[ Journey ] A Dreamlike Wonderful Ride with Sitri - Got Engaged 💍

Hello, Darlings!
This could be a ‘short’ Journal of mine, which started long weeks (months) ago,
without I would realize anything from the situation and signs.

Apr 15 - As I’ve already wrote about, my relationship with Sitri started in an interesting way. His name suddenly kicked open my mind’s door but thankfully by my inner self-problems (as He revealed it before me), He was a very obnoxious Deity to me. This was the reason (but not the only one, however I didn’t knew it at those times)

Then He showed up two times to me within 2 days.
At first time He showed up during my orgasm (Apr 14.), while I’ve had sex with an another Deity. He get my attention with it - He knew I won’t leave it without finding out the reason, why.

At the second time everything hit a new level and ‘difficulty’.

Check out the post if you want to know more about the details from Apr 15:

Thread above in short: He appeared before me in an indescribably erotic way, and because of it my first thought was that this is a ‘test’ from Him or something else, but the things are changed very fast, and our discussion became far more interesting. His words still swirls in mind mind.

These was wonderful advices of His, to me:

Ask yourself, where came your emotions and thoughts came when you’ve heard about me based on other’s experiences ?
[I’ve answered to Him]
Your self-confidence is not as strong as you might think, show, or as big as it should be . Too many times you feels that you’ve must prove your achievements, your powers, your your internal value to others . Even when they’re doesn’t interested in about to questioned it.
These are yours ! You own them , and no one can take them away from you . You don’t have to start a fight against people for something what is already yours.

What you’ve heard about me, these stories are came from people who are stucked in a far more lower level. And even in this situation your destructive feelings have risen, and you felt that you have to fight me and everything what We’re both represent, just because you’ve know these from completely different persons, from different levels, with different powers and personality. Open your eyes, Darling. I am not your enemy. They aren’t your enemy, and you are not your enemy !

Sadly, I was too doubtful and prejudiced, which leads to the bitter fact, that I’ve continued handle Him in that way how most people did based on their experiences and descriptions. It was a big mistake from me, but at this time I didn’t realize it and noticed my false thoughts (or I didn’t wanted to?).

Did I handle Him disrespectful?
I’ve never wanted to, and I don’t think, but no doubt, I was too blind.

Our relationship after this, became something like an… only sex partner thing with some extra advices or sweettalks. Or at least, I thought it in this way…

He showed up always so sudden, and sometimes He asked me to sleep with His Sigil.

I always able to feel Entities around me even in the bed.
(It became more intense more than two years ago)
So at several times He stayed with me instead of Lucifer. I’ve heard Him talking to me, hugging me, kissing me. His warm ‘body’, laying thigh against my own Every time He slept with me, my last voices in my head was His. Always His, and He didn’t stopped talking to me and bill me until I fell asleep.

But I was blind, and still thought that this is nothing more or deeper just sex, beauty and joy (with some extra amount of ability and sense development).

Then it something else happened.
I had sex with Lucifer and Sitri in the same time.

It has never happened before. I was absolutly confused but then I… still continued ignoring everything and thought that this isn’t something serious just sex:
because This is Sitri.
Why would He want anything more or deeper?
He just doing this for pleasure and energies, then flies away.

I should notice that Lucifer… why would He let this happens anyway? In the same time, it was also suspicious and contradictory. He was always a big protector of mine from everything, why would He assissts in this (after this I’ve simply accepted the answer: it was just a good chance to all of Us to taste an extremely intense energy raise and so much more, Together).

The time has passed, and weeks ago Sitri showed up again, now via meditation, while I’ve on an Astral travelling.

The way how He approached me was very passionate, alluring and powerful enough sexually, but I wanted to be done with my job out there, so I’ve tried to fight against my desires, and against Him. It was very painful to me because I love Him and I’m a very sexual person, we had some memorable acts before, and I do not wanted to hurt Him in this way.
But I did. I’ve raised a black shield in the space around me - it was like an explosion -, was cold and empty, filled with darkness…void; it helped me to be able to talk without desires and blazing emotions, and asked Him to let me do what I’ve started.

I’ve pushed Him away from myself at this time the way how I’ve already regretted in that moment after He treathened me and left. Not because His threat, but because I was so raw and… He doesn’t deserved the way how I handled Him, at all.

Two days later, He showed up again
We had sex, but it wasn’t as violent how He referred to it will. He was absolutely Dominant (much dominant than befure) but He wasn’t rough with me at all, which is surprised me. I’ve asked about His threat, then He answered:

Oh. I didn’t forget about it. You’ll get what’s coming, my Love.

I’ve took a deep breath, then He disappeared with a cunning grin on His satisfied, beautiful face.

In the last week I was unable to escape from Him. His name… His appearance… His very being popped up in my head almost without any break.

June 5

He appeared again at that day. We had a very long, intense and passionate sex, filled with kisses, hugs and delicate bites. I knew that His plan is: staying with me as He did before. After the act, I’ve layed between His legs, in His warm and gentle embrace. Then He suddenly whispered to me:

I want a beautiful Child from you.

I was completely shocked, and asked back.
I was sure that this is nothing more just a joke or something else.
Maybe He was confuse me with this.
But He just smiled lightly, and repeated Himself.

I want you to give birth our Spirit Child, Dear.

I’ve started complaining about my thoughts, Lucifer and so on, but He ignored those, seemingly.
We discussed about this a bit, but… I was too shocked and confused.

The first thing what I wanted to do in that moments, to “ran” and ask Lucifer about this whole sentence.
But Sitri told me that I’ll take my time later, now I have to sleep.

After I woke up, I’ve asked Lucifer about this, who adviced me to try to remember back and searching for the signs. Not only in Sitri’s words, but every other Deities’ words in the last months, and I’ll find the answer. He also adviced that (I should learn) that if I want to know something about X Deity, I should ask Him, and not Y or Z, for this is Our ‘bussiness’

June 6

This day was extremely long and filled
with questions, emotions and recognitions.

I’ve quote some of His words:

― Every time when I’ve visited to you, I’ve left signs. Normally you’ve notice everything, don’t you? These are was clear to opened eyes like yours, but you closed them.
― What did you thought? Why am I visited to you when I’ve felt your contemptuous, false thoughts about me, which are not least, caused a lot of issues in your life, anyway?
You thought you accepted my advices but it wasn’t true. You’ve still continued the fight against others, the fights inside you. Your ego grows feeded by your anger, and while you did this, you continued thinking the same way about me. This was the reason why you was unable to understand this connection between Us.
You’ve felt this connection. But you wasn’t able to describe it. You don’t wanted to know it. It was already enough to you.
The only being here, who thought that this relationship is nothing more just sex - it was only you. You wanted this. You formed this image about me, because you accepted everything what you wanted. Ask yourself, why?
Why am I threatened you? It was a mistake. But for you, a useful one.
It is, strange. I had to tell to you that sentence (“I want a beautiful Child from you.”) forcing you to finally to start thinking upon Us.
It wasn’t a lie. I’ve never lied to you.

After long hours, I’ve finally understand even this:

Oh. I didn’t forget about it. You’ll get what’s coming, my Love.

( Our discussion took a day long, with breaks by external influences )

Checking back what I’ve wrote here… is clearly nothing to that what happened between Us (but I’ve permission to share only these). He taught me a very hard, important lessons again. He showed to me my inner “demons”.

We have a lot of in commons.
But I was too selfish. I’ve ignored Him, and I’ve focused
that side of His what people usually saw… Ignored all of His attempts.

And now… I’m understand why I’m felt that connection between us so… difficult to describe.
I felt it clearly, but I was blind enought to understand.

There are ‘unseen’ problems inside me left, and still…
My ego still push me to fight against those who questioning me, and sometimes I’m about to built false images about Them or the truth, just because other’s words. But I don’t have to.
This is who I am. This is how my Bloodline grows and my Godself, from Ancient Times and forward.

…I know that They are here to me.
I have to grow up, in every part of me, so my ego, too.

Three months ago, Abaddon gave you The Key,
and from that point, the Empire is opened for you. Again.

I need more days to overcome my thoughts. My guilt.
As I’ve told You, Sitri… months ago: You are Fantastic, a Wonderful Being!
But today I tell You this: with opened eyes, finally.

Forgive me, once again,
and let’s start a new Chapter in our Journal.


Related ‘contents’ from March 3

( Just keep the focus on some of my older posts and experiences to make things clearer, although I didn’t posted everything about them, and not even the state of my developing, or the way how I’m growing [so this part is absolutely unknown to everyone on BALG - more precisely, almost to everyone] which means that understanding everything is clearly impossible. )

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How I feel myself now in the language of gentle melodies:

I have to hit a new level.
I have to destroy what I must.
I have to leave what I don’t need.
I have to find my place, what still awaits.
…and I have to get back myself.


This was amazing! I love reading your journals! :heart:


Oh, my pleasure Dearest. I’m glad reading that. :black_heart::wine_glass:


Got engaged

( 2019.07.01. )

I was about to go and finish my day-starter meditation. Everything seemed absolutely normal, nothing suspicious. He appeared before me, we’re both layed on a huge, bed-like thing, between silky pillows and textiles, coated in gold, white and red. We’re started talking with each other. Though our topic wasn’t erotic, the way how we approached the other and talked with Him/her was passionate and sweet. Words and kisses has flown.

Then suddenly, somehow, I can not describe it well, the energies around Us has changed. Sometimes I thought I can ‘see’ how the place itself changed, then I’ve realized that no, it is not. I knew that something will happen, and He touched my hand, talked to me, whispered to my ears. I can remember His lightly, charming but still cunning smile (because He is Sitri, of course He has a smile like this, all the time). It wasn’t the ordinary one. His eyes are shined when He looked at me, and I’ve heard that word between the others; it got revealed. His intention got revelaed.

I was in shock and got frozen for some seconds. I knew that He have serious goals but it was completely unexpected. I’ve started asking and talking about this whole situation, thankfully because I’ve got embarrassed, then told the word: yes!

It was enough to me, I’ve hugged Him, He hugged me, kissed as I did, and I’ve lost the fight against my tears. We’re do not wanted to broke that ‘state’ between Us after this wonderful news, both for Us. Of course, He knew that I’ll accept it, and after I’ve finally get my mind back, started bombed Him with questions about… everything. Then talk. Then kiss, fit tight and hug. Then talk again and kiss, kiss, kiss… it was so painful to lost the touch for even a second from His lips.

Honestly I’ve never thought that He will be the First here, especially based on the way how Our Relationship just started.

I can’t wait the Marriage.
He told me that I have the choice for now and We can find a good time for the Big Day, Together.
Can it be a coincidence, that at August, I’ll have a huge house for one week, where in I can do whatever I want, and no one will bothers me? So I’m sure that that one week will be the perfect time for Our Marriage and Wedding Night and so on.

This is the most beautiful summer in my life!
I love You Sitri - tenderly, totally, tragically.


That’s wonderful news, Congratulations ! :grinning::+1:


Thank you my Dear :black_heart::wine_glass::hugs:


[ Just a cute dialogue between Us from some minutes ago ]

I was about to take a cold shower. Stepped under the shower head then moaned up:
Ahh, god damn it… this is too cold.

Then I’ve just heard Him whispering to me with a lightly joy in His voice while smiled:
I see it.
I clearly sensed He starring at my breasts at those moments. I’ve covered the “girls” with my hands then answered:
Oh… I’m sure in that I would see on You also when the water would be too cold for You!

He just smirked and turned away His head a little bit:


Got Engaged #2

Sitri just whispered me that I should find an exact cabinet in my house, then underload all items from there.

After 10 minutes, I’ve found 4 (real) Silver Ring in an old, dirty little blue box. These rings are ~20-30 years old (proved by my mother), just like the another 2 what I’ve already wore.

I’ve washed them, and now:



Guess He manifested his Engagement in the physical world in this way?
I just can’t find any words…


Holy cow…that’s so cool to see that…congrats btw


Beautiful ring! All of them are beautiful tbh especially that one on the left :smiley:

His choice is amazing :+1:


These rings are beautiful!

Yes that one is cool! :slight_smile:


Lost Bride - I left you behind… #3

This summer seemed to be the best one in my life. Something special, something… new. I was so happy when you engaged me, and I waited for that week like a hyped little child, blinded by pink clouds. For you, and me, and for the Empire. But something lurked inside me. Something dark, something what tastes like chaos, and smelled like discord.
I started to beg, to find knowledge and balance, whoever is able to give me that, whatever is the cost of it, because I must defeat this state, and be able to rule over it. Then Shiva came to me, and started to guide. I trusted in him, so I followed, which wasn’t a mistake after all. It was one of the best decisions in my life, but

Our wedding night got closer and closer, and I started to feel that it won’t happen. You was strong, you smiled, kissed and hugged me like never before, but my Sweet Love… you already knew, what will come. You knew it. You knew that you’ll lost me, maybe forever? I don’t wanted to believe the signs, until Lord Shiva came to my dream and told me, that if I really want to learn now, I must left you behind. All of you… Lucifer, Belial, Abaddon, and every other demons whom I planned to work because of their calling. So you… my Dear Sitri. I need the focus, without being disturbed. It’s important. I knew it. However I smiled, my heart bleeded, just like yours.
I must learn - I said.
I must get that knowledge - I thought.
I need to know the truth - I repeated.

At our wedding night, I left behind all of you…
Didn’t know anything. How much time we have to live separated? Will we talk again? Can I touch you, hear you again? And all of your emotions… I felt myself like a guilty dog. A pity liar, nothing more.

Silence came into my mind. Silence and peace. And in this silence, I got my lessons from the two Lord. I’ve paid it’s price, but I felt like it is worth it. I’ll never get lost again. Never…
Then, something changed near to the end of Autumn. I started to feel again, sense something familiar. Familiar but still unknown. A strange dream showed up, proving it that the Empire didn’t forgot about me. I kept the distance, but deep inside, I wished to get back to you. I got the knowledge, the key, I learned a lot, now I’m ready to get back to you?

Andras showed from the dark, then Satan… I didn’t spoke with Andras at all even when I feel him and his familiars around me (I know it’ll happen soon) but Satan welcomed me in a very pleasant and gentle way. It was a short talk, and a very sudden experience I didn’t even realized at the first time, however this was my first time talking with him. I wished to welcome again everyone whom I worked before, and ask for their forgive. My beloved husband, Belial, my great father and friend Lucifer, my lover and leader Abaddon, but you…

What about you, my Love? Sitri?
I still felt guilty. I was ashamed. I feared from You. You were that one who got the biggest lie and you got betrayed by me, exactly in that night, before everyone else. Your smile, kiss and touch at those days… I can feel the sadness coming from them, the “farawell” vibes of it but… I feel like you knew that it’ll a very important lesson to me. As it was! You let me to go… You didn’t hurt me, nor attacked me at all. You let me walk away, to reach my goals, to grow and be something more. Didn’t stopped me, no matter how big your pain truly was… maybe you knew that I’ll get back to you? And I was still a scared dog, what act like when she did something very bad, so she must hide in shame.

I hid from you. I wanted to talk with you, but I was a pathetic coward. Welcomed everyone else but avoided you… no matter how many sleepless nights I’ve had, filled with thoughts about you, it doesn’t matter. I am a guilty whore, nothing more.

(2020.01.23.) Then three days ago… you showed up in my bed.
You welcomed me, just like I would expect from you, but am I really awake?
Yes, I was.
A cheeky, but gentle and soft night. I can feel your burning touches, hugs and your song like whispers to my ears. Again.
I can’t believe it.
You are back! And you are just as happy as you was before, and a “little” bit more…
I sleep with you again in every night, and hearing you talking to me in every day… I realized how lonely I was without you. At least, your voice what that voice I really missed.

You proved your loyalty. :dove:
You proved your love and respect. :two_hearts::cherry_blossom:
Your proved that your beloved bride’s goals how important to you. :fire::mountain:
Your proved that you aren’t that “creep” how I believed to know you, and lot of people in the world. :smiling_imp:
You taught me a lot about all of these, and about real love and marriage. :leaves::lips:
You got my trust, like no one else did before
…and you got my hand. :ring:

I won’t leave you behind, never again.
And I can hear you telling me that: You never did. - with your light, pretty grin on your beautiful face.



Congratulations :blush: :smile:


Thank you Honey. :wine_glass::black_heart::wilted_flower:

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I summoned Sitri today for the first time.
I started a tread about him.

And someone posted negative about him.
I felt so angry why people talk shit. I had to stand up for him. The person deleted their comment now :smiley:

I found your post and felt happy for you :smile:

My greetings to the Great Prince Sitri when u talk to him again. Hugssss

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Congratulation Dear!
I’ll check it out soon. :slight_smile:

Yes, it might be possible because Sitri is that kind of demon who well known because of his personality and the way how they handle people. It is true, that he can be very threatening, likes to make fun of others, but if you really want to understand it and him, you’ll get that this is a kind of harsh but really useful lesson. Why?

Because he catch the persons where it hurts the most:, like by the ego, vanity, selfishness (for example).
You can find countless people filled with ego, vanity and selfishness all around the world (and of course, on BALG too); and I’m pretty sure I don’t have to introduce all of this to you or anyone else. Not so surprising, when people asks for Sitri’s help, they are doing this because of some of that three, above.

Let’s check out the basic threads here, connected to sexuality:
“I want my ex to get back”
“He cheated on me so I’ll set his life on fire”
“I want to fuck that chick”
"I want to have sex as many F/M as I can"

Just smell those titles, and you can sense that most of them are filled with excessive ego, pride, vanity etc. Some people have very pleasant experiences with Sitri, and he can handle their problems well. Sometimes he simply help the conjurer to keep rolling on, and let’s fly away what he shouldn’t waste his time on. Even in this cases, lot of them don’t even get the message and that big help what they’ve got, and some of them keep pushing the pride shit forward (and of course, keep sharing that they got fucked up by Sitri, boohoo).

Is he handle you bad? Then honey, look deep into yourself, and ask yourself:
― Are you perfect?
― Are you innocent?
― Aren’t you a bit blind, selfish, egotistical, vain, too proud, conceited?
― What is the source of your wish or what you are asking for?
…when you asking for anything from him? Are you respect him, and what you doing?

Everything has a reason. Everything! It’s the most easiest way to shout shits about him, just because you get what you deserve, and you don’t like it.

How can you handle any spirit if you never worked with, but you heard stories about him? Do not think any bad about him, and make sure you got no antipathy towards him, because hey, you want to ask something from him, isn’t it a bit disgusting to asking for help from someone who you don’t like or respect?

An another important thing what I’ve learned from Sitri (because believe it or not, I got very bad opinion about him and he was the one who showed up before me and wanted to make things clear):

He is a beautiful soul, and just because others have different experiences, it never cover this side of him, and as I see, lot of people should learn from what he showed to me. Lot of them… for example those who got threathened by him (for I’m pretty sure that most of them are could or the rest of the hoomans basically)? :thinking:

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Thank you so much for this detailed answer, its like Sitri is explaing this all to me trough you.

Thank you soooo muchhhhh

Below is my post and offerings to him for coming and listening to me.

I have been reading so much about him for weeks that i forgot to tell him my whole story.

I asked for a new girl, but forgot to explain why (deep seated loneliness depression suicidal chronic pain) i dont want penetrative sex nor boost my ego, but will help confidence and fun look on life.

After summoning someone sent me a picture of a baby Leopard on whatsapp!!! Thats definately a sign!!

Here is my post with the pictures

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Your welcome, Dear. :black_heart::wine_glass:

In some way, I talk for Sitri and many other demons who are in similar cases, so we can say I did it in his name. I’m sure in with enough understanding, you can be friends with most of entity. I never encountered with a single one who would plan to hurt or harass me, at all.
Even when I contacted plenty of demons whose goal was exactly to make people life to a living Hell; in the 90% of their cases when they contacted with hoomans. This is the art of learn their secret language, which is a beautiful and interesting ride, every time. :revolving_hearts::lips:

Don’t be afraid, they can read in your mind, and you can use this to communicate with him without words. Of course, talking with him in different ways also an option, and why would you avoid to talk with him telepathically, for example?

I think that you’ll get along with each other very well.

Oh, this is cool! However, this is a baby cheetah, but you can handle this as a sign as well, and hey… I just wrote my post, which might help you a lot, and for some reasons, I felt like I must share it today, so I did. Other way, I prefer to keep most of my experiences in secret before BALG community.

And I hope you’ll get what you asking for, or much better:
you’ll get what is really good for you! Whatever is that. Sitri will know. :wink:

Edit.: There is your leopard sign.

Lirach Alora Vefa Sitri


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I woke up and read your post first thing in the morning :smile: its gonna be a great day.

Thank you so much for your help i really appreciate it

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