How I'm Reprogramming My Subconscious Mind ft. Lilith and Lucifer

Sigils - I’ve found sigils to be THE MOST effective way to reprogram my subconscious mind. No words, subliminal, or videos necessary just good old signs, symbols, the spirit makes 3!
(Sigils can be greatly enhanced when used in conjunction with traditional NLP methods and is very effective for both to be used hand in hand.)

Sigils impress upon our subconscious they are portals and bridges to higher dimensional beings, a calling card or business logo for each diety. Sometimes business invests in others in the game, this is why you may contact someone like Lucifer and Lilith and be sent to their “competitor” or “rival”. (I was indoctrinated Christianity and the new age RHP but was sent to demons and the LHP)
Like Coke and Pepsi, they all need each other to stay in business and its easier to fight the devil you know than the one you do not!

Invocation - I’ve talked about this before on this post, but essentially invocation is bringing one’s desired aspects and better qualities and channeling them into your being! You become an antenna and broadcaster for higher vibrational energy!


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