Spirit / ritual to get a narcissist to leave?

Hi there!

One of my siblings is in an awful situation where the ex partner does not want to leave the house. He’s a bit violent (well not a bit, he broke her nose once) and very narcissistic. The catch is that they have a child together, but the child wants to stay with its dad as they have a good relationship (he buys her everything) and my relative is fine with that.
However, he wants to hinder her to move away.
Any tips which daemon could aid in this?

Thank you in advance :pray:

I don’t know about entities but I have had success with a poppet binding on narcs.

This is the method I use:

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Cool! Thank you!!! Totally forgot this method! A bit out of practice :sweat_smile:

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In my experience, spells and curses don’t really stick to narcs. They are like teflon. Or it may be my incompetence.
Besides, i did not do any jars and poppets and spells like that, because i don’t have anywhere to hide the evidence. :smile: And I did not do a curse on him. We were close and it would just bite me too.
I work with demons. I did petitions. It worked. Definitely, but not wholly. When I asked why, I was told that “They are gods” And really a narcs mind works different.
What worked for me -and I absolutely advise against it - was letting myself be possessed. Again, don’t do that. It was about to get violent. And for a brief few seconds i saw the same fear he caused me for years in his eyes. I was lucky that there were other people around and it did not escalate where he could hurt me, or worse i could hurt him.
Now thinking back, I could have done a money spell. That would be a gentler way. Life changing money where he could level up in life and leave “disgracing” me behind. Or not. I’m not sure.
What is done is done.
Anyway this is how I got my Narcissist to leave.

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