Working with Belial

i think i got him. he agreed to help me with my ceremonial magick. i gave him blood

I put everything I know about Belial’s personality in this post, and nothing much has changed, so that describes how I’ve found him to be a little quirky, but I do like him a lot. :heart:


I so love this reply! :joy::joy::joy: Im thinking of working with Belial. I have not yet but have been working with a few other goetic demons using Gordon Winterfield’s book. The weird thing is a few months ago, I had an extremely intense dream that I’m still struggling to understand. The same night I did a ritual with Amon, I dreamt I visited this underground chamber of a wizard demonoligist who was going to help me with my goal.

I remember he showed me round and it ooked like an underground cavern but as if it were a workshop and he was in the process of making pendants and Sigils of demons in different metals. The weird thing is I remember everywhere I looked I saw the sigil of Belial and his name written on the walls in red. I woke up wondering if it meant I should work with him but don’t know why I dreamt of him after evoking Amon.

I hadn’t thought to work with Belial as the powers listed in Winterfield’s book don’t relate to my situation. Can he be used to break up a couple? Because that is my main goal right now…

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Perhaps, although it’s not really his specialty to do so, it all depends on the situation and one can never tell what Belial might find interesting until your face to face with him, so do divination first before that. if the answer is no then stay with a spirit like Amon, also another reason to do divination is many times employing Belial for certain things is akin to using a nuclear bomb to kill a fly, fun to watch but the fallout might be too much for some to bare. :man_shrugging::smiling_imp:


Thanks. Yes - do you mean divination with something like a pendulum? I just wondered if he was trying to make contact with me because I never had a dream like that before.

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Any form that your confident with, a pendulum is fine, i use one a lot of the time too, but also do a tarot reading or use runes just to verify, if all looks good then i proceed, but i like to cross my I’s and dot my Ts with things that are of utmost importance to me more then others might maybe.


Try Zapar brother dantilion

Its interesting. I havent directly summoned him before (at least in this life) but he seems to allways find a way to answer my questions that I have. But be very weary he is extremely powerful. The second time he contacted me i had horrible deppression for a while. I knew nothing about banishing at the time.

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But be very weary he is extremely powerful. The second time he contacted me i had horrible deppression for a while.

Hm… When my First Evocation of Abaddon happened, suddenly I became ill (I was healthy for 2 years, without any problems, so it was obviously because of Abaddon’s high energies). Abaddon told me in that times, that I’ll be okay if I let myself a little rest.

But after that, I met Belial very first time (maybe He knew that I’m thinking about Him, His name suddenly possessed me, so even it is possible that He want me to know about His presence), my health became a little worse for days.

It does make any sense.


I find it interesting Abaddon made you ill becuase I know someone who also became ill after summoning Abaddon


He is a really powerful Prince, not really surprising this uncomfortable effect of our meetings (He can cause easily, for He is a Destructive God just like Belial). I know He did not want me to become ill, or if He do, it was a good lesson to me, so who knows. He is my Patron, so…

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How could i contact him !! Please reply me…i need his help !

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Belial may be contacted through his sigil and with, for example, either “Itz ra cha Belial”, the “Etsel mala’kel…” incantation or his enn (Lirach tasa vefa wehlc Belial).

actually,i am a beginner …so i need to know so much about devils ,but i m really obsessed with this fantastic world and i am bold about this …so all what i need is an easy way…to learn how to deal with demons just step by step !

Copy an entity’s sigil from screen or a physical book: draw it on paper without worrying about minor imperfections. Then gaze at it (look in a relaxed but intimate way) and after some time you’ll have the impression of seeing the sigil changing, or feel a presence in the room etc. In short, theoretically you’ll get a sign that you are in a state of trance and that you “opened” the sigil. In a certain sense at this point you contacted the spirit, this may be the beginning of a working aimed either at a specific goal or at receiving information.

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Ohhhhh that sounds exciting i will try then see what IS going to happen !

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Ive seen Belial a few times, once through meditation and twice in a dream. I’ve never met Abaddon, but I’ve had a few apocalyptic dreams. I know one was definitely from Abaddon.
So I know Abaddon is around me.
But I’ve met Agares, Beelzubub, Satan, Lucifer, Lilith, Cerberus, Azazel, Belial, Leviathan, Asmodeus all in my dreams before.

Lately I’ve had more energy than usual and I’ve been working more with sometimes double shifts.
Thats never happened, but since I’ve been closer to him everythings changed. It’s odd because everything in my life seems to change. More energy, more hours at work, sleeping like a baby (which I used to not sleep so good.)
And it’s all thinks to Belial and Asmodeus.

Ive seen Belial twice in a dream and once through meditation. He is a great king/god/demon.
But I have a hard time hearing him. So the only way he communicates with me is through my dreams and meditation.

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I went as far as getting his sigil tattooed in black on my left arm.

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