Magick explained by the CIA, perfectly. Repetition causes consciousness to produce holograms

Very interesting. Can this relate to evocation?

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@Mulberry isn’t this like your exact cup of tea? I’m completely lost when it comes to this kind of stuff but I’m super freaking interested. I know you have mentioned FBI or CIA trials on like AP and a few other things so I know this might be basic to you but I think getting an idea of the FBI occult basics would be incredibly beneficial!


There is this thread:

And this one, too:

Back then Lady Eva herself approved of the CIA documents connected to occult topics :slight_smile:


Oh yeaaah I totally forgot about those!! Thank you @A_Pariah !!

We’ve had this posted here a couple of times. As @A_Pariah has noted.

I usually recommend the OP go visit the Monroe Institute as they teach these techniques. They have in person retreats for people with the time and money and who want intensive courses on it. :slight_smile:

People forget this forum is coming up 10 years old, we’ve seen a lot… that’s why we recommend using the search so much, there’s a goldmine here for those who can be bothered to look. :smiley:


Just these days I’m (re)reading Evola’s Path of Cynnabar, where he synthesized a theme from a few of his books, about self suggestion which would eventually evolve into a suggestion of reality itself. It has something of Law of Attraction…
I conversely try to not be self delusional (still something to avoid, of course), observe magical/spiritual rules etc., but that’s an important “thing” to remember.

Ah my bad :sweat_smile: I do love using the search tbf. I’ve found almost all of my love magic from there :relieved::relieved: it’s always great to do a search for like the third time and find something from like 5 years ago that’s exactly what you needed lol

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Oh that wasn’t aimed at you, just a general fyi for everyone.

I"m basically like a librarian who knows what’s in the listings. :smiley: