Whats the difference in how different “love” demons work?

I was wondering, what’s the difference in how Sitri, Sallos, Dantalion, Zepar, Lilith, Gremory, ect work or reach their goals? I see to be interested in all of them but yet I don’t know how they differ in work / personality styles. Any insight?


I’ve worked with a few.

  • Asmodai gets you hella laid. Ridiculous. To the point of feeling like fucking is a part time job. Lots of women who never really seem satisfied no matter how pharmaceutically enhanced you make yourself to keep up with your lifestyle. This coming from a biochemist who is his own human guniea pig… It sounds like a great thing until it isn’t and then your friends think you’re just being a flexing asshole, yet you really REALLY don’t want turbo milf or tiny hot pants to come over again for more action because your hips actually feel like they’re grinding and you’re only 27.

  • Zepar acts quickly and very briefly. Transient. A girl tried having sex with me in a drive thru and we got down a few other times. One of them was fantastic and got filmed by another girl at the party which lead to more shenanigains with other people. She’s not a big part of my life now and I’m honestly fine with that. Hardcore drama llama which I’m not about. Great for one night stands, if you’re into that. Seems to be more of a chick thing these days oddly enough. I’m way more about multiple ongoing things with cool girls who have options too so nobody gets hurt/clingy.

  • Sallos acts almost like an angel in that he paints in very broad strokes and acts over long periods of time. He reconnected me to a soulmate/soulfriend from lifetimes past. We were on LSD in a hotspring together and we both sort of ‘knew’ we had been somewhere like that before, maybe 10,000 years ago in another life. Primordial pair bonding. Extreme depth of relationship that’s completely effortless and full of the most primal animalistic lust you could imagine. Fits my “open” lifestyle perfectly. Outstanding sexual and emotional chemistry.

  • Sitri has an interesting approach. He’s sort of a wild card and the encounters he gets you into are full of hilarious stories. For instance… I ended up in a love triangle with the Utah Jazz Bear’s girlfriend. The actual mascot for the Utah Jazz and I are now eskimo brothers. True story. He got fired for getting caught with her in the locker room during the playoffs. Pretty great sex too. Just all of it seems to be like he’s constantly fucking with you and laughing his ass off as he serves you pusssssay on an infernal platter of fuck you …come to think of it, maybe drive thru girl was his doing. At least the part of her becoming drive thru girl. Before that she was just the vegan chick who jumped me while we were night hiking up the canyon.

  • Gremori seems to be all about showing the deepest most beautiful/dark parts to the person you’re into and letting you behold each other with full acceptance. Very deep. It’s a different kind of love, there’s no fairy tale to it. It’s incredibly honest and more pure “love” that way. I’d wife the girl I’ve bonded with if I believed in that. We regularly have extremely deep conversations and neither of us is remotely uncomfortable showing the other our wounds. We bond over them and then remark about the things we absolutely adore about each other. Intimacy is very prominent with touch. Lots of energy gets sent through just a basic caress. It’s subtle yet very deep. Also been rumored to do well with pulling people who already have a relationship. Your code of ethics determines what to do with this. I think cheating is fucked but I’m not against being the next monkey branch someone grabs onto if they’re on their way out of something anyway.

  • Orias isn’t your typical “Love” demon though I’ve helped change a girl’s sexual orientation to at least bi through him and she married the girl I did the ritual for. Look through my post history to find if you’re interested. He works via a very persistent, constant obsession that drills the result home in your subjects head. Less romantic though not a bad option if you value power above disney.

  • Dantalion is someone I need to work with concerning love. I’ve used him to ease OCD symptoms and overly intense emotions about someone to great effect though.
    Will be in touch and will report back later.

  • Haniel (The Archangel) is RIDICULOUS in terms of opening up the floodgates of emotion wide open without the slightest restraint. He’s overwhelmingly powerful to the point where if you even want to stifle your feelings for the person you won’t be able to shut them off. Drugs, alcohol, sex rampage, all useless to kill the emotion. You and they will feel VERY strongly for each other. This actually terrified the girl I was after (and I had full honestly pure intentions of going into a monogamous relationship with her) and it drove her away because she had a past of being consumed emotionally by someone abusive and she lost herself in it. Too much draw. Too much current. If you say “Send my love into her heart so that she feels my love and returns it a thousandfold” he will. Freakishly strong. Do not underestimate it and make sure that them feeling that intensely will pull them to you.

Women have feelings about their feelings …about their feelings, guys. Know who you’re working on when it comes to him. If she didn’t have an abusive past I’d probably be married to her. I saw her soul and every time we bonded the flame grew stronger. The outcome was very depressing and devastating given that my emotions were in full swing at the time and stifling them wasn’t easy. Months later she ended up running off with someone else so she could feel like she had a measure of control in her life again. He’s EXTREMELY powerful. So be careful of the context you use him on. Humans are volatile and unpredictable.

  • Belial has strong sway over women. He’ll put you on a path towards ass kicking that will make them a fun byproduct of your lifestyle rather than the main event. Usually the better you’re doing the stronger they’ll be pulled to you (This isn’t always the case, as I’ve experienced. There’s a subtlety to this and he’s masterful at it.)

If you go the “I’m just going to work on myself and let them catch up!” route be sure he’s in your corner or you might just get a ton done climbing the success ladder while the girl you’re into sleeps with the drug dealer who collects welfare down the hall. Strange world, but it is what it is. He seems to bridge the gap between objectively being a good decision and being exciting enough for them to care about why that’s even a factor. Intoxicatingly strong pull when “it’s on” too, though it’s definitely a “girl ‘in’ your dreams, not girl ‘of’ them” thing with him. Highly recommended.

(Likely not the same effect for women trying to attract men through being 'strong & independant '. For some dumbassed reason our species loves to mirror what we find attractive in the opposite sex and it leads to demure, agreeable, effeminate dudes with no spine who couldn’t fuck their way out of a wet paper bag and the loud, bitchy, “I’m blunt!” chick everyone went on a coffee date with and couldn’t leave fast enough once they found out she “FUCKING LOVES Amanda Palmer!!!” Sorry girls, ass kicking is amazing for it’s own sake and mega props when you do but the Belial method of sexual captivation likely won’t work on our side of the coin. Darwin’s fault.)

  • I’m yet to work with Lilith though from what I’ve heard, if she has an affinity for you she won’t disappoint.

Enjoy your 20’s!


Damn this is a great field report! I have a few questions if you dont mind:

1- did you know the different aspects of how the enitities work by researching beforehand or did you find out after working with them? Im guessing a combination of both.
2- i assume there were also actions you were taking in the mundane? Were you doing cold approaches, social circle game, online dating, etc? How were you meeting these women?
3- were these one time evocations or long term pacts?

P/s: doesnt have to be limited to your 20’s either hahahha wink




So now I’m wondering what happened with the girl you used Haniel on? If it’s so powerful you can’t stop it, did she go crazy or did you call him off or what?

I’m asking because I’m new here and I want to avoid making mistakes that damage myself or others


About Haniel you used ritual from NAP?

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Very well detailed and informative my guy. Lol


I’d read a bit yet the experience of them was for more aparent than any reading would give.

Lots of actions in the mundane. I’ve been studying this stuff for quite a while. I do a lot of “Screening” (Look up GLL and read his material.) I meet a lot of women in every day life, and through apps like Whisper and Kik Messeger.

Most were one time evocations, though Asmodai seemed interested in a pact and from the results of it… I’d say he’s doing great.

Stoked to keep this up in my 30’s and beyond hahaha


She ended up running off to someone else. I didn’t know what was going on until after and it was obvious.

I used the 11 Day Ritual 2 from Magickal Seduction by Damon Brand. Very powerful, just use your intuition and get a feel for the kind of person you’re dealing with.


You probably would have included him in this amazingly useful list if you had, but for personal reasons I still want to ask if you have any experience with Vual?

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Which of these spirits are good at bringing back exes is my question :thinking:

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I’ve been working with Dantalion for that goal. I haven’t results yet, but my deadline still isn’t up yet though. He’s a good choice because his domain is the mind and if the person is your ex, there are probably at least some feelings there to work on. Others have also said Sallos is good for the same

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You definitely don’t want one of the lust focused ones though (unless your goal is to have just one more fling with him/her I guess)


Hello, im new first post can someone help me. I want to get laid im a 24 years old havent had sex in 4 years. I just want to make love idk how to do magic or anything i learned the basics but do any of u know or can help bring them to me?

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Actually I have a ritual prepped and ready to go with them. I’ll report after my findings!


Why not just pay for sex if that’s what you desire. I mean magic can help yes but if you just want a quick fix then …

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I’d hit up Foras and have them “Compel one who has lost interest in you to be fascinated with you once more.”

Then depending on the sort of love you’re wanting I’d go with Sallos or Gremori. That’s my taste for it but it depends on the sort of feeling you want from the relationship.

Sallos adds an emement of Magic to the relationship, lots of amazing sex. The sense that you’ve known each other for milenia is strong. One of my first relationships before I lost faith in monogamy was very much like this. He keeps the power dynamic strong too.

Gremori definitely brings great affection yet it’s more of a “I show you my soul with radical honesty and you show me yours and we both completely know the deepest parts of each other with full acceptance” sort of feeling. Not sexy but it’s damn beautiful when you go there. No games and the more vulnerable you are the stronger the love becomes. Contrasted with how emotion and weakness are a death sentence to her attraction for you outside of this it’s very very refreshing.

Both are very real, though the lens filter you want on the picture is completely different. If that makes sense.

Haniel can do profound things yet you just want to make sure she’s emotioally stable and not at war with her emotions.


Start with a sigil. I have a few threads up and you can use my exact wording. Use my method and actually take action (look as good as you can + talk to girls with the intent of actually exchanging orgasms with her).

You’ll amaze yourself. Read up, make yourself, and go take action. Any of these spirits will help too, no wrong way to do it so long as you actually do


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wow so great to read all this ! Can you please tell me …

  1. So if i want someone to marry me,i should work with Orias? Since that is my main goal.

  2. Haniel is an Angel ? Is their evocation different,than evoking Demons?

Thank you.