Banishing with fire salt

Decided to make this as i am cleansing my living room this morning and it occured to me i havent seen anyone post about it. Its a method i started using on instinct when i started working from black magick of Ahriman. Since i started working in this current the LBRP seem to general a banishing that would sweep away all the energy i am raising.

After pondering on it for a bit i decided to try cleansing negativity through fire and earth. So i tried it and it works very well. I’ll use it to clean out the spirtual Blech that can build up from day to day life. But as described in the video below it can be use prior to ritual. Ironically :thinking: i had no clue this was a shamanic method of banishing until recently. Go figure lol

As a side note i have tried incorperating herbs,resin and crystals with this method to the fire consumes the negitivity as fuel and radiates the energys of the former into the room with good effect.


Oh yeah salt burning is great. I don’t know if it has shamanic origins, though. I don’t think the ancients had isopropyl alcohol. Witches have been doing it for a long time, I know that.

Mostly likely sources back then would havr been oils or fats as fuel i would think.

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True. The idea of heating salt bears relevance because of the ions it throws; this concept came from Asia, I believe, and became popularized during the turn of the century spirituality boom. Otherwise it is just combining salt cleansing and a spiritual gateway. My understanding of combining elements to banish pair water with earth, and air with fire normally.

It seems like during a salt cleansing you are pulling the negativity into the salt as the salt releases neutralizing particles into the area, while the fire literally gates the bad energy out of our plane.

Very powerful stuff and a must have for the savvy energy worker.


Basically in just got done cleaning out my last batch :grimacing: salt turned pitch black lol been awhile since i did this last :sweat_smile: been crazy busy. Normally the salt just looks a lil charred like slightly caramelized sugar.

Also helps if your only targeting specific energies.


Thank you Dinmiatus, and BUMPING!

I have been using it since some years now, works like a charm!
You had a very good intuition here!
I learned that with a guy who works on healings and he knows his shit!
He advised to use coarse salt, but i think the common one can works too!
I prefer coarse salt, natural, it has no added aluminum on it, and because it looks beautiful too.


I just want to reply on the aesthetics. That is a beautiful blue flame…

I wonder if anyone has tried casting a circle with this method?

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Im sure someone has. I dont have a space to do it safely or i would :alien:

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In Santeria or in South America they use salt burning circles as form of banishing, i believe i saw some videos showing that on youtube!

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Me neither, sigh!