I want to magically burn a place, how?

I need to burn a certain place, a highly guarded and filthy place. I need magick to burn it, do you guys have steps and methods i can use?

This works best if you have personally been inside the building before. Relax yourself as much as possible and imagine that you’re in the building. Relax into the scene until it’s at least somewhat clear. The purpose of this is to project your awareness into the target building as fully as possible.

Now, imagine a point of fire forming floating in the center of one of the lower rooms. Try to feel the heat as much as possible. Don’t force the visuals, let them come of their own accord as you push your Will into the scene. There’s a knack to this, keep trying until you get the hang of it. Make sure that the location of your awareness stays in the target building. If you find yourself flickering take some time to re-anchor yourself to the desired location.

Once the point of fire is reasonably solid and stable, imagine the field of energy radiating off of it growing to envelop the entire building, and growing in intensity until whatever it touches bursts into flame. Repeat this process until the intensity of the field is able to stay high even without you actively willing it into that state. The goal here is to keep the spell operating after you move your awareness away from it. Try to think of the image as an objective external reality rather than a personal visualization. Once you’ve got the intensity of the energy field coming off of the point to a high state that is being maintained passively, gently pull your awareness away and back into your body. You should feel a slight tension in the back of your mind. Do not relax this tension. This is the spell’s assertion acting on reality, it must remain active and not be conceded. Gently let the tension fade into the background so that it is maintained without your conscious awareness. If done correctly then the spellform’s assertion will manifest in reality.

Also I should say that for an arson operation like this, making sure that the projection step is performed correctly is extremely important. You don’t want to burn down the wrong building.


You might have results faster if you leave the solution open, and state what you want, which it sounds like, you want activity in the location stopped? I’m guessing you don’t have an issue with the building itself, unless it’s a blot on the landscape or something.

I would target those causing the problem, with bindings and death curses, (I assume you want them dead as fires usually do that). You may not want them just relocating and carrying on.


Yes, how and what are those curse spells?

Hmn, that’s really up to you, there are hundreds just on this forum, and more in books commonly recommended for baneful magick. Try the search at top right with the search strong “death curse” and have a browse through some of the options, see if something stands out for you.

What you choose to use should fit your energy and your cultural preferences. You have a lot of options and you should research well before you choose.

I recommend E.A. Koetting’s book Baneful Magick as a good primer on the various currents that approach cursing in various ways. I hear the book Magickal Attack is good, I see it recommended a lot, but I have not tried it myself.

Personally, I have a goto binding I always use that combines Vovin’s freeze spell and poppet magick:

For death curses it varies, I have an elixir I made under direction of Azrael that I use on a poppet, but I don’t recommend it as it takes a lot of time and effort to produce, and after it’s worked for a while I burn the poppet and bury the ashes.

Maybe try this one:


Why do you want it burn? Do you hate the people who sit there or is it the place spesifically?

If former, I wouldn’t suggest just sticking to fire, magick would find its own way which could be fire or not. If latter, do you know how to infuse objects with intent and energy? If you can, it shouldn’t be that hard to infuse walls with them. Same principle.

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This is almost exactly how I did it. Take the last paragraph extremely seriously. You’ll see why in a moment. I have attempted this three times, as follows:
1st time). Attempted to create an electrical fire in a specific area of the building. Either the next day or day after there was a minor electrical fire on the same floor and in the same corner of the building that I had targeted. I hadn’t expected it to happen so soon and was actually in the building at the time (I worked there). The building was closed the whole next day too. Woop! A good start.
2nd time). No result this time.
3rd time). I was making another attempt on my target. I had been in the process for quite some time when I heard a noise, snapped my eyes open and my ceiling light was and lampshade were on fire. Luckily, the wire melted through and the whole burning assembly crashed to the floor. If it hadn’t my ceiling would probably have caught as well.

I have thought about the latter a great deal and I think I know what went wrong. I was in the process for quite a long time and my mind kept drifting. I ended up so focused on causing an electrical fire that I had lost focus on the actual target location. So the result needed somewhere to go but was undirected, so to speak.
I haven’t tried this again since. I probably will one day, but I’ll do it when I’m outdoors, a long way from home and not near anything electrical.
Take heed!


It’s both. Do you have suggestions or precise rituals?