Summon demon for novice level

Hi all,I am interested in summoning a demon but I don’t know how to begin, I read Ars Goetia and I found who I want to summon but I don’t know if that demon exists. So I just read the demon enn loud and hope to show me a sign that he wants to meet me? What if he doesn’t show up?
Also,do I need the seal of the demon I intent to summon? I also don’t know if I will need to make a connection with the demon so my question is:,What steps do you have make to create a bond with the demon you choose’’?


If youre coming previously from a place that has the good=light and bad=darkness structure, he would be great. Hes very morale but also expects that of those who ask something from him ( justice for example)

@Jilaiya94 I don’t know a place that has both light and darkness structure. Do you mean to choose a place that is dark or a place which is filled with light? Aren’t demons supposed to be dark and not light?

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I suggest you put a good use of the most obscure demon here on BALG.
His sigil is ----> :mag:
Upper right corner
Learn as much as you can.
Prince Orobas is THE spirit from Goetia for your level.
Plus 4 archangels are top notch and you won’t get screwed by those 4.


Choose your path based on you. Both dark and light are in you naturally.


At least at the beginning yes, use the seals. Ars Goetia is legit, so those demons exist.
He will come as long as you follow magickal rules (and are sure of yourself once you begin the practice), for example the elementary principles of evocation:
preparatory immersion (look at the entity’s sigil, read his description etc.), use of a working system, theta-gamma sync or attainment of omnipotence (enter the magical trance by deep and wakeful relaxation), substantial contact (give a relaxed look to the sigil until you feel it’s somewhat “activated”), incantation (call the Spirit, maybe also telling to appear and talk), communication, issuing a task (say your desire/will or ask information), dismissal (thank and perhaps ask to leave), psychological retraction (return to ordinary state, ground yourself, for example by preparing food).
More than actually seeing and hearing entities you may perceive words in your mind etc. but it’s still possible to obtain such results, gradually and by using incense, scrying ball, working on clairvoyance and clairaudience.

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Welcome @viorele. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

This question has been beaten to death on BALG to a cartoonish degree.

In the last week alone i posted beginner evocations for both Book I (Ars Goetia) and Book II (Theurgia Goetia).

I’ve also put up posts explaining the 6th & 7th Books Of Moses and the Miracle of New Avatar Power’s Titanic Rite, and have written out full rituals for the spirits in Ars Goetia, including this one, this one, this one, and this one (from the 6th & 7th Books of Moses’ Spirit Commando).

Use the :mag: you’ll see PLENTY of rituals on here by many BALGers past and present. There’s no shortage of goety on this board


Before you summon a deity… Have you ever performed a magical ritual before or performed any type of casting? Have you performed any Wiccan rituals calling on the four quarters?

What type of casting are you performing, what are you asking for prescience, foreknowledge, prosperity?