Is a freezer spell the right action?

So i want to prevent someone from doing something i don’t want them removed from my life just preventing them from doing a certain action is freezer spell a good option for this if no what would you suggest?

Yes Vovin’s freeze storm would work fine.

If you own a copy of the book Lucifer And The Hidden Demons, there’s a pathworking in there to make someone fear taking action against you.

That’s a good one. Personally I prefer a binding, which the freezer spell is a variant of, as I don’t want them to even think about it, then there’s no need to make them think about it and fear it with the possibility that they’ll be brave and do it anyway.

I combine the freezer spell with a poppet when I want to make it really strong. I wrote up some notes about it here:

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I like that! I might try that tactic a next time. Seems a little less time consuming as well ^^

Up until now some of my favorite tactical points have been either trap the energy of an attack and use it to my benefit if I feel I have enough skill to do that or:

  • set up decoy poppets or jars, to confuse potential psychic attackers for the actual me.
  • set up some nasty and scary servitor that gets triggered by a psychic attack/ hostile energy on the jars or myself
  • get them to fear taking action
  • hoping the potentially triggered servitor validates their initial sense of fear and they quit taking action after that one act of bravery.
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