How to Invoke, and why you should! (Demons, Angels, Gods)

Invoke - Call on (a deity or spirit) in prayer, as a witness, or for inspiration.

Invoking is a great tool for anyone looking to form a deeper and stronger connection with their chosen deity, invoking is a slight form of possession and thus, a very powerful tool for ones enlightenment/ascent.

I find people who struggle with evocation enjoy invocation. If you cant sense a spirit’s presence outside yourself calling it in to facilitate/guide your thoughts and actions is often time more potent. (or at least this was true in my case)

Invoke the spirit

Easy enough right? Simply call or ask the spirit to come into you to help with any given task.

Ex: “Azazel I ask that you come into my mind and guide me through this meditation.”

You can also command or will the experience into existence with the classic -

“(Entity name) I invoke you!” or “I invoke (Entity name)!”

All variants are effective and work, choosing is simply a matter of preferences for the magician.

If you find yourself having a difficult time or feel the need for a stronger invocation visualize breathing in the spirit’s energy into your third eye as the energy swirls and permeates throughout your brain and into your blood. Breath in the knowledge and the power of the diety as you relax and begin to turn yourself over to this higher power/altered state.

Learn and Discover

Now that you have successfully invoked this higher power its time to use it.

I suggest watching videos, drawing, reading, listening to music, brainstorming, daydreaming, and journaling. At first, the voice in your head may sound like your own, but you will find yourself using odd words, or a slightly different approach to tasks. With frequent invocation, you can expect an advanced degree of comprehension along with greater separation between your normal mind and the entities (if so desired).
It is quite common to have new profound discoveries, or cathartic spiritual and philosophical experiences.

Remember this is a shared experience, the entity is now directly influencing you and your comprehension do not be surprised if you find invocation addicting, or extremely rewarding. These beings love to help us grow, by offering your mind and body as a vessel you are giving these higher powers reign to imbue your psyche with their knowledge and practical application. Since they are directly tapped into your mind they will alter your beliefs in accordance with your will, and destroy any limiting beliefs you may have around your ascension goals.

With invocation, you give chosen deities a direct streamline and funnel to shamelessly manipulate you for your highest good/desires.


Can confirm all of this. I exclusively use invocations when working with spirits.


Absolutely true for me. Extremely profound, even with very serious, long-term effects for the better. The much, much better, in fact.

Yes, to everything you’ve written. I find invocation to be much more rewarding than evocation, strictly personally speaking. I also find that if you doubt your impressions of what the spirits tell you or think that it’s “all in your head” (which it kinda is, and kinda isn’t imo, because the mind is a conduit as well as broadcaster-receiver), you deprive yourself of something I can only describe as bliss. The blissful experience of literally being in tune with the spirit’s energy and thus being in tune with a portion of your own higher self, or true self, and seeing yourself/ your life/ pretty much everything with new eyes and a mindset that is on a whole different level. That’s how it is for me, anyway, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.


I found this to be extremely true for me as well, when i first started invocation/channeling I had very abstract and comprehensive ideas when talking to my friends, it felt kinda fake or like I was playig into the character, but then I realized in that moment thats my job, playing into the character i invoke just like and actor! In order to get the most i must think, act, and talk like the energy or persona im playing. I also have had many confirm that what I say during channelings is exactly like how the spirit talks or just what they needed to hear.


To me, it comes totally naturally. It’s like they’re a part of me as much as they’re something outside of me, but something that feels very familiar. It never felt like acting, more like tapping into something, which is what good actors actually do, I believe. But acting sounds like fabricating or constructing, which as far as I’m concerned is not the case at all.

I’ve had confirmation of my own gnosis or experiences through reading other people’s posts or watching a youtube video that came up just at the perfect moment. Also, the amount of synchronicities is just crazy…


The familiar feeling came with the spirits I’ve been contacting or working with so far. There are others where I get a clear gut feeling that says “Nope!” :sweat_smile: Or maybe, “not yet”.


I agree, i guess its more method. Have you seen jim and andy the great beyond? Jim carrey literally goes possessed to bring this man back to live and its utterly amazing!

They are usually something like this for me haha

Image result for deadpool voices in his head


Almost haunting huh? :sweat_smile::pray::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So, how do you end the invocation?


Same way you start, you can also do a grounding to stop thinking about it. I dont really ever officially end them they kind of just taper off unlessi invoke the whole Goetia all at once haha, then things get interesting in my life :crazy_face::exploding_head:


A banishing ritual would probably work too but I also never do those lmao


I did that before a job interview, the interviewer told me “I like your can do attitude, you are very energetic…etc” where in real I was a bit nervous, exhausted and hungover ! I believe the lovely demon changed my energy to others :slight_smile:



Its also empowering as fuck, helps open your senses, requires no equipment, and is great for changing yourself, becoming more like those you invoke.

Also, a great way to ask the spirit questions. Way easier that evocation and clearer than something like darkness communion.

And it can transition into possession.


Can you describe what it feels like when you invoke? Sensations, etc?

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so its like feeling the spirit is in you and also not at the same time? cause i have a Incubus and that is how i feel most of the time. My irl me also kind of changed too (ways of talking or personality )


i Think that Demons are impersonal forces that became personal when you shape them with your beliefs and personal gnosis


Yes. And enormous thanks… see my Azazel update. Im getting somewhere cause now i can relax

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I agree.

Physical sensations: “Domed”, Relaxed, sped up, faster heart rate, slowed down heart rate, headache, muscles twitching/falling asleep.
You can also feel like you are going into character or slipping out of yourself.


Thanks. So nothing painful or anything, then? lol


no usually no lol

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When performing invocation as opposed to evocation that automatically means, the magician doesn’t perform the banishing ritual and licence to depart after summoning the deity?

Is invocation and possession the same practice or is it that they have similarities?

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