Maryjane 🌿 Cannabis- Ganja

Background: Marijuana has been around me since I was about two in one form or another. A member of my family sold weed in order to survive and support family, they also use it as an alternative to opiods and other pain medicine they found they liked a little too much.
A large majority of people I highly respected have used the plant at one point in their life.

Maryjane is a extremely kind and loving spirits, she offers healing, insight, and movement magick. She can open up your senses and is great to discover aspects of your shadow as well as true potential. I get a very loving caring nature from her, but it is always rooted *in the spliff shamans willingness to heal.
If you abuse her plant aspect SHE WILL, make you pay. Use her responsibility as a medicine and occasionally as a drug if desired. Her strains can be a hit or miss. She recommends trying a strain at least twice to get a feel for it.
She is not always a consistent spirit, she has very primordial aspects as well as a New Age and light aspects.
Navigating your way with each strains and journey can sometimes be a sort of initiation itself. Maryjane may present the shaman with a two faced challenge in the beginning, the closest way I can describe it an inverted version of Belial’s initial trial. Maryjane seemed extremely straightforward. Everything I was expecting the first four contacts/use but on my fifth or sixth use I got taken for a spin had a high that really challenged both my sanity and body.
Note, I was extremely serious about using Marijuana to heal me.
In today’s day and age I would recommend treating Marijuana as you would any psychedelic. THC %'s have rapidly rose. And it is better to play it safe ESPECIALLY with any new strains, or forms of contact (mixing ceremonial magic in, invoking or evoking.

Maryjane recommends, trying a CBD rich strains or Indica Dominant strain to start.
And journeying to select a compatible strain, tarot and runes will work great too.
Each strain is different so look up its attributes on

Marijuana is best enjoyed with some herbal teas, alcohol, and fruits. Healthy fats (nuts, avocados, and anything else not fried) are great too.

There’s nothing like some magick, a fruit smoothy, Ganja, and some art.

Yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises maybe fun to experiment with for more advanced spliff shamans.
Astral travel and Evocation have always been extremely potent with hybrids.


We’re u on something writing this? :smiley:


Thank Goddess For The OP, At Least Someone Understand Even A Little.

I Was/Am In That Same Boat Kinda


No this is a gnoisis guide I was given through multiple journeys and Evocations with the spirit.


I meet her through the death goddeess or it was the other way around, i cant remember anymore


Oh, did you experience ego death during a trip?

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Yeah, i had an ego death and a physical death


Maryjane dont do ego

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@Titan.M very interesting post! While going through the archives (all the posts on necromancy) I came across @S.Boheme-old, she often spoke of using Marijuana in her work. She put out some good stuff that I think a lot of people missed or maybe because of her post length just lazily skimmed over. Marijuana was a favourite of hers and as someone with a keen interest in blood magick her mix of blood and marijuana was something else.

I believe that an opportunity to learn from someone who really understood her art and who was producing clear results, as is evident by her photographs, was missed. IMO she was waiting for someone to ask. She was experimenting and those experiments were paying off. If you know bone like I do and you understand her use of psychoactives and blood her chaos starts to make sense. The way she wrote made me believe she was almost always on something and yet she was lucid enough to be dropping nuggets of such purity that I actually cried when I realized what I was looking at.

Her short lived journal is crammed full of amazing! In an Invocation she uses blood and maryjane to open a doorway, burning and inhaling it. I was looking at her photos as she was trying to explain what had taken place during that specific invocation, I looked at the place inside her handmade chamber where she felt the presence of something manifesting, she described it as primal and therionic. I believe what we were invited to see was very real. If you look closely at the bone she used during the fire ritual you’ll notice that all the bone is real and more importantly the bone that she placed closest to the camera was so purposeful and yet so subtle it was like she was saying DO YOU SEE! That photo floored me. Not because of what was manifesting or because her rituals were so brutal and real or because she was Mad Gifted but because she knew it. IMO she downplayed it but I don’t know why.

But ya, definitely an interesting post and I look forward to reading more from you in future





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Can poster be more percise with postings and details?

No understanding from teading the post

I’ve found weed extremely useful for spirit communication. It really opens me up when I use it.


If you’ve read any of my posts you’ll know that I’m extremely anti-illegal drugs. You should only use drugs prescribed by a qualified medical doctor because a large number of these have side effects and more people die from prescription pain killers than heroin and cocaine combined. Marijuana is extremely dangerous because no one has died of a marijuana overdose - let me put that in some sort of context - ever!

By using cannabis you are threatening the economic viability of struggling drug companies which only have your best interests at heart and are only trying to do good. And what about all the alcohol producers you deny supporting by your dissolute habits, because instead of ganja you could be drinking more alcohol? OK, so five guys go out, get pissed and start a fight whilst five other guys go out, get stoned and start a band. So what? Without alcohol fuelled violence think of all the police, lawyers, gaolers and counsellors you condemn to having to find something else to do for a living! But selfish, self-centred and ignorant people like you just don’t care, do you?

You should feel ashamed! And while you’re at it, think through the hubris of declaring a plant illegal.



@Uncle-Al You’re a legend! I love it!

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@T31337 wasn’t sure if you meant me but ok. So, I’ve spent a lot of time reading and studying the posts of @S.Boheme-old because of something that she had written in one of her earliest posts. She called herself Sophia, this may or may not be her real name however I feel that it is a very fitting name.

In different posts she advocated the use of Marijuana and other psychoactives during ritual work, she mixed blood and marijuana, and the stunning photographic results of part of her rituals is clear to see in her journal. If you read her journal entries from The Garden of Thorns and Letters of Obscura it becomes even more clear. I believe that the bone we see in her images belongs to the creature that we see manifesting. She even places this bone right up to the camera, I believe as a test.

Her art was necromancy and she understood bone, IMO she was very, very gifted. She was trying to reach out, to really talk to someone, at least, that’s what I believe, she kept hinting at it. She was struggling with a second personality, something she believed was with her since childhood. She believed this personality was very real and that it could manifest independently outside of her. I believe her, I believe also as she did that this “other”, as she called it, was sometimes completely in control. Read her posts, really look at what she writes and you’ll see as I did that there are literally 2 different people communicating albeit very subtly.

I wish someone had really talked to her, it’s frustrating to me!! I don’t know why she left or even if she left out of her own choosing but she again hinted at the fact that she may not be around much longer, look at this:

And then this:

I know, soon people are gonna start saying that I’m obsessed with her and maybe they’ll be right on their assumptions. Or maybe I’m the one possessed now. I’m an analyst, I see things, patterns, formulas, organized chaos within the seeming randomness of mundane things, the why of it is what I mean.

I use it medicinally on occasion when need be. I don’t know why but about a month ago I invoked the “master spirit” of Marijuana before I medicated. Honestly the being that came had that same feeling that you describe. In my experience with this being they didn’t speak with words but with emotions (as words). I realize that’s a weird way of putting it (i.e. words without words) but it’s all got! Very soothing spirit. I basically just spoke with the spirit and did a “blessing” before a meal type of thing. I wondered if others were interacting with Marijuana like this. I know they do with ayahuasca and Mother Aya but I hadn’t heard anybody speak about it.



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I use CBD to relax and see nothing wrong with it