The BALG repository of fantastical success stories with Magick

Thanks a bunch for putting that together.

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Added two new stories, both sex related (my favorite :wink: )


I would like to share my most recent success with magick. A few months ago I was hit with a large unexpected medical bill. It was more than double my annual income. I was told by both my insurance and the hospital that I would have to pay the full balance.

That same week I went into a deep trance and asked myself which spirits could assist me in eliminating my hospital bill and I got the names Dantalion and Seere. A few days later I performed a ritual. I evoked the spirits and made my intention very clear. That my medical bill was to be completely eliminated and that my new balance would be zero.

Every week I would give them an offering and reaffirm my intent. Over the course of two months the hospital kept sending me bills, calling me, texting me, and leaving me emails telling me that I had to pay my balance or they would hire a collections agency.

A few days ago I had received a phone call from someone in the billing department asking me to call them back. When I did they told me that they were very sorry, someone had made an accounting error and I no longer owe them any money, I thanked them then hung up the phone. I went and checked my online bill statement and it read $0.00.



thank you for this post and the list.

It is pure gold IMO.

It is such a precious aid for newbies coming to the forum and looking for … motivational posts to keep on the occul work.

I think persistence is one precious key in Magic, and obviously your considerable work here offer the motivational factor necessary for occult dedication and evolution.

Respect, my friend.


You’re welcome. :wink: Happy its been of use to you

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I am not new to occult work, far from it, but I do find your post absolutely priceless nethertheless.


Update sir Verdo!

Prince Orobas still has that hype! We’re still riding together 20+ years on. Now I find myself in my Early 40s living a semi retired life of luxury and peace in a tropical paradise.(the philippines).

Fantastic spirit, Fantastic results!

Hail Prince Orobas 55th spirit of the Goetia!


This just in. I healed someone who had been suffering from terrible pains in her foot for over a year.

All I intended to do was a simple banishing by joining my hands, clapping them with vigor, as if I was going to perform an aggressive prayer.

Moral of the story: if you work with Metatron every single day for 90 days, your magick will be incredibly intense.


heey just bumping, newbies don’t forget to check this thread out ! it’s great for a confidence boost and it helped me when I was new and really wanted to read about sucess stories


What’s your favorite story from the list Angeela?


mine, jk lol. I don’t have a favorite but I do enjoy those that get new lovers or jobs, money. also because that’s what I’m working on atm.

I always have a hard time choosing favorites whether it’s food, music, tv shows so nothing new I don’t have a favorite success story. I think all success stories are great. I do find some more interesting like how I’ve read Sallos bringing almost the exact type of person that they wanted with a list of around 50 things or the one with 1.2 million but we still don’t know if that was real or not?

I like the more complex/”impossible” success stories I guess because I’m trying to do the same in my own life so reading them helps me with new ideas and knowing it’s not impossible or more like ”oh I didn’t think of doing it like that” or ”I didn’t know you could do that”


Yeah i hear you! The most inspirational ones to me are the ones that are hard to explain away as a coincidence…like a girl who friendzoned a user all of a sudden wanting to have his babies, or a person suddenly dying after a baneful ritual. Its all great stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

As for the 1.2 million dollar one, yes i believe it to be true, else I probably would’ve not included it. Thing is…people, even on a forum as open as this, have a hard time believing you can get large sums above five figures for whatever reason. What folks should keep in mind about that story though is that the only reason we even knew about how much he acquired was due to me being there asking probing questions. If not for my inquiries, the post would’ve likely sank to the bottom of the pile, forgotten forever. Someone who was trolling would’ve said what he accomplished from the get go. Instead, he was hesitant to share…so I trust his account for the most part


Awesome stuff! Thank you for taking your time to compile all of these accounts. This is my go-to place when any doubts about magick arise in my mind… and it dispels them right away :smiley:
At the same time, it reminds me that sky is the limit and that i can achieve much more than i think, if i commit and let the pieces fall into place. A genuine inspiration!


Verdo the best. :black_heart:


yeah that’s pretty cool and that’s why I like them.
oh I understand! Pretty cool to be able to manifest such sums of money


This thread is pure gold. Thanks Verdo. Saved me hours of searching


I have not seen the SALLOS one, can you link it to me? I am trying to find it in this thread but can’t find it. Looking through here is like looking for a needle in a haystack!

She’s talking about this one. If you need help browsing through this library…its always best to ask the librarian :wink:


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Added two more stories today. I had meant to add the one by Ryce ages ago