Focalor Do's and Dont's?

If you can get reparations from this person, why curse them? Just get what you can.

You know my desired outcome if I am working with Focalor. He is not called for small things by magicians. If I call Focalor, I will get said reparations. What are the things that can go wrong in your eyes?

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He said he felt sick when near the person. I’ve not heard that before but it’s interesting. I’d say watch for it but don’t let it deter you. I sounds like you want to avoid them most of the time anyway. You can place protections about those in the household you feel are blameless (and pets) to ensure they don’t take any flak.

Not sure, but Valac is known to be good for getting enemies to reveal themselves: It doesn’t matter that you know who it is, and if the person has recruited people against you (which is a common tactic of malignant narcissists, if that’s what this is) that will come out too.

Discover betrayal. When you suspect somebody close to you is working against your best interests, this power will cause the truth to come out. You don’t direct this at a particular suspect, but ask that
any who work in secret against you will be revealed. Used most often to discover traitors in business you should know that it can lead to you discovering affairs and other betrayals.

Hargrove, Corwin. Goetia Pathworking: Magickal Results from The 72 Demons (Magick of Darkness and Light) (p. 162). Kindle Edition.

You can call Valac and Focalor in the same ritual and have them team up.

I would say do not call chaotic entities like Andras in this case. Pretty much everybody else is good to go but as mentioned, set protections on those you don’t want any stray magick bouncing off of in case of backlash. Narcs are known to have the natural protection of sheer bloodymindedness.

No not at all. I personally do not believe in karma in the way it’s (mis)used in new age circles, and especially not for this case.

In addition to the plan I would layer in a binding to stop them from speaking and working against you.

Quite rightly and good for you. You’re exactly right this is about power and control, and these people ruin lives, careers and relationships to get it, it’s both fun and a twisted coping/self protection thing.

Be prepared for the person to fight to get you back under control, they will probably up the ante on the personal attacks and backstabbing and low grade narcs can get violent. Place protections on your and everybody’s belongings as well, in case of underhand tricks like breakages that you will get blamed for: everything will be your fault.


That’s a reasonable question, however please remember our rules ask people not to moralise or question the OPs intent on a working thread. If the thread was an open “what should I do?” then it’s up for discussion, in this case it is not.

Further posts questioning the OP will be removed.


Understood. My apologies. I just remember the effects of using the chicken feet curse on a boss. I literally could not bear to be in the same room with her afterwards. And to be honest, the revulsion was two ways.


I’ve cursed this person before and I was not sick whatsoever, I was happy about moving away from said person. She ended up getting Covid and thinking she would :coffin:.

I do avoid them whenever I can. I don’t talk to them, they are the ones that barge in my room, so Focalor would help with that.

I read up on Andras and I feel like it wouldn’t benefit me in the sllightest because I don’t want to get hit with collateral damage.

I’m the only person living in the house with her, so I will make a note to say I want to be protected.

Even in their afterlife, they could do this?

After the person died? Depends on what happens to them. If they hang around as a ghost for a bit and haunt you it will be much easier to deal with them with a simple banishing.


I definitely can do a banishing spell, so I’m all good.

I’m only speaking about the situation this way because you have to live with these people. If you were living with someone who is causing you this kind of upheaval, natural response to want to curse. I just think whatever you do, I would be very careful about causing more chaos. I have had situations where I could have thrown out a curse, but instead, I called it, a spirit named Zisi. The spirit brings peace, and can cause your enemies to be at peace with you. again, if you weren’t living with them, I’d say, go ahead and throw a curse who gives a shit. I can only tell you that after I went through my experience with the chicken feet curse, and feeling the level of malevolence that that curse brings when you’re in the presence of the person you curse, holy shit it’s like a thick fog of death. Curses are very effective when done right, but when you’re living with a person you curse, all kinds of dark energies are at work. You don’t wanna curse taking you down a black hole

And any family, work colleagues, friends. It can bounce off you onto people near you energetically as well as physically.

Here’s an example of my ongoing curse work against the ex who is also a narc, though not as far to the extreme end of the spectrum as many. I cursed his car, looking for him to crash it while he was alone in it: I was very specific about that, and avoiding damage to any other persons. I placed protections on my son particularly… that turned out to be a good thing.

The first time the only engine check light came on, and again a 2nd time, the third time his girlfriends car broke down, next it crashed but with my son in it, and my son drove it home but it will cost so much to fix it’s scrap.
So none of these outcomes are successful, but watching the energy bounce around to everybody next to the narc but not the narc himself is an interesting lesson while being equally frustrating, as well as how long this is lasting as I have not topped it up in a year.

However the binding worked excellently to get him to completely stop him even trying to talk to me, and I only had to do that once. Though bindings are kind of my specialty after Meh’mion (Book of Azazel) mentored me on them for a hot five minutes.

I used this binding but there are other methods:

The chicken feet curse that you said sounds like you didn’t put your protections up or they needed to be upgraded. I am not doing such a thing because I am vegetarian and I don’t work with animals. I leave them alone.

The difference here is that you put up your own curse and wasn’t specific and left out that part where you say you want to be left untouched. I suggest you have your protections up high and your fists up higher, y’know.

It was just being around her. She was still my boss. Are used to be able to have meetings with her, and one day she tried to ball me out. I mean really took off in a screaming fit. After the chicken feet curse, she alienated herself from her entire family. She actually fired them all. Father of her daughter killed himself. She has the place where we worked, and nobody else.

So yes, looking at the situation I would say the energies did bounce around. They definitely touched my ex-boss, but they did so through her being completely self isolated

I think you misunderstand how this works… The spirits we are talking about are not chaotic and nothing is this working is intended to make chaos: it’s the opposite. The narc is chaotic, and this working is to calm that chaos for the OP. We’re talking about someone mentally and emotionally abusing her, putting family and friends against her, and actively working to create unexpected negative events constantly.
I don’t think using magick is going to make this worse no matter the location of the target. Magick is not going to, for example, burn the house down. But the arc could, just to blame it on the OP.

The spirit brings peace, and can cause your enemies to be at peace with you

If you know anything about narcs you’ll realise why that’s not an option, sadly.
I do suggest you look them up and find out why, as you seem to be talking as if we were dealing with a normal target here, and we’re not. The OP is already employing grey rock and and avoidance, but if you live with a narc this bad, magick ends up being the only option, if you can’t just move out, preferably to another state/country.

I would caution against getting hung up on baneful magick being “dark energies at work”. I don’t believe that. At all. Even so, as a black magickian myself this is not a thing I’m worried about. “Dark” is not a bad thing.

I don’t see anything dark in defending yourself. In fact I think that people have a right and a responsibility to do so. And, sometimes the best defense is a good offence.

So while I think the objections make perfect sense for a novice who hasn’t set up protections and has limited control and experience to counterbalance the risks, that’s not who the OP is, as far as I can tell.
@strawberryshortcake isn’t talking like a mage who doesn’t have the skill and smarts to work this one out, she talks like someone who’s been working this for a while and is very familiar with the necessary details.

The OP is not doing the chicken feet curse.
We’re calling Focalor and I suggested a binding and protections. Apples and oranges here. Ah, yes I agree the chicken feet curse is pretty chaotic and dark. But that’s not what we’re talking about here.

I would say you can put your fears aside, the OP will be fine AND permanently put the abuser in her place, and do it under control, as control is the focus of this working.

Maybe I’m not getting the whole story here. Ok
I’m thinking this is a kid having a hard time with a stepdad.

Well you have to consider the OPs intent and the energies in play, by the old chestnut “intent is everything”. So to break this down lets look at the intent and energy in each curse:

The chicken feet curse is “the most insidious curse I’ve ever done” (E.A. Koetting) to “Stop his feet”… although he describes it as a binding, he also says, and I quote from the video:

"the interesting part of this curse: it works slowly. The victim suddenly has every situation in their lives turn against them so intensely that they don’t even have the time or energy to focus on you. So the initial problem of them moving against you is solved.

But that’s not where it stops.

Your victims problems will continue to grow, often resulting in massive health deterioration over the next year, along with severe psychological issues. Your victim will also suffer financial devastation, will quickly find themselves friendless, even their whole families will refuse to comfort them through their darkest hours.

Suicide attempts are very common when I’ve used this curse… but they’re never successful. The spirit won’t let the victim die without suffering as much as possible. Often their suffering will drag on for years before they die.

So, “stopping their feet” isn’t nearly as symbolic as I had originally assumed. All in all, this is without a doubt the most insidious curse that I’ve ever placed.

Your enemy becomes immobilized so they can no longer attack you… and then is buried alive by every form of suffering imaginable, spending sometimes years in agony before dying."

The chicken feet curse destroys the targets entire life. Which is the result you got. And you are part of that life. Yeah best not to do this curse when you have to interact with this person.

I don’t see if you stated what your intent was when you did that ritual, or what your visualisation was when you did it, but this is what you invoked and the weight of multiple mages doing this adds this element to all workings using this spirit: it’s what it does.

In contrast, consider the OPs states intent is:

With… Focalor


(41.) Focalor.-The Forty-first Demon is Focalor, or Forcalor, or Furcalor. He is a Mighty Duke and Strong. He appeareth in the Form of a Man with Gryphon’s Wings. His office is to slay Men, and to drown them in the Waters, and to overthrow Ships of War, for he hath Power over both Winds and Seas; but he will not hurt any man or thing if he be commanded to the contrary by the Exorcist. He also hath hopes to return to the Seventh Throne after 1,000 years. He governeth 30 Legions of Spirits.

See the difference?

It’s in the intent, which drives the method and energy flow.


Thank you. That is very insightful.

I can assure you that I am no child and this is my biological parent that has been abusive for the most part of my life. I have zero good memories with this person. With them away from me, I can live peacefully and that is exactly what I am striving for. I am no novice, I know what I am doing. Maybe you think I am a child because of my name, strawberry shortcake, but I can assure you that this was a last minute name I chose lol.

I know what I am doing and I know what I can and can’t do as of right now. I know my limits, but I also know my power. And right now I’m using it full throttle.


That’s the spirit!

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Interesting. I tried to take revenge on someone that destroyed my life, some time ago a name of a demon was given to me - Focalor, but at that time I had no energy to perform any ritual, and now he appears again while I browse the forum looking for ways to make this person’s life a nightmare. Interesting.