Azazel Directionary (Azazel Invocation, Azazel Evocation, Meditations, Links, Experiences)

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I hope all of you have a blessed day. Let me get right into the purpose of this thread and post:


I have been working with Azazel for a decent amount of time and he has helped me in more ways than I could explain here.

Azazel is truly an amazing spirit with incredible potential to change your life in unimaginable ways. The idea behind this thread is people posting and sharing everything they can about Azazel so that adepts who are seeking to do a ritual, spell, pact or working with this ancient god have an easy time finding everything they need, as well as experienced ritualists finding new ideas and concepts.

This can be experiences, stories, links to useful videos, or other resources.

Let me make the start:

  • Azazel is an ancient god with unimaginable power who is associated with the demonic as well as the watchers & the Djinns

  • He is said to work closely together with Lucifer himself at the very top of the infernal realm

  • It is said that Azazel taught Humanity about witchcraft, make-up and weaponry, sorcery and the secrets of the gods

  • His planet is Saturn and his day is Saturday (summon him during the hour of Saturn)

  • Colors that Azazel is associated with are RED and BLACK (from my experience and anecdotal evidence)

The ENN Of Azazel Is

Eya Onca Azazel Aken



The Incense of choice to connect with Azazel is Dragons Blood or Frank-Incense

Antimony, Copper And Lead are Metals Associated With Azazel and Saturn

The following offerings are the best to be found when working with Azazel

  • Blood

  • Alcohol like Vodka, Rum, Red-Wine

  • Dark Chocolate

Useful resources - Please note: Everything I share here is 100% free, this is not a promotion of anything but useful information


Azazel Summary in 5 Minutes: Azazel Demon of Fame, Money & Power - YouTube

Video Tutorial On How To Make A Pact With Azazel: Make A Pact w. Azazel | Demonic Pact For Power, Wealth, Success - YouTube

History & Info on Azazel Rituals: AZAZEL | WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW | HISTORY & RITUAL - YouTube

Post about my experience with Azazel: Working With Azazel - My 500 Day Experience (Azazel pact, Azazel evocation, Azazel invocation)

C. Kendall about Azazel & an amazin poem: All You Need To Know To Work With Azazel

Azazel Chant: Very Powerful Azazel Chant "Mantra" - 30 Minutes - YouTube

Azazel Experience (Great watch if you do not hear spirits yet): How the ancient God Azazel helped me - YouTube

Additionally : The book of Azazel is in my modest opinion one of the best works of EA Koetting. I highly suggest you read the book, it is one of the best reads I personally ever encountered. It also covers in great detail the spirits in Azazels legion who hold mind-blowing power (Suhn Tal Ock would be an example if you are looking for money magick)

Now it is your turn! Please share your experiences with Azazel below!

I have seen a similar thread for Beelzebub and it was an awesome place to look for information in a condensed way and helped me to do my initial research, this has inspired me to do the same.

Bottom line: If you feel the calling of working with Azazel, do your research and connect with him if you feel it is the right thing to do. He is a great teacher, a strict but blissful demon, his energy is addicting and his power is beyond what you or me can comprehend. He turned my life upside down, and supported me through many challenges. I would never be where I am today without him. Therefore I leave this post open for discussion with the final words of:



Very good thread. Thanks. Looking into this

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I’ve heard another say, and in my own experience, associate purple with Azazel as well :thinking:

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Azazel is amazing and I’m working with him too. I actually have his sigil tattoo’d


Wow that is really really good. The lines are amazing on it :heart_eyes_cat:

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the lines look so much better now after it healed … I will post new one soon!

Be blessed

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It so good even brand new. I bet it’s amazing now! :smiley:

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I love it man! Hail Azazel

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He came to me in a time of need and showed me how to overcome a big obstacle in my life. He is great.

I am responding just to say thank you Azazel. Azazel gave me two things that to me is worth more than all the riches in the world. What Azazel did was to give me the answer two issues I had my entire life. Those two Issues were That I was cursed by God. The Christian God. That curse was that I would never be touched by a woman. I thought I was just a nerd. I thought I was just turning women off somehow by just being in the room. I have lost several jobs because women would start fights with me for reason and I would get fired for it. Finally, I got tired of it constantly happening to me so I asked Azazel to please help me. I asked Azazel to just explain to me why does this happen to me over and over again. Well in two days after asking Azazel for answers he gave it to me Raw. But with Honesty. He told me I was given the same curse that Cain was given for slaying Abel. I would wear a mark on my forehead that forbade woman to engage with me positively. That answer floored me. Another two days Azazel told me what I needed to do to stop the curse. The cure for the curse was If I choose to look like him, act like him, try to be Beautiful like him, then and only then would women no longer see the mark of disdain on my forehead but would see Azazel and fall in love with me. Of course I said if this will make my life better with the opposite sex then I’ll do it. But then I realized I did’nt know how to become more like Azazel. Again Azazel spoke to me and said "Go to Amazon and purchase Big Ram Horns and wear them as much as possible at home and you will begin to look like me and you will feel a difference. I did what he told me to do and the reaction I got from women was startling. It was amazing how different they were acting towards me. This is my confession. Thank you for this platform. And Thank you Azazel!!!