Demons for love, lust and sex

Be it love of others or self.
List of names I got from hanging around here/going through the resources provided here. Passing the info along.

Tul - Knowledge of love and soul mates. Gets to heart’s truth, love of another or self-love.
Self love and self-care.

Saspu - Brings love and/or friendship into your life (or other(s) person(s) that you name). Does not do mind control or controlling magic.

Lotir - Rules over Love and matters of the heart. Only deals with True Love. Does not deal with lust, lust filled or gluttonous emotions.

Fro’ghla’tasch - The one that does deal with lust, lust filled and gluttonous emotions. Capable of fulfilling every sexual, intimate and emotional need. Calls into life lover, friend or spouse or person able to fill the specific needs of the evocator


How to call them

They got sigils - that I am unable to post cuz no scanner I have. I carve their sigils into candles and burn the candle. Or burn incense in their name. Also burn bay leaves with their sigils/names on them when making the request.

Mostly work with Tul cuz they are the one that sinc most with my need. I have the feeling Lotir wouldn’t work with/for me. Lol. Which I respect.




Ok if I have a special person I want to date can saspu help me and is that his sigil and what must I say when I summon him

Just found a way to post the sigils. Saspu is up.

As for what you say, state what you want while burning the candle/leaf/incidence or what ever it is you do while thinking/feeling the results of getting what you want.





You said demons…
You might want to change your title,

These; Sapsu, Lotir are angels.

Lotir - Grand Angel ruling over the Kingdom of the Red Flame.

Saspu - Angel of love and friendship.

And Tul is said as below:
Tul - Spirit knowledgeable in the matters of love.

Kindly change your tittle to show the corrected.


I see demons, angles and spirits as all the same thing. Have you ever SEEN a real angel?

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I have.

Angels and demons have very intense but distinct energies. To me, demonic energy feels heavy and almost “solid”, while angelic energy feels like wind and almost with a sense of euphoria.

I’ll admit, these are somewhat vague descriptions, but the point I’m getting at is angels and demons are very different.


I am not arguing that they are very different to other people, it’s just not a difference I get/or feel aside from individual differences. So working with an angel feels the same as working with a demon to me. I end up calling them all demons as a result because that’s just how thing were/are in the place I spent most of my time learning.


As if i haven’t beaten this subject into the fucking ground by now…

Check here, here, here and here, and here.

You’ll find many more by using the search button.


For some more info we can’t forget the 4 Qabalah queens! Lilith, Naamah, Agrat bat Mahlat and Eisheth Zenunim!

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i have never dealt with love spirits, but when it comes to lust, i give a high tribute to the infernal lord Asmodeus/Ash-Me-Dah-Ee/Aeshma. He is very quick at bringing me one night stands.