Nothing to show after several months of work

Hi all, I posted a little while ago about trying to reach out to Belial (and a couple others from the Goetia), and it seemed like I was getting closer to making contact but really this last month I’ve hit a dead end. I mediate several times a week on his sigil and enn, give incense and blood offerings, state my request, all of that, and still nothing.

I almost feel like I’m “blocked” or something like that, or perhaps it is that Belial or the others don’t want communicate with me. I just am getting discouraged because it seems like everyone is having mind-blowing and powerful experiences and I just am not able to access that if that makes sense. Any tips? Maybe there are entities that are easier to develop initial relationships with?

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I’ve said this before, but see if you can get some results using Pam Grout’s E-Squared and E-Cubed books first.

The universe is always listening, but you have to have a consistent way of calling it.

When you can call to the universe itself and get results, calling on aspects of the universe will be easier for you.


Took a year and half for me to forget and allow it to manifest. Fact that youre here is a lust for results. Distract yourself till you literally forget

The entities heard you. Your senses just may not pick them up yet.

My first breakthrough came from the meditation titled “heard a voice during merkaba activation”
Its in my profile a few people have vouched to me for it so, maybe itll help.

Its how i undid my third eye knot.

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You can take a break from direct evocations and try other methods like in books like word of power, cashbook, Magick of angels and demons depending on your request ! My success rate has been much higher with these methods than calling demons myself , I mostly do it just because I love connecting with their energies!


When you invoke does your body feel hot? Do you feel any tingling?

Sometimes, or sometimes my head will get buzzy, but I usually attribute that to focusing too hard in my head and giving myself a headache haha but I have felt I guess a stifling sort of feeling?

Thanks! I am gonna check it out!

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As always if it benefits you please p.m me your experience for my journal :blush:. Best of luck and peace to you friend :v::grin: