Some Banishing Methods

This is a very short and simple share of the banishing methods I have used against the current problem some members seem to be having:

Assertion Of Authority

I have successfully banished this thing by using the statement:

“In the name of the Most High I command you to depart”

Note that this is NOT about “god” as in desert tribe monotheism, it’s a call upon the most powerful aspects of the self.

The LITERAL Living God Within, in other words – the highest aspects of the self, however you conceptualise it.


As a first recourse, this symbol, which is an equal-armed cross and which pre-dates the Christian symbol, will work effectively:


Iron and steel also appear to be helpful in grounding energy, and it’s no coincidence that the cross-like and circle-cross symbols are ancient symbols of Earth and also, the most primal representations of mankind (“stick figures”).

Other Things:

I’m going to link the following basics, they’re reliable and worth running as well as other methods:

  • Basic Limpia - this does NOT need to be done with Xian prayer, use whatever substitute you choose, including the name of the Most High

  • What's normal? (Creating Wards Walk-Through Tutorial) - walk-through in creating wards

  • the method of banishing with light described in this video: - YouTube

  • this method of binding in darkness as an alternative if light is not your preferred medium right now: "In Darkness Bound" And The Psychology Of Demons

  • make sure that any Tarot decks, spirit boards, and other methods of divination that can also act as portals are either wrapped in aluminium baking foil, or inside a tin - this is actually good basic practice for any kind of unwanted contact, and I personally keep mine that way all the time when not in use.

This is what has worked for me, and is what I use myself. :+1:


Postscript that you don’t need high levels of skill or TGS to make the first statement, simply fill yourself up with indignation that ANYTHING would presume to block your ambitions, and state that you command this to depart in the name of the Most High as though you are a boss.

Because you are, in your own domain. :+1:

“I can’t visualise.”

Can you masturbate?

Can you see some aspect/s of a desired person long enough to get a little solo lovin’ going on?

Well done - you can visualise.

The wards post linked above is what you should be reading next. :+1:


Right on.
Most High is a good one. It means whatever your audience thinks is most high. It’s simple, but potent rhetoric.


The importance of what E.A. calls psychological retraction after doing these cannot be over-emphasised, people can literally create their own haunting by staying jumpy and on the alert - do these things, do them with your fullest attention and commitment, then disconnect from ther whole thing, I won’t say go make a sandwich :stuck_out_tongue: but go do SOMETHING wholesome, and grounding.

You can repeat this a few times but my method is to make those distinct, and not blur into one long frenzied session of panic and second-guessing yourself.


Thanks, thats… actually a good point. I’ve come across several 'used` tarot decks at work and brought them home, including one that seemed… homemade and it had a silver figure with it. I need to seal these in a container. Anywho not to derail your thread.


No probs, this is good self-defence for all kinds of things. :+1:


Excellent post @Lady_Eva.

Thank you.


An update to this for those of you so inclined.

Stand tall and strong, feel yourself at the centre of your own reality, with infinite potential and infinite power - this this does not come naturally, act the part as though playing, let go of all inhibitory thoughts based on everyday reason, and recite:

"I am the One who accepts no masters

I Am.

In the name of the Most High, I command you to depart."

This may work better for those for whom “most high” (alone) raises any lingering emotional resonances of religions.

Inverted pentagrams traced in the air are also successful in removing some of the energies you may find.

On the above theme of sealing things in metal, keeping doors closed (without becoming OCD about it) is also an ancient family superstition handed down to me, you’ll see it referenced in the idea a closet door left slightly open is a bad thing in various fictional portrayals as well.

I’ve spoken about the use of stairwells and doorways as liminal spaces a few years ago on here.


Like a grenade!:grinning:

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@Lady_Eva, I’m digging this thread.


This is good, great info Eva. Thanks.

Just had a weird thought though, what if you tried all the above and it still did not make the banishment work and the god, being, entity or dm is lingering still??

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What is the deal with the equal armed cross in a circle? I have seen this symbol in various places and wonder about its meaning.

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Here you go:

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:upside_down_face: At thus point ill need like 4 lifetimes to do these rituals.

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There are some that can be incredibly stubborn and difficult to remove, you just have to stay on it, and never “feed” it, starve it to death.

I wrap my divination tools in consecrated black cloth, and that works well too.

Girl! The WAY I hollared! LMFAO!

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