Musicians evoking King Paymon

Hello Friends, I want to tell you about part of my experience evoking Paimon, this post is part of the offer I made at the time of my evocation.

Before I must say that I am a musician who has been making music for more than 20 years, I totally love music regardless of genres, I play various instruments, I am a composer and music producer, throughout my life I have done everything Rock, Pop, Even the most current today like Hiphop, Trap and Reggaeton, as I said before I love music.
I do this preamble just to give context in relation to my experience in the music field and to make it understood that I am not starting with this hahahaha.

As the vast majority of artists I have the dream of obtaining fame and fortune doing what I like, however, as thousands of artists in music, the dream has not been fulfilled and with more than 20 years trying I have come to the conclusion of that succeeding in this industry definitely requires a touch of magic.

My story of magic for music begins with a frequent request made daily for the last two years evoking the archangel Gabriel who I consider my protective archangel.

Somehow this request for help with this topic began to give me results, I began to have an amazing coincidence with the number 33 for many days it even keeps happening, somehow the investigation of this frequency with which I saw the number 33 led me to a video on Youtube where in an interview a seer spoke of Solomon’s clavicle, after this it took me a while to realize that the demon number 33 was Gaap, at first I began to practice meditation visualizing his seal really without much guidance or preparation trying to contact Gaap.

These meditations initially activated my lucid dreams, I have really always been a person who dreams little or does not remember their dreams, astral travel was also activated and I was even able to meet Gaap on one of my trips, but that is a story that I will tell you another day.

I must say that at first these dreams and astral travels were a bit disturbing, I could not control them, then I began to ask Gaap for help with the musical theme and in one of my meditations the image of a face with a large crown appeared. I remember that the image was formed with grains of beach sand but golden in color, I could also visualize the number 9, then when I woke up I associated the image with the number and understood that Gaap is introducing me to Paymon.

At that time I still did not have a solid evocation scheme and I continued with my meditation tests, now with the visualization of Paymon’s seal, after this I managed to enter the astral again where somehow I could see Paymon presenting himself in human form a man very tall and athletic with white skin he was standing at the entrance of a kind of parking lot or garage where a motorcycle was parked, I know it’s something strange but that was the trip, he continued , he was accompanied by a group of people it was a special group of students or followers who accompanied him no more than 5 people most of them I could see were women these people were gathered in a circle a little behind him, it gave me the impression of that they were praying together or studying because they were sitting at school tables.

After this, in the following nights I had lucid dreams that were a bit scary, one of them was that I was in the middle of a kind of tsunami of big black waves, but when the waves were about to fall on me, something placed me in a safe place, until another wave came and he was transferred again. Then I had sleep paralysis several times and I also felt like they were trying to get me out of my body.

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Although this beginning was a bit strange in these first encounters I felt that it was not something bad and that I should continue to move forward, I must also say that in my particular case I know that I have always had the protection of the archangel Gabriel since years ago by other rituals It was revealed to me that Gabriel has always accompanied me at all times, which has given me strength and tranquility.

To continue with my story with King Paimon in one way or another, I kept investigating until I got a copy in English of the book Demon of Magick by Gordon Winterfield, I immediately felt familiar with the system so when I finished reading it I began to put it into practice This gave structure to my evocation processes and helped me establish a more reliable method of evocation and communication. Finally I put into practice the connective evocation with Paymon, the day I did it for the first time I was alone, I prepared my office to do it, candles, incenses, the images of the stealth, the texts, among other things.

I ran the ritual the best I could and after a while I could feel the connection, I can say that the evocation keys described in the book helped a lot.

I will describe the experience as best I can, in my particular case the sensations were: dense or slow environment, sounds of tapping or rattling of the tables and printers that were behind me, sensation of a slight levitation, a thick fog in my vision; When I felt these sensations I knew that the connection had been made and I expressed my request, of course to improve my musical career, after that I indicated my offer, finally I executed the exit and it was all over.

I can say that the results are beginning to arrive, my musical royalties and followers increased by more than 20% in the last 60 days. Now I wait for the next phase, the composition of my next songs, I know that somehow the influence of King Paymon will be reflected.

Finally I want to thank: Adonay, the Angels and Archangels involved, Gaap and of course especially King Paymon for their great help.

I hope this post will serve others and as I said initially, it is part of my offering to King Paymon.

If you wish, you can also comment on your experiences.