Best break up spells that work fast

Any break up spells that can break up a couple?
I really want my ex back and for her to find someone else she loves and for him to fully return to me… What could I do that actually works or which daemon could I call on in conjunction with the spells?


Note, I haven’t done a break up spell personally, never needed to. I have however used many of her spells and found them very effective especially the money spells


This Aussie is rather powerful!! Would be interested to see her cooperating with EA…


She looks powerful

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Dream magick is the way to go. Use your spells to target the dreams of your victim/ex.


Do you have any specific spell or way to do dream magick? :blush:

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You could use a vinegar bottle hoodoo spell with a torn up photo of them together and throw in some glass shards and needles, as you visualize them fighting. Always worked for me.

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superb… I really need this!! can you help me with the details please? (vinegar jar spell ingredients…)…

Inn my vinegar jar i put the following …

Chilli juice
Chilli powder
Broken glass
Black cat hair
Black dog hair
Names and dates of birth (cant remeber if i wrote them 9 times) on paper and then faced them back to back

If i had access to them I would have put a few other ingredients in there such as graveyard dirt to signify the death of the relationship but its an adaptable and infinitely variable jar spell anything that signifies an issue in a relatrionship that would lead to break up use it.

I used an old jalapeno jar and sealed it up good and proper lit a black candle on top and performed a small ritual it hasnt worked yet but ive had signs that all may not be well between the two targets im a forgetful twat at the best of times so it gets a shake every now and again and will perform a small ritual to strengthen and conifrm my intent every now and again it will get buried at a crossroads soon and forgotten about in the meantime its sits under the shit pipe in my toilet to me it sybolises that the relationship is shit and going down the toilet.


for demon i suggerst asmodeus for sure i aslo have feelings on belial and euronymous