Any rituals or spells to break and part a couples relationship

Hi , so i wanted to cast a love spell on a gal whom a like a lot but shes already dating some weirdo . So can anyone suggest me a ritual to make them both break up , or can anyone give me a demons name and enn to do the same. Ive looked in a lot of places but couldnt find any . So it would be reslly helpful if u give me a spell/ ritual or a demon to break the couple. Thanks a lot fam . Love you

Hello Op

I’d liked to know the steps you followed and couldn’t find any, because with a very fast search here (using the magnifying glass top right) and using the key words “break up spell” I got 3 topics that have info for spell, demons and even a book that you could use.

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Thanks a lot for the suggestions . I looked up " parting lovers " and " rituals to part lovers " im sorry it didnt flash to me to use the work break up spell. Thanks a lot anyways and sorry to waste your time :frowning:

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