Financial Problems? Get Money With Magick - Layered money/wealth spell

There’s been an influx of people being curious about spirits that specialize in wealth generation.

Let’s start.


Of course - Belial can clear the path for any spell, making everything happen much more easily.


That is the Goetia sigil. You can also use the Dukante sigil.

Call on him first, in order to make all of the magick go much more smoothly.

He can also help you remove any internal limitations you might have to acquiring wealth.

The Three Angels of Omnipotence - Elubatel, Ebuhuel, Atuesuel

Angels that aren’t so well known, but carry crazy amounts of power. Keep in mind, once you call on them and ask them for a life of wealth, shit WILL start to change.

These angels are so powerful they are able to bend time, change thought and modify reality.

If successfully called, your life will very likely be disrupted, but the end result will be worth it.

Also, if you are lazy, they will kick your ass (same as Belial).


A good way to establish contact with these angels is to call and then sing their names at each of the 4 cardinal directions.

East, West, South, North (in this order).


Duchess Bune - she is excellent at helping your business flourish on a large scale, ensuring your profit increases consistently.

Calling on her to look over you in whatever job/business you are, will help massively.

You’ll start seeing greater amounts of money flowing to you from your business/job when she is helping you.



This badass guy can bring you good luck, uncover new opportunities, and help you with anything wealth related in general.

He can help you expand your wealth, similarly to Bune. You can ask him to bring you wealth and opportunities generally or related to your business/job, that is up to you.

When you work with Clauneck, it’s good to have a plan already in place, on how you are going to acquire your wealth, and he can help you fulfill this plan and make it much more worthwhile.

Make sure, if you call Bune and Clauneck together, to ask them to work together.



Might surprise some, because Bathin is usually associated with travelling.

Thing is, Bathin can change your thought process to any process you want.

She can shift your whole view on things, and your mentality.

With her help, you can achieve the viewpoint that would be most beneficial for earning money and accumulating wealth.

Call on her for this, and you will notice your thoughts shifting. What you once thought was impossible, will now become possible.


Incorporate all these spirits together, and you will break down all limitations in your way, both external and internal, and bring wealth into your life. But, of course, remember to work hard and smart.

That’s all.


P.S Sometimes, it is good to buy something unnecessary or give away a few dollars to someone, to let go of the scarcity mindset and let the current flow.


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I called Belial, and he told me to build my material life. Cool shit :sunglasses:


any idea on other entities other than angel and demon?


You can try Nitika, who is a genius spirit of wealth. The Damon Brand cashbook book is a good source on him, as well as NAP. The original text might be a little hard to get/read.

From the Hindu pantheon, you can try Lakshmi.

Then you can try Mercury, who is a god of trade and profits in the Roman pantheon, or perhaps Hermes from the Greek side of things.

From the Slavic pantheon, Veles is both a god of magick and wealth. So he would be very interesting to work with. :wink:

You can also try Teutates, who is a Celtic god of war and riches.


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And Jupiter. You can’t forget Jupiter. He is the god of wealth and opulence and expansion.


Try financial sorcery jason miller. New avatar power,


That 's very good , thanks and as @DarkestKnight pointed well with Jupiter we may add more layers and hence more powers with planetary magick also. I may recommend Jason Miller’s Financial Sorcery too on that respect, with many different sigils and works to benefit along helpful hints.


Jupiter can be 2 coins. In&out.honestly its more like fame conections yws its invoqe 4 money. Such salomon seals etc. But i have only see, read 2 i tnk rituels were hes invocaqed to bring fortuna. But tis rituals are like 2,3. hours at least. But lady fortuna or shiva may open roads too depwnd u syile

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Man your layered work is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for this. I just found this and coincidentally I had started working with clauneck 2 days ago. Thank you a lot for this I appreciate you a lot. Your helping a lot of people by giving this information.


If you guys wanna know where to find and contact these spirits. Wealth magick by Damon brand has the ritual for the 3 angels and the ritual for clauneck, and demons of magick has the demons listed. The folk magick found at the end of the post about giving away money is found in magical riches by Damon brand


Actually that bit of “folk magick” as you called it, predates Damon Brand by many decades and is found in many, many books, particularly those about mind power and what has become known as the Law of Attraction.


exactly and same approach can be seen in many different cultures “give to receive”.


Yeah it says that in the book

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Maybe that’s the idea of giving offering to spirits ? It’s part of the spell itself, not just a transaction or payment for services, but a core principle and symbol of “letting go” of desire and “give to receive” as in the LOA.


Naamah is very good. She’s the most material entity I’ve worked with. She assisted me once to get money in less than 24 hours. Sure, it wasn’t much, but more than enough to brighten my day. And She’s quick.



Hi, thank you so much for your post. You put real work into offering it and I sincerely appreciate it. Should each request be made separately, different session? I apologize for my ignorance. I am very new to this. I would not want to inadvertently offend the very spirits, I would like to ask for assistance.


Just be careful with Angels of Omnipotence, I’m talking from experience that they are going to flip everything upside down, crush your current life to crumbles and then guide you to the most optimal path to achieve your goal and rebuilding everything to whole new level. They don’t go easy, but do amazing the job in the end!

Their style is “Break your leg, to lose a job, so you can build a business. At the same time lose long-term friends that slow you down, maybe a wife or a girlfriend will break up with you in the mix to you give you a kick to the ass to do something with your life.”

So be sure you really want to dedicate yourself to your goal and can afford a few months or a year of chaos to build up for the rest of your life to the next level.