The BALG repository of fantastical success stories with Magick

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I have been working with Lukhorst to raise the price of Cosmos (ATOM) up to $30 so I can sell what i have and make the rent this month, and he has delivered marvelously.

I thank you, Lukhorst for your assistance in this matter, and wish you well upon all future endeavors, and if you have anything to ask of me at a later time, my door will always be open.

Thank you, Pendralion, for lending to me the services of your servant in accomplishing the task I had undertaken, your kingdom is truly magnificent, and I thank you again.

EA Koetting, Thank you for the gift of Kingdoms of Flame, it has been very helpful throughout the years in many circumstances, and I am very thankful for the help it has provided to me, and the guidance as well as I began my path. May you be blessed my friend, for all time and beyond.


Thanks @Verdo guess I know what I’ll be doing with my next few days. Gonna be stuck reading all these success stories lol.


There are many gems in there. Enjoy :wink:


Its been a few months since I updated this. Here are some new additions to the list:


Ok people, i have to tell that Enochian magic is completely Bonkers!
I made script in enochian to find work that will be most suitable for me and to make good amount of money.
And i found TWO jobs!
First one where i have some experience with electric tools, with good salary.
And, with is crazy- i have no job experience or formal education in it, only what i learned by myself - job in finances as financial auditor. And yes, by finding i mean I worked already in first and received offer and contract from the second :smiley:


Which book you work with?

The complete enochian dictionary by Donald Laycock.

And script was created on the basis of information that i found on blog of person that work with enochia - but this blog is not in english.


I will buy the book in near future. Now I am reading Universal Magick from Corwin Hargrove and will experiment with the methods.

The book whose title i gave does not contain magic techniques for enochian, but it is probably best dictionary of this language.

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I have questions to a former skeptic. How do you deal with the witchy/goth influences? The idea of knowing secret truths that are powerful is very seductive. But I have issues with the “aesthetics.” How can you take people who dress like edgy 13 year old suburban kids seriously?

Well for me personally…the way someone looks/dresses doesn’t really take away from the physical or spiritual truths being spoken…at least not for me. I mean, if a homeless looking man says 2 + 2 = 4… is the answer less valid because it came from a person that doesn’t suit my sensibilities physically? I would say no. But the reality of this community is even less distorted than that example, because the vast majority of practitioners are regular looking folk. You’re allowing hollywood to cloud the way you view occultism…but actual occultism isn’t what you see in tv shows/movies. I mean, if you saw me on the street, you would not suspect for one second that I was an occultist. I dress in a shirt and tie, no broomstick, no wizards wand. I take the information seriously, which is independent from who the messenger is. One of the reasons why I gravitated towards EA is because he really operates and looks like a regular dude. Outside of his ritual space, he and most of us here are regular folks.


People dress how they like, don’t take it as determinant of the correctness of their statements. If you saw me on the street you would never think that i listen death/folk/ black metal etc. Not to mention about practicing magic. But if you have developed astral/ESP senses you can sometimes feel the vibe from person that practice the occult, if he doesn’t hide it.


He has a certain “style”. I think a lot of that is just for show to try and fit what someones perception of a black magician should look like. Not that there is any right way to look or something, but sometimes it seems like there is a stereotype.

I feel like his style has evolved over time. When i compare how he looked in his divination course a decade ago to how he looks today, he’s changed quite a bit…most notably the tattoos. EA today looks a lot more like a typical satanist than he did in the past

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Hi everyone, I felt the need to take a break from magical things and the forum since covid hit and I had other problems to deal with. I’m back now and I wanted to share a couple of recent success stories.

No 1 - a narcissistic former friend, who treated me like crap. This guy was a platonic friend but got a big ego when he had some career success. He is an academic professor. Did sone rituals for justice, and payback.

One to expose his true self to others, and general attack rituals to cause misfortune. Mainly from Angels of Wrath and Lucifer and the Hidden Demons. I saw nothing happen for quite a while and it was hard to tell what effect this was having as by then he had moved overseas for work. Two years later nearly, after I’d forgotten about it, I hear out of the blue one day from a mutual work acquaintance, that he had been fired from his position on this prestigious committee that he belonged to. What happened? He apparently went crazy and defaced the organisation’s website (that he used to look after) and posted defamatory things about other members because he was jealous that they had not made him head of the committee in a recent election. He also emailed all members the same things.:rofl::rofl::rofl: He was nearly sued over it. Everyone was totally shocked by it, and when I heard, I was stunned at how well my rituals worked! The end result now is that his name is utter mud in his field. This is an organisation that is connected to high levels of government and frequented by members of this country’s embassy. He was always going to events at the embassy etc and showing off about his connections. Now he is screwed and hasn’t dared set foot in the country again because of it. :joy::joy::joy:

No 2 - I wanted to bring a colleague down who had really tried to cause trouble for me and others. Also a very rude, narcissistic nutcase generally. So four years ago when this all began, I targeted several rituals her way. I layered and combined many rituals from the Angels of Wrath - force exile and the other attack rituals, with some from Lucifer and the Hidden Demons. She began to suffer minor disruptions, setbacks, but was still at my workplace being extremely troublesome. It’s only been in the last year that everything really began to blow up for her and seems like it all hit at once with force. A relationship break up, and then major illness. She was off for 6 months when covid hit with some mysterious ongoing complaint. Then was supposed to come back to the office in February. Then I heard she had a very nasty reaction to the covid vaccine - that no-one else I know did to such a degree. She’s still off sick, and hit with anxiety about travelling and catching something. She’s lost time on work projects and not been able to maintain her career to previous levels. End result- I did get rid of her from my workplace.


one of the best thread here.


As this year comes to a close, I thought I’d squeeze in one last update. Today I added three new stories involving wiping away large debts, miraculous healing, and lust-filled pleasure :slightly_smiling_face:


@Verdo did you see this one? It’s a pretty good story imop since it starts from the user not really knowing much/ just making a call for help and ends with success.

I just was like oh, look at that here’s an encouraging one for peeps starting out and wanting to improve where they already are. Plus they talk about not having the skills yet, starting to see results and leave room to check and see how it continues to progress in the future.

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