The deal with Sitri was not succesful

I called Sitri 5 months ago and i don’t get my expected result. I asked him to cause lust to a specific girl, but it seemed that don’t work. I called him again to change my wish to another girl. My result was unexpected and i had sex with a prostitute wtf(probably a paid sex).After that i wrote with a women who was interested to me. She was older than me but she promised to meet me and look if it possbile to be a couple. I was not sure if she want only sex or a relationship because she wrote me to see me very fast. So i have driven to her. Yes, she had no problems to invite me to her home…My problem is that i dont understand the signals of womens…Nothing happend…After all that i think this is my fault and not Sitris. I did offer him to share his name above money. So my question is should i call him again and say my wish in a detail? My wish was not accurate. Or do you know what was my fault?.
Sry my English is bad.


Indeed it’s better to say wishes in detail. About the second girl, maybe there are some difficulties (actually, I’ve read it is so almost in every case of specific people); and so, alternate love/sex opportunities manifested.
You said to not understand the signals of women (and I have such problems myself), since magick should be joined by “mundane means” see if the free ebook “How to be a 3% man” is still available, look his author’s (Corey Wayne) videos as well as Valentino Kohen’s ones, in short research what you deem as relevant; for example also assertiveness and body language.


Sex magick is key. Orgasmic retention always works. I don’t know your skill of breath and thought control but if you have any experience, try it out with full focus and then shooting all of your energy (gold energy) into her solar plexus and consciousness. Also remember that all magic doesn’t just happens just because you possess the will. It is a n end to a means and so is Sitri. After your sex rite or any in that matter, pursue her and plant the seed. You’ll see shit come together!!


Thank you for the tips.

That is my beloved Sitri. :black_heart:

He just gave you some really important lessons (based on what you wrote), but looks like you ignored all of them, and instead of learning from these, you continued what you wished for. Wrong.

I’m sure that you should deal with yourself and take a look inside, because there is a reasons why these happened to you, and Sitri knows it well.

Use this lessons, and think upon them. He is right.


Yes ,It was a lesson . I try to learn about that. I didn’t understand some things. My interestings is to get a Sexappeal. I don’t know that Sitri could help me for that?


Offer your sexuality to Lilith or Beezlebub (both would be perfect). And you’ll have all the women (and men lmfao) coming str8 to you!!! Just know there is a price. Also I don’t know you at all nor do I mean to be a dick but the feminine energy ( which is primal in origin) is in perfect alignment of the Black Madonna and ALL women are on this frequency globally as we speak, so the odds of you finding “real love” rn especially with the demonic energy your aura emits is slim to none( like attracts like). Focus on yourself bro, and find your purpose within this crooked path. Lust rites aimed at specific people never end beneficial but obsessive and addictive. And I’m not speaking from theory, I am a full practicioner of sex magick and have been uncontrollably obsessed and addicted for the past 6 years bro. Shit gets real with those energies, just a fair warning man!


You must acquire the consciousness of having what you want. All these rituals/spirits are supposed to aid suspension of the ego and allow shifts in consciousness that align you to what you desire. Ultimately, it is the consciousness/self-concept that determines the outcome. No exceptions.


@nagash is 100% right and she works with Sitri. You’re making errors.

Magick is about Intention and Action. Lust magick is about Attraction. You have the Intent, but you’re Reactive.

You have no Attraction signals; you feel you have to force women into your life using black magick, which is a weakness tell.

You have a spiritual teacher, but not an earthly one. You’re lacking in practical knowledge of how to be with women.

Let’s fix your errors here. Read on:

1. Set better Intentions: Write a spirit petition letter to Sitri, outlining your lust magick working as a 12-part hypersigil. Here is how you do it:

  • On a Friday night, draw Sitri’s sigil on A4 (8.5 x 11’) paper and put it on a table. Skry it until you see the sigil pulsing, as if it is breathing. Match the sigil’s breathing pattern. Chant Sitri’s enn, telling him to visit you in a dream and instruct you on how to seduce women. Put the sigil under your pillow before bed. Repeat this for 3 nights (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night).
  • Write and complete your petition to Sitri during the weekend.
  • Set up an altar to Sitri on Monday. Put Sitri’s sigil on a tabletop. Set up a triangle around the sigil with 3 purple candles on each triangle corner, each one anointed with Come To Me oil. Put a white vulva candle anointed with Kiss Me Now and Fire Of Love in the middle of the triangle, on top of Sitri’s sigil. If you have any Spearmint or Cedar incense, use that to give the room a nice scent.
  • At 3am on Tuesday morning, use the Betty Erickson Induction to relax. Llight all 4 candles and conjure Sitri with his enn. Read the petition you wrote 5 times. Sign it, with your blood if you prefer. Burn the petition in the middle candle’s flame, catching its ashes in a fireproof bowl on the altar while you ask for Sitri to visit you in a dream to confirm that he will instruct and support you.
  • Put Sitri’s sigil under your pillow before bed.

2. Take better Actions daily: Learn and apply solid dating techniques.

Now-retired pickup artist Brad P was known for going from hi to sex with women he’d just met in under 5 minutes. Upon retiring, Brad gave all of his coaching material away for free on his website.

You can read Brad’s memoirs and student testimonies here, in The Adventures Of Brad P (his memoirs), and Geeks Get Girls (his student testimonials).

The best lust magick training is now free of charge and waiting for your application. It’s a benefit to you - many people paid tens of thousands only to gain less than what you have before you.

Use Brad’s 30/30 Club training course as a 12-period hypersigil you do with Sitri’s support. Brad laid this out in a 12 month timeframe. I suggest doing this in 12 weeks instead. That allows each period to last a week rather than a month, so you get through the work quick enough to make it important, but not so quick that it fucks you up.

Can you do this exercise in 12 days? Yes, but i don’t recommend it. A permanent habit change takes 66 days. 12 weeks allows you to make haste slowly in a way that the change will stick.

During the training period, do the following:

  • Invoke Sitri first thing in the morning. Spend 5 minutes visualizing yourself doing the 30/30 exercises matching each period you’re in. So in week 3, visualize yourself doing meeting women online on Tinder and through text game.

  • Study the 30/30 material for 90 minutes a day, 6 days a week.

  • Doing 2 solid approaches every day, 6 days a week.

  • Read this thread along with Brad’s memoirs and his student testimonials after you do your daily approaches, to stay motivated.

  • Do NOT become ‘a pickup artist.’ Don’t rely on wingmen, they fuck up your game. Instead, use the 30/30 training to recruit pawns and pivots to recommend you to new girls. Pawns and pivots give you better social proof than your buddies, and you send women to flirt with other women when you want to set up threesomes. Little things like that make a huge difference.

  • Avoid reading too much pickup material. If anything about Brad’s training confuses you, read Magic Bullets by Nick Savoy and the DiCarlo Escalation Ladder to understand how to structure seduction and use touch to escalate desire. That’s all you need to know. Keep it simple. Let Sitri fill in the things you don’t understand through practical experience.

  • At night before you sleep, skry Sitri’s sigil and breathe in time with the moving lines. Tell Sitri to visit you in dreams and make sense of what you did that day so you learn the skill. Put Sitri’s sigil under your pillow and go to sleep. Aim to learn what you need to know in dreams; again let Sitri show you the things you don’t understand.

  • Take one day a week to rest. Rest periods are as important as activity.

Between invoking Sitri morning and night, learning in dreams, studying 30/30 dating material, and approaching women daily, you will get your result in 12 weeks if you persist.

Lirach alora vefa Sitri. Good luck with everything.


Oh wait. There’s one last thing.

Once you’ve finished the 12-period program (in 12 weeks or a year), you’re going to reward Sitri for looking out for you. Do the following:

  • Take Sitri’s sigil. Skry it one last time. By now it should have 12 weeks’ worth of your personals on it (hair, sweat from your hands, smudges, etc) from you constantly handling it; dirty with your personal genetic code. This is a good thing; your sigil is now a power object, as these things tie you to Sitri in a personal way.

  • Put the Sigil on a table like you did at the beginning. Pour the ashes you saved from your petition paper on top of Sitri’s sigil. Put 1 purple (or white) votive candle on top of the sigil. Leave that setup there for a week while you prepare your gift.

  • Buy spearmint essential oil and a base carrier oil (BroMo suggests grapeseed oil, which you can get at a supermarket). Pour out a cup of the grapeseed oil into a small glass bottle (use glass, not plastic). Add a few drops of the spearmint oil, enough to make the grapeseed oil smell strongly of it. A little goes a long way. Close the bottle and shake it, then put it in a dark place for a few days (3 days is fine).

  • When the grapeseed/spearmint oil is ready, reward Sitri. Anoint the candle with the oil.* Also, anoint Sitri’s sigil with it by dabbing a fingerprint’s worth on each of the corners and in the middle.

  • Call Sitri with his enn. When he arrives, thank him for helping you out with the petition and 12-period program. Tell him you’re putting this candle out as a reward for a job well done. Light the now-scented candle on his sigil and sit there until it burns all the way down. Stay there until the candle is completely burned down - it may take up to 5 hours to complete this step, so do this when you have time.

  • Take the candle wax mised with Sitri’s sigil and the ashes of your petition. Put them into a paper bag and dispose of them. To properly dispose of candleworks, take them to the woods or a garden somewhere and bury them.

Other things i didn’t mention for you to consider. Many of these things are not spoken about in the dating community, which makes me wonder, but i digress. Here you go:

  • Get tested for STIs. Dating coaches don’t speak on this much, and the CDC promotes the idea that only LGBT should be tested, but that’s bullshit. If you have a lot of sex, chances are high that you already have dormant Herpes and HPV viruses. Be responsible and maintain your sexual hygiene to prevent spreading STIs. Get tested for HIV, Syphillis, and Hepatitis at least once in your life. Then get tested for Chlamidia and Gonorrhea, genital Herpes, Trichomononiasis, lice and scabies, and HPV at least once a year.

  • Use protection at all times. Get in the habit of having at least a condom and grapeseed oil for lubrication whenever you go out to meet women. Whether you realize it or not, the type of birth control your women use will affect the type and quality of sex they have with you, as well as the timing. Some types of birth control affect women’s moods greatly, and some are uncomfortable or even painful. Learn as much as you can from your lovers about their chosen birth control method and their individual situations, and work with them to ensure the sex you have with them is ideal for them.

  • Learn tantra. The basics of it are explained here and here with this, here, here and here. Also, listen to this conversation by Susan Bratton and Jim Benson on Jim’s tantra training. Ask Sitri for advice in getting a sex play trainer befitting your situation.

  • Learn as much as you can about sex furniture and sex toys for couples. You may also want to read Jay Wiseman’s SM 101 as a primer on this type of play.

  • Join a local sex play workshop.

  • read Playing Fair by Pepper Mint, to properly handle rotation game and nonmonogamous relationships.

And that’s about it.

*I got this tip from Brother Moloch 969 on his Evocation Magicks Yahoo! Group over a decade ago. He reposted it with a full explanation here on his website.


I have to add this kickass post by @Norski as food for thought.

Sitri isn’t your only choice for this type of working. You have options.

I haven’t worked with anywhere near as many spirits for love magick as he has, because i generally don’t do love magick. However, i’d like to add the following spirits to his list: Inanna, who i very highly recommend. I also have to put in a good word for Beleth, Babalon, and Belphegore, all of whom are fantastic.


Brad is also 6’2 and good looking.

Obviously game and magick help, but this is important information which needs to be considered.


:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: Thank you!

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what price?

Amazing post , but if one does these rituals , when does one find time to actually get out there and live?

Can you tell me more about breath, and energy thought control.
Do you know anything about through gnosis way of sending energy. Ive seen someone once do it quite effectively, but dont know how its done or how to get that strong current of energy through your fingers, or eyes… can you explain more ? Thanks

I loved the lessons

I had a similar experience working with Sitri then I got what I wanted. So here is what happened.
I wanted a guy and I asked Sitri to help me… but I did not see any movement. So I repeated agaian the ritual after a couple of months. Unfortunately no movement. However, I started getting more job opportunities that would allow me to get closer to the guy I wanted.
So I started working on my finances and I moved closer to my target.
And I thought why not repeat the ritual? So I repeated it and I got similar results to yours. I had lots of attention from other guys. That built my confidence a little. Then work was starting to go better and better and my confidence started building up. So I thought why not repeat the ritual with Sitri? And I got even more attention from guys and I built even more confidence with guys.
So I worked again with Sitri. This time I attracted another guy who was really into me but things didn’t work out between us but I learned a precious lesson on how to detach from my feelings. I should also mention that I started working with other demons as well: Asmodeus, Agares, Dantalion, Belial, Bune and of course Emperor Lucifer.
I started bumping on my target more often. So I thought I would ask again Sitri for the same guy… and I GOT what I wanted. I got my target lusting over me and in a way I wasn’t expecting it.
But I was different! I was more confident, more self secured, I had healed a lot from past traumas… and every day I was becoming better and I still do. I still don’t have 100% of what I asked but now I know how to trust the demons that I work with.
They work through you and create the reality that you want. They change you so you attract what you want and the way you want it. When you ask something they kinda test you so they know that you really really want it and then they align things and you have to keep trusting and accepting the changes.
Sometimes you might get results overnight because you are in better alignment. Other times though you have to go through stages to get what you want and not give up. And also build a relationship with the spirits you work with as they would had been friends you would have met and you build trust.


Before anything,I ll admit that I haven’t been consistent in my colab with the demons. So here goes: I ve been having a thing with a guy and albeit at first , I wasn t into him and I was in love with someone else, he was persistent and I found myself in lust with him. We started an affair, as he was already in a committed relashionship. We both got hot and heavy for eachother but I began feeling frustratred so I broke it off. Recently he started talking to me again, but he was colder and even mean sometimes. So I did a letting go ritual and he went cold. Then I started missing him , so I decided to have a chat with my duke Sallos. The very next day, the guy began texting me and being all sweet again. We talked about seeing eachother again, so I thought I d summon Sitri. Right after I summoned Sitri, he stopped texting me and basically stood me up ;we were supposed to see eachother monday and he stopped texting since friday. He gave me a taste of my own medicine , because that s exactly what I have done to him many times , including last week. My question to you guys is :wtf??? what the actual f***? I could think that Sitri drove him away from me . Also , both Sallos and Sitri , warned me during divination, not to see this man again, because it is not good for me . They both said the same. Is it possible that Sitri is just doing what he feels is best for me, ignoring my actual request for him? Tbh , I just craved for a good time wink wink

I dont like Just to ask demons to do something . Only If i have a relationship of years like my mother Astaroth.

I give demons something and i receive something in return, i like to work with demonolatry system