, this is only part of the document, the other parts have been removed from the library.

Here’s the link: Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room | CIA FOIA (

Lekker lees.

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yes that is also true, however, medicine can help

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Energy might be stuck in your head. Look into medical Qi Gong. I would suggest Dr. Jerry Allan Johnson’s 5 volumes on this subject, he addresses such things.

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my energy is messed up, my aura is broken, that i know, my problems started due to getting involved unintentionally with bs

Those books talk about such experiences, among many others such as Kundalini and Qi Gong sickness. And they talk about how to rectify them.

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ill take a look at them thx

If you’re not well off, contact me, I can hook you up.

hook me up with what ?

If you believe that Psychology is a pseudoscience, then you either don’t know what modern Psychologists actually do, or you don’t know what science actually is. You also seem to be confusing Psychology and Psychiatry, which, while related, are separate disciplines with very different educations.

Research in clinical methods nowadays is done with rigorous statistical methods and careful controls. We have methods that have been proven to help people learn how to pull themselves out of things like major depression, anxiety, PTSD, and even severe OCD. Psychologists with Ph.D.'s and Psy.D.'s are highly trained professionals with empirically-proven tools to help people.

Now, I can understand where you are coming from in terms of psychopharmacology. Most drugs do not actually fix the problem. The good ones will reduce your symptoms enough, with minimal enough side-effects, to help the patient respond well to therapy. After recovery with good therapy, the drugs are no longer needed.

I can also understand the outrage you have over Psychiatry’s history, as I too am absolutely disgusted with how they have treated people. Putting people into isolated, soul-crushing asylums against their will, forcing them to take drugs, drilling holes in their heads and getting Nobel fucking prizes for it.

I shouldn’t say much on this topic, but in my opinion, most schizophrenics don’t need a cocktail of drugs and to be told that they are insane. They need a supportive community, an outlet and direction for their fantasies, and something to ground them. A temple or monastery, not a hospital that more resembles a prison than a place of care.

I want to reiterate here that if anyone is in severe need of mental health care, there are highly trained professionals whose job it is to help people like you. We’ve come a long way in the past few decades. Hell, your Psychologist will probably encourage you to meditate, something which I think people here can respect.


Offcourse i believe that.
Look at me, i’m the living proof.
I struggled for years with psycho pathological symptoms.( psychosis and even had the label schyzophrenia which was imo a little over the top and i was right in the end)
From the moment i’d quit with pills, the more i had a healthier lifestyle and got spiritual enlightent instead of holding myself back, i became more and more stabile and cured.

I can proudly say that today, i am a person really NO ONE would’ve ever believed i could’ve been.
It costs time, discipline, will, lots of balance and struggle but most importantly, pure focus and core strength


As far as psychologists who cannot deal with abstract thoughts, you could look into Analytical Psychologists as they are mainly in the Jungian school of thought. He actually specialized in schizophrenia and a majority of those who follow the same school specialize in that disorder as well

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word up

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My point exactly, these pills are not to help you. They want to create certain conditions in your country, so as to have greater control over each and every individual.

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