New Occulist

Hi welcome, but was is heka,? Sorry for asking,

You mispelled the title!

Hekka eh? That’s a praxis one doesn’t see too often, and one which I’ve more than a passing interest in. Look forward you reading more of you. Welcome.

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I think most people call it “tutting” or “hand gesture magick” which is actually a dance form. When a deity introduced it to me he called it “motion magick.”

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I really enjoy Hekka. I feel very connected to the ancient Egyptians and their deities. Thanks for the comment.

That’s what I get for posting at 2 AM

Ancient Egyptian Magick. :slight_smile:

It varies on the working or research.

I do a lot of educating to the younger generation on Tik Tok about witchcraft. I charge $1 a minute for tarot.

Spells cary depending on products needed for the spell and if I need to call in my magick partner to assist in the working.

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I envy your tik tok clout haha

I didnt even know tik tok allowed occult topics :hushed:

Yes shamans dance on their journeys :innocent:

If you’d like help with this I highly suggest taking a dance class (preferably a genre you like) and and invoke an entity who gives of the vibes youd want associated with thats sort of dancing.

I thought I was a horrible dancer for the longest time, I began working with maryjane :dash: and invocation, the growth I have seen is amazing. Ill buff up my skills a little more in the gym then when I have a phone with a decent camera record me dancing to my music like the lil demon boi i am. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only downside is when I get possesed by the music in the gym people get concerned haha.

Oh this screamo trap so check your volume

Took a Bali dance class and we had to do a lot of hand gestures. Now I do them while im dancing I just channel them as they come in. People kinda assume its a gang signs haha 🤷
:point_left: 🙅 :point_right:

Motion magick is all about releasing tension and then rapid movements of balance and tension.
Best advice would be to turn on some music you like and dance with your eyes closed. Open so that you do not fall and stuff but really just focus on your body and how it moves.

Maryjane really helped me with movement magick.

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We both know The fool is the true magician here. To set out on a new journey to conquer a new ~~~~~ rather than continuing your battle with the one you know.

Welcome to the dark side. Id offer you a free cookie but we’re all out :smiling_imp:
Luckily for you tik tok is about as dark as it gets. And i oop and i oop. Skskkssksks


You know me from Tik Tok? Thank you. I thought only children were on that app. :slight_smile: Good to know there are other occultists on there.

Thanks for the advice for dancing. I know Lilith really enjoys working with me and pole dancing. But maybe I will find a Bali class or something in LA.

I have been allowing myself more and more to just be free with my movements and enjoy them. No longer will I allow my soul to be chained and contained.

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I had vine growing up so Tik Tok is a good sequel #okzoomer

Pony starts playing
Lucifer helped me with grinding. And fun stuff but, as you can imagine that’s not really a gym routine I practice.

Full expression of the self is the best expression of the self :dancer::man_dancing:

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Welcome :blush:

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Hi I am new here too would love to have a conversation with you I have quite a few questions

Regarding what?

Hello, @PythianPriestess I am DezRa welcome to the BALG community, and I wanted to thank you for sharing with the forum. You have found the right place for learning, teaching, and obtaining knowledge in all areas of practice. I know you will be a great addition, and you will find a wide variety of knowledgeable people to aid in your path to ascension. I am all about Egyptian culture and practice if you ever want to chat.

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I appreciate your kindness and I look forward to chatting soon. :smile:

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What’s the best way to learn pronunciation in your opinion

Which language are we talking about?

explain me about zoomers :joy: