First evocation of Abaddon

I had a fantastic experience last night. My very first evocation of Abaddon. I didn’t get permission to share everything , so I’ll keep myself in this way.

He was a tall, muscular man to me. His face was lined, absolutely unforgettable. As He moved, the color of His long hair changed. Sometimes it was golden blonde, and in an another moment as the shadows are “moved” (almost with Him) it became night black like a crow’s beautiful feathers. His aura was powerful and seductive just like His voice and eyes.

We talked a lot, and He often asked me about myself (He knew the truth already, His questions had an another goal). These was heavy questions, and I knew He want serious, honest answers from me . These were also criticisms, what are pointed to my mistakes and weaknesses. However, He also pointed it’s benefits (not all of them has), and also I found the right answers tracks in our later conversations as reasons. So lot of things made sense.

His personality was wonderful. Sometimes he was rigid…

For example when We’re talked about my actual Demonic lover. He told me, if his presence will balk me in my development, there is no place for him in my near. I almost cried because of the thought, then He simply said:
Stop crying!
Suddenly this emotion has disappeared from me, after I’d heard His voice in this tone.
Your future is not in MY hands. It is in YOUR hands.

…but He was, direct to me as well. The word what is comes into my mind when I trying to remember back is " intimacy ".

He touched my chin, and looked in my eyes. Our face was unbelievably close to the other’s. His whole look was mysterious, indescribable And He was beautiful. Not that rigid like before.

Furthermore, He asked loyalty from me, towards Him (and only ). And He let me to made a tattoo with His sigil on me ( I wanted it, so I must ask Him about it before I made. This want to be a gesture towards Him from me, as a sign of my loyalty in the physical world. ).

There is an another sentence and question from Him in my mind:

The main question is not “will I accept you as a disciple”.
The main question is "Will you accept Me in your (this) life?

It took 2 hours.



Why are a couple parts blurred out?

I handle these parts as an “explanation” of my experiences with Him, so I hide them. It does not mean they were not important.

Lets be honest, the way how He acted (under my second blur spoiler) is surprised me. I’m sure that how I handled this situation was… ridiculous. Or… maybe I just feel that way.