Confused as F***

Hello Everyone,

I went back to work after being on medical leave for 3 months. I am now back at work and I have walked into a mess. 1) Boss is giving me attitude. She told me she was concerned about things people have said about me and what my clients have said as well. 2) Co-worker who I thought was cool with me was talking shit to other people about me. She was also telling me my clients were talking shit and had no loyalty towards me. My clients were also disrespectful in group and didn’t know anything. There was no structure. She had to teach them because they didn’t know anything. 3) And, my charts at work are now a mess.

I went back to work to become a punching bag. Everything is wrong and it is my fault. I attempted to get my point across but I kept getting cut off and blamed.

This has never happened to me. I left on medical leave and my work environment went to shit. What do you guys recommend?

Sounds like the universe has a better plan for you


I’d cover my bases and start applying for other roles, and in the meantime start unraveling the mess.
It seems like the charts can be sorted with work, but that co-worker seems to be central.

It occurs to me that if she’s talking shit about you behind your back, she is untrustworthy and could also be talking shit about your clients to you. I would talk to them directly to get thier side of things.

Magickally, I’d put a binding on the co-worker asap to stop them working against you, the poppet freezer spell has waorked well for me before.
I’d also talk to Berith of the Goetia, who can conceal flaws even when you don’t know what those flaws are.


Oh, and a divination to uncover what might have happened.

There are also Goetic daemons that help uncover betrayal and hidden enemies that would be very useful.
I recently did a working that called several at once into a combined working team to look for this from different angles:

  • Leraje - reveal enemies
  • Eligos - know enemy plans
  • Shax - disturb plans
  • Vassage - discover truth
  • Valac - discover betrayal
  • Andromalius - make a disloyal person reveal the truth
  • Vine - discover disloyal thieves

Thank you for your feedback. I will look into working with these Goetias Daemons.

Nice one. How do you bind?

Yep, I was thinking about binding her and my supervisor. I will also do a part 2 post in two weeks. My priority right now is getting my files in order. And, having 1x1 with all my clients and charting their challenges, issues, and hearing what they have to say. My part 2 post will be about making those bitches lives miserable and having them go away for a looooong time.

There are many different ways to bind, but in all you are very directly going against that person’s will, whether you are restricting the target temporarily, or permanently. From minor freezer spells, to a more serious one, such as Embrace of the Serpent, which when done correctly will permanently and completely bind target in whatever way caster so chooses. A freezer spell is only effective if enough energy is put into it. Simply putting a name paper In
a Ziploc with water or alcohol vinegar whatever, and tossing in freezer is not enough. Then there are what I would call more effective ways of binding with a candle spell. The best spells are original, and should come from the caster. Write your own, in your own words and chant these words with candle of correct color. To stop a certain negative activity, sometimes a gray candle is best, for bindings I use black. Aggressive magick, red. If you reuse a spell that has been used by many other people over time, these spells tend to carry the energies of all who have used it, whether thetre beneficial to the magick at hand or not, so improvising is a smart way to deal with it, and the more your own words are chanted with the right intent, the more powerful the spell becomes. A six sentence paragraph is sufficient, and if it rhymes and is SPECIFIC…you’re more likely to remember it. Hope that was helpful. Blessings, Divina


Very important to be very clear in your spell and specific.

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A combo poppet/freezer spell. quick easy and effective. It’s powerful low magik. This also works for action as well as talk.

  1. Make a link to the target. It can be a photo, I like to make a dough poppet that looks roughly like the target.
  2. Become quiet, optionally, call your power to yourself, e.g. by accessing your higher self, opening your points to the above and below, spinning your torus, calling in the directions, something else or a mix
  3. Look at the poppet and know that this link IS the target. Whatever happens to this link is happening in real time to your target because they are the same
  4. Take black thread, focus on the fact that this is stopping from them from speaking and acting against you, and as you stay focused on this, wind the thread around the poppet.
    As you do this, talk to them, tell them ‘you may not speak against me’, ‘you may not badmouth me’, ‘you may not tell lies about me’ etc
    Wind around the mouth, bind the hands and legs and chest, they may not harm you any more.
  5. When you feel you are ready, cut the thread, say "You are bound. You are bound. You are bound!’
  6. Optional: Still focused, put the poppet in a baggie and put it in the back of the freezer, the freezing reinforces the binding symbolically freeing them from harmful action.

For more info on binding and it’s infinite variations, see the below… as Joey says, don’t just throw these around casually, they work powerfully and if you don’t think it through you can get unintended consequences: