Demon to keep someone away

Without going into much details a dear friend of mine recently went through a messy breakup with a person whos very toxic to them
But recently that person has been wanting to connect again with my friend and moral issues aside i know itll deeply hurt my friend to go back to this person

Is there a specific demon that’d help drive that harmful person away or severe ties between them?

I know Duke Dantalion could help influence my friend’s thoughts to shift away from them but is there something thats maybe more straight to the point?

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You could try cord cutting, and/or a reveal spell (several Goetic entities do this) to make the person themselves reveal how a relationship with them is not in your friend’s interests.


The reveal spell sounds pretty close to what im looking for
Thank u :heart::heart:
Is there tgreads about it here?

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Not sure there’s many that aren’t me :joy:

This one lists the “team” of entities I called for a working for someone else, when I didn’t know if there was a betrayer or thief around them, but I was suspicious and wanted them to reveal themselves if there were. The idea was to not cause harm to innocents if I was wrong, but this is a lifetime working, if sooner or later someone decides to get funny, the person under protection of this working will know, and quickly, before the thief can cause too much damage, however, what they do with that knowledge is up to them. The working is not on them, it’s on the people around them.