Ritual issue, candle extinguished itself after popping and making hard noise

I called Papa Legba, I lit a red candle for him, I was asking him to help one of my sisters, when I lit a red candle for my sister, to revoke any curse, hex, and return to sender, I mentioned two special people who I know are working against my sister then the Papa Legba’s red candle began to popping and make hard noise until it extinguished itself. I tried to light the candle again but it wasn’t possible.

What I felt about it was that one of these people is attacking my sisters with a very strong curse/hex and that Papa Legba is not willing to helping her anymore (he has already help her) because she’s not doing what she should. She knows who the man is that’s cursing her but she’s still in contact with him, besides I have asked her to do some things (herbal baths, break contact with that man) and she hasn’t done that. What do you think ? I want to hear your opinions.

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t MAKE him drink.”

At this point your sister has chosen her path, maybe there’s something her spirit wants her to learn from this, maybe it’s just emotions causing mistakes, but it’s her life and she has to live it as she wishes, you’ve tried and done all you can, anything else magickal is a waste of your energy.

If you want to keep going then I would not use entities, I’d do a poppet binding spell on him to keep him away from her and stop him working against her. A return to sender on his curses done from your own power would not be denied either.

This is my version, but any binding spell you preferred would do this.

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Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help, I will check it and do it.

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