Non-Angelic Healing Mantra Wrap

I wanted a healing mantra wrap that was free of any “angelic” J/C kinds of currents and associations, and was given this:

The syllables IN-SO-FAR (as a mantra, not the word “insofar”) are a transcendent/non-clockwork version, I’ve used it many times now with success, including on animals for whom the placebo effect can’t be in operation.

IN/NI is Sun in Scorpio, SO appears to mean “destroy” in Sanskrit and “whose” in Enochian, FAR (and it is FAR, not FA or FAH) I have nothing yet.

There may even be a link to the word “Sophia,” because the idea of manifest reality having a stage at “information level” before it becomes solid in each present moment has come up a few times for me in recent months.


The SO is a bit like I described the COH sound in COHZIER, there’s a definite end to it and it’s not run into the FAR, and the IN is a bit closer to EEN than the normal word, there’s a slightly elongated EEE sound.

Try it out, and see what feels good, bearing these in mind.

In this case, SO is the bit you place nearest the damaged part as you visualise the syllables wrapping the afflicted area.

You visualise the energy wrapping the affected area in a triangular shape, as you mentally repeat the syllables: as with the previous version, it’s that simple.

What you can add, if you want, is to lookup a textbook image of a perfect version of the affected body part (for example, a human knee like this diagram) and visualise that along with the triangle.

But don’t sweat it if your vis. skills aren’t up to that, just focus on the wrap and distract yourself from concentrating too much on the injury or whatever kind of affliction it is, stay with the sounds and see them sinking into the physical areas.


Bumping this because I used it for someone lately and got amazing results reversing an obesity-related condition that was really messing with their ability to get healthier. :smiley:


Can this be used to help a person lose excess body fat?

Possibly, my friend has a medical condition caused by overweight and it has improved measurably through use of this. Worth trying.

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IM glad you got the results you did ! Do you think this can be used outside the realms of healing ?

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I was given it for that purpose and I haven’t tried it for anything else, so I don’t really know - ask a spirit, or do a reading.

But personally I think it’s probably best used for the purpose it was given for. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, I was thinking more along the terms of helping someone heal less physical illnesses and more so once that have to do with a more psychological and mental aspect

But I’ll keep this in mind ! Thanks :slight_smile:

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I think it could help with that, it was given as all-purpose healing and it may help. :+1:

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Awesome! Thanks!

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