Would a Intranquil Spirit spell work with a target that is also a witch and does protection spells?

I just purchased the Intranquil Spirit spell kit, doing as much research as I possibly can until it gets here. Would love to hear if anyone else has experiences with this. And the target is also a witch. She practices HooDoo magick and does protection spells. I have tried so many other love spells with no avail, if anything we only drifted further apart. This is kind of my last try, I know this is a dangerous spell. But I would walk through hell just to hold her one more time…

I sometimes wonder if she herself did a spell on me. She shared a meme on Facebook that said “When your crush randomly starts like you back” And it shows “The night before” and its a spell dance thing. And she shared that literally the morning after I admitted how much I liked her. And like I said, when we had sex, it was right after she did some sort of ritual and spell circle. We started getting intimate later in another room, and she kinda led me to where the spell circle was and I didn’t realize. Also she had me put the condom with my sexual body fluids in it, into the bathroom trash can that was totally empty with no bag in it instead of her normal trash can. I feel obsessed with her, we’ve been broken up for literally 7 months now. And I still cannot imagine a happy life without her. I try sooooo hard to move on, other attractive women come onto me. And sometimes I even sleep with them. But I can’t let it lead anywhere serious because in the back of my mind, I just always wish it was her. She is so perfect in my eyes, I would do literally anything in the world for her love. Anytime I have sex with anyone else. I will go home and cry that I am not with her. It hurts so deep, agony, and hell on earth… It is such a long story, right after she broke up with me, she said we would date again someday. But I kept pushing, and now she hates me and has no contact. I kept digging a hole deeper and deeper, if I just stayed no contact, I would still be on good terms with her…

She would still kind of flirt with me, and do mind games a bit to make me question if she still likes me, like a tooon of stuff. But I kept pushing until she said “You are putting my relationship at risk”. And blocked me, I had no closure or knew what it meant. I kept trying to contact her after she blocked me, this was a poor choice and I regret it. I just kept wanting to know if she hated me. Well me keep trying to message her made her hate me now… I am destroyed, and I do not contact her…

EDIT: What is weird too, I never told anyone I am doing spells on her. Well one of the last times I tried messaging her and she finally replied. She told me it doesn’t matter how angry I am, her protection spells are stronger than my spells. This kinda took me off guard, how did she know I was doing spells at her? I was never angry at her either, all my messages trying to contact her after she blocked me was just wanting to know if she hated me. And if it was forever, just some sort of clarity. We were friends for years before we dated.

Again it is a long story, I could write a small novel about this situation. It makes me feel crazy, but I am getting mentally stronger, and think I am ready for the Intranquil Spirit spell. It is the very last spell I will try, besides any mediation rituals and manifestations.

FYI: I didn’t do anything wrong for her to break up with me. It was for another man…


Given her abilities and affinity my bet says that giving her unrest isn’t gonna be a picnic, what it does strongly sound like is that she used heavy Love Magick on you - hence the borderline obsession that you feel on top of your inability to really move on from her.
What I would recommend doing is some uncrossing and unbinding rituals, CUT. THOSE. CORDS! Burn that bridge until nothing remains, because she did do what she did intentionally. The place where yall did the deed? Intentional. Where she had you dispose of your VERY POTENT FLUIDS? Intentional. Every step of this was deliberate, that’s why you seen her joking about it bc she MEANT to do it. She meant to put you through this, and honestly you deserve better than someone who would use you as a magical punching bag so that they can feel special (despite apparently being in a relationship).

CUT THOSE DAMN CORDS! and ward yourself + your energy from her so that she cannot do something like this so easily again, because chances are she will. Get your own spirit team to help you, because from my understanding if she’s working Hoodoo/Voodoo than she’s probably also working with the Loa which can be very tricky but insanely powerful beings.
My spidey-senses tell me that should you “fire the first shot” with a hell of a spell, than chances are she will too + it’ll be with things that will put you through the wringer. Sever the hold she has on you + put up a mirror shield, make it so that any harm she tries to do you bounces right back to her. Essentially live your best life free from her influence while letting her put her own foot back into her mouth.


I still sometimes question it though. When I jokingly asked her if she put a spell on me. She said no, and she believes that spells you do will come back to you 3x as the reasoning why. The thing is, I DO want to stop feeling this way. But I am also soooo addicted to her, I want this to work so bad. Logically I want to just stop loving her. But I would literally sell my soul for just another day with this woman. I have NEVER seen someone so beautiful, so interested in everything they do. What is weird is before we dated and all this happened. We would flirt back and forth and be friends. But when we would stop talking for awhile, I didn’t give a single fuck. She was just another attractive friend, but now its sooo bad. I sometimes catch myself on dates, or hanging with a friend that’s a girl and accidentally call them my targets name. She appears in my dreams constantly, it scares the fuck out of me. And I have no idea what the future is. If I just chilled, left her alone when she left. We would still be friends and her saying I will date her again would still happen. But now that I pushed it, confessed my love for her way too often and got blocked. And creepily kept making snapchat accounts to message her asking for clarity, she hates me now, she said she hates me. I have no idea what the fuuuuck is going on, I have NEVER been like this. I honestly at a point contemplated dying because I feel I will never be happy without her. Why would she put a spell on me if she didn’t want me? I still feel deep down she still has feelings for me. But she refused to give me any closure or clarity. And it just hurts, she knows how I felt about her… And it feels like she did allot of things to purposefully hurt me. Allot of my friends, and I sometimes think too, that she is a narcissist… But I still love her… I should also add, she is a LaVayan Satanist as well.

Than why specifically have sex in a magic circle, when that wasn’t even where yall would’ve ended up doing it? You said she lead you to that room. And why have you dispose of your fluids somewhere it won’t spill, can be dug out for later use while also having it be somewhere different than the norm? If you could still remember the specifics of the trash can, enough to note it as strange, why doubt what your subconscious already knows?
Also, very unfortunately…people lie, and especially when given a good enough reason to. If it’s common knowledge that you both practice magic, and she did put a Love Spell on you, why on Earth would she tell you about it? Think about how many magicians come on here to confess or seek advice about a Love Spell, how many of them actually tell the target their intentions?

I’m telling you, this sounds just like the ass end of a Love Spell + your efforts should be focused on breaking that connection over retribution…for now. Cut those cords, uncross, unbind do whatever you can to free yourself. Clear your head, than with a cold and deadly swiftness do your thing. But I’m strongly recommending that you try the above first.


All my dreams with her are cryptic as fuck too. In one of them, there was a giant statue of Basphomet. And from underneath him a giant tarot card dropped down. But before I could see what it was, it flipped over. 2 stone snakes came out of the statue and one bit each hand and stayed attached. After that, there was a castle in the distance where I just knew she was there. I was floating over the water to get to her. And then I suddenly fell into the water unable to float. It felt like hours and hours of swimming. Until I finally get on land. I see her in a car with her now boyfriend. They are talking, and then she suddenly turns to me and the most striking eye contact. And said that the fee for her to be back in my life is 15$

Another dream recently was I was in her apartment. Crying on the floor, I knew she and her boyfriend were in bed in the other room with the door closed. I rolled over in the dream and she is laying right across from me. And the eye contact is so vivid I still remember just how utterly striking it was. She said “Love and love lost, 5 days”. And then I woke up. What is weird is that this dream happened the night someone I commissioned did a love spell for me on her. But I didn’t know yet that he did the love spell. It was the next day he messaged me saying he did it that night.

So many dreams with her, when we were together I KNEW magick was real. We had so many coincidences happen with us I can’t even list them all. We did candle magick talking to the dead and the candle got literally huge and was crackling and popping and went out. It scared the fuck out of me. She is a beautiful satanist goth witch with a literal split tongue like a snake. Like I said I could write an entire novel about this situation. Sooo many mind games…

I want to do this Intranquil spell first… If I don’t get results within the next few months, I will do whatever it takes to cut the cord. I had to literally start seeing a therapist, and get on antidepressants this situation has affected me so much. I would do literally anything for this woman. And she seems to sometimes enjoy the pain I am in and cause it.

When she broke up with me and told me we would date again. She did not tell me she was seeing a new guy. Not until months later, during this time she would still flirt and send me sexually charged photos. I learned very recently that 10 days after me, she started posting pictures and posts about this guy. But she changed the post privacy to hide it from me. The first post she made so the privacy was I could see. Was a video of her showing their hotel room, and a video of them smoking a blunt in the dark. This literally destroyed me soul, and I have not been the same since. I think she did it on purpose knowing it would hurt me. For why? I could not even imagine, I was never abusive, never mean, I only loved her…

This post makes me sound manic as fuck, I just need to give it this one last try. Through everything she did to me, I love her so much…

Sounds like she’s one hell of a witch, but your comment about her being a Narcissist is concerning as that could hint that she’s doing what she’s doing for sport. The dream about her demanding money for attention just screams…a superficial attitude. I’m also seeing a lack of care on her part from the dreams, this is clear in the dream about you having a breakdown on the floor while she’s in the other room.

For real, take my adice dude…

She did, so if she lead on you on like that emotionally on top of the Narcissism it’s to get enjoyment from being desired. That’s why she did magic on you than lied, that’s why she filled you head with lies about a future bc in her mind there was no future with you to begin with. It’s literally a game.
It’s Cat-and-Mouse! She’s that big, cute, fluffy cat that’s swatting you on the ass with her claws to make you keep running bc the chase isn’t over for her. Narcissists will keep partners around, even after getting into a relationship for supply. It’s a way to feed their own inflated sense of self and importance. I’m getting the sense that she’s taking a great enjoyment in seeing you pine after her, knowing that it’ll never really go anywhere. My thought is she’s enjoying reveling in her own sense of power over you, I’m getting that it’s the same delight that a puppeteer would get from pulling on a marionette’s strings.


Forgot to add, she also has lied about me in a facebook post trying to tear me down. Like literally the most insane blatant lies. She claimed that I went to her house and threatened to hurt both her and her boyfriend. It is utterly disgusting she would do that. I have never been to her house after we broke up, let alone ever do anything remotely threatening. The only messages I ever sent were about wanting to understand why. She only said this after I messaged her that I found out about her changing the post privacy. And that I felt lied to, that is felt purposeful and feels like she has no empathy and said I have no idea how it doesn’t weigh on your conscience all the torment this situation put me in.

This is another big reason why I don’t feel bad doing the Intranquil spell. She is definitely a narcissist. So either way, I am doing this spell.


This pushing away is sometimes the result of live spells, as the target senses them and they are felt as an attack that they then defend from and/or run away.

The fact that this is a practitioner, who sounds more experienced than you, doubles this effect: they would have felt it, they know who did it, and they don’t just naturally defend they can perform Return to Sender and maybe retaliate with a curse. She’s a witch: nobody had to tell her. And she knows your capabilities and weaknesses.

Although if she’s on BALG reading this it’s a nice verification of her UPG.

I think it sounds like you’re getting RtS or mirror shields sending your own love spells back, making you more lovesick while she is just fine. Her will in this is stronger and her magick better fit it.

You are also coming from a place of fear and lack: so you have the added weight of like attracts like giving you more of the same.

If I’m right, and I might not be, this makes doing an intranquil spirit spell a really bad move. It’s just going to hit you not her and make it even worse. Do this if you hate yourself.

You really wanted to have done a divination to find out why the first one didn’t work before putting more into it. I would say now is better late than never.

My advice, if you want to consider it, is cut your losses and learn for another day… look at this longing as a curse. Hexbreak it, destroy the connection that is so painful and getting in the way of you living a happy life. I’ve done this via poppet work and you won’t even know what you saw in her when you’re done.


How do you mean a divination? And what is BALG reading, and UPG?

So if you were me, and wanted this woman more than life itself, what would your next step be? What if you didn’t want to move on, you just wanted some way, even if it meant selling your soul, get her back?

Well you have 3 choices. Cut all memories, two if want to call espirto intraquilo go for, and third try spells on you to open opportunity on all life such love work success,Hobby’s.which one is easy to you? Tat is my advice,

It sounds a lot like you are under the influence here… under the influence of her. This situation does sound like its quite dangerous for you.
I know this will be hard for you at first, but I strongly advise you to stop trying to engage with her. Cut cords, bring your best protections online.


No one is that important in life, not for me.
So, I will not sell my soul for stupid reason.

This is min reason why i never used controlling spells in my life even though I am always horny.
They tend to backfire for many reasons.

And also when someone love you like mad dog
Like you are loving that witch it will eventually create certain amount of hatred for person who is getting loved…

People are stupid and complicated.

If you want to love someone that mad or to that extent
There are many demoness.
You can search here in balg and find demoness that suits your taste.

My suggestion go with nahema for your this problem first.

And if you know
Hindi language i can share you my special mantra of cleaning and removal of magic.

I never shared my used mantrs here even though they have helped me so much main reason is people here don’t know hindi mainly.

My suggestion is you can love if you want but just change the target of love
Many success stories exist in forum of love between man and God.

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It’s a good idea to perform a divination before doing a working on another person. You can use any divination method you like. I prefer Tarot.

Not a “BALG reading”, her reading this post. She is a practitioner, right? She could be a member or just reading this topic while not logged in. She would recognise the energy and the situation and it provides her information.

UPG means Unverified Personal Gnosis.


Divination is a form of Fortune Telling that is done by various means there’s Tarot (Card Reading, Tasseomany (Tea Reading), Ovomacy (Egg Reading) just to name a few. Divination isn’t concrete as the outcome ultimately is dictated by your choices, it’s like you’re walking blind in a forest than come across a flash light that suddenly illuminates a number of paths in front of you - there’s signs telling you want may lay ahead of you, but it can only come to be should you take that path.

BALG is this forum, it stands for “Become A Living God”. I’d use the search function and familiarize myself with different methods of protection (It’s a tag) you can also look up all the methods that I had recommended.

Here’s some of my bookmarked links to get you started. . .
~ Help with undoing a binding - #3 by C.Kendall
~ Mehmi'on - regarding bindings on the practioner
~ Mirror Shield
~ For Those Who Lack Their Energy Or For Those Whose Energy Is Tainted
~ Still hung up on your target after casting a love spell on them? GET IN HERE
~ Powerful Hindu Mantra for removing the effect of black magic
~ How To Cut Energetic Cords and Unmerge with other people
~ A Cord-Cutting Ritual For When Relationships End — A Brighter Wild


I will check it out, this entire experience has made me whole heartily believe in magick. Not only the things I saw when I did little rituals with her, but just the way my entire mind changed the way I see her. She is the one that came onto me early last year. I could honestly take it or leave it when it came to her back then. Even when we were dating, I liked her a fuck ton but I was kinda just eh whatever happens happens. And then progressively after she left. Its like she controls my entire life, all I can think about is being able to hold her again. And know everything about her, it just feels like life is so cruel now… She wouldn’t let me move on, when she broke it off and said we would date again. I was ready to move on. I told her “If you told me we arent going to date again, I would be okay and could move on.” She told me “I wouldn’t say never, just not right now”. And things like me saying “I hope I get a second chance.” She would say “You will”. I feel like I am being left on the back burner while she is with this new guy. Who makes way more money than me, has a Mustang GT. He is 29 and I am 24, so I try not to compare myself too much. Everything just feels ruined, if I was able to fuck off and leave it be when she broke it off, I would of still been friends with her and would be able to someday hold her again. Now it feels like she burned the bridge entirely. Says that she hates me, and made lies about me to defame me. Called me very cruel names I never thought I would hear her say… And I still just want her so bad…

The only thing that makes me feel really good, is since she broke up with me I lost 40 pounds. I also gained allot of muscle. I do strength training at the gym all week and started a TRT regimen with a sports doctor. I look night and day better than when she dated me. And it is funny, when we were still friends on Facebook and good terms. I saw one day she deleted me as a friend. When I asked her why she said “Because of the pictures you post. Still friends on everything else” I would just like maybe once every week or 2 post a selfie of myself at the gym. When I asked her what she meant by that, she never responded. Made me question if the pictures made her miss me, annoyed her, her bf told her to, or what. I guess that is kind of gaslighting a bit. But now I am blocked on everything and ruined it all so :upside_down_face: She was also way out of my league. I know leagues do not really exist. But she was the most perfect woman to me. Goth E-girl Satanist with a split tongue

If anyone is curious, this is my progress from when she broke up with me to now… I should be allot happier, I am healthier, make more money, more women talk to me than ever before. I have more sex than I ever have. But SHE controls my mind and soul it feels like, just so unhappy and feel crazy, I love her… I literally will have sex with a girl I meet on tinder that I do find attractive. But then I will go home and literally cry that it isn’t my target…

https://imgur.com/a/Wqxzxvf https://imgur.com/a/VFjuVE4

Is there a way I could lower her protection defenses for the Intranquil Spirit?

Start by finding out what they are. If any. Hence divination.

Remember, all you have here is idea, you still have no idea WHY she’s immune and how it’s reflecting back on you?

What if it’s NOT “protection”, it might your spells just weren’t enough to override her will, which appear to be stronger than yours, plus some bad luck and your own obsession feeding itself on you like a parasite.

If it’s not her will it’s not her will. You don’t have permission to affect her, period.

How are you going to work magick for a problem you don’t understand? How do you do magick if you can’t do basic divination and don’t have your own protections to prevent the backlash you already had?

You already did that, a lot, and you KNOW that doesn’t work. It’s time to get tactical, brute force isn’t doing it.


For some reason I had a brain fart with divination. I am however yes, a newbie when it comes to magick. I find that mostly what I do is meditate with candles lit. And recently incorporated a gazing orb to help with meditation. It is used mostly to gather thoughts and reflect, or at times not think whatsoever. I have experimented with my own “love spells”.

This is a recent “love spell” I created, again I am a noob and could be doing allot wrong. I start by lighting incense, having 6 pink or red candles circling my small cauldron. I had a small photo of the target, on the back I wrote her name and birthday. And under it, I put my name and birthday. Then drew a heart around both names. I then got a piece of paper and wrote a note to the universe asking that the target fall madly in love with me. And realize that I am the love of her life. I fold this paper over the picture of the target, wrapping it like a present. I then seal it with the candle wax so it sticks together. I put the wrapped picture in my cauldron, I put a rose quartz crystal on top, sprinkle cinnamon. And I also add a pinch of vesta powder. I then light the picture with 2 of my pink candles while manifesting her love for me in my head. And let the picture and letter burn. The vesta powder then ignites and I feel a large release of energy.

Here is a photo of my altar, again I have allot of ignorance. But I am trying and learning more.

I have not myself done protection spells as I should. I do however cleanse my altar and living space with white sage. I do plan on doing protection spells for myself, and work on other spells in general. Is it unsafe to experiment with making my own spells like the love spell above?

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I get feelings that she DOES still care about me and like me allot. However her love for him is now overpowering those feelings. But I swear in my heart I know she has something there for me and cares, even if she doesn’t show it, I feel it. Another thing is when we were together, I gave her a bouquet of flowers as a surprise. She loved it, and she actually made the bouquet into a broom and hung it on her wall. I later gave her a bouquet of roses too, and she again made them into a broom and hung it on her wall. In a recent video post she made. I could see the brooms still on her wall. The flowers have withered, but still there. She also had a reef hanging on her wall that I gave her still. This could mean nothing, however to me, I feel as though she still cares and isn’t showing her true feelings.

I think she is overwhelmed, she is in love with this new man, who is older, has more money and honestly does seem like a good guy. But she also has these feelings for me, and most likely feels bad about the pain I am in. It is a very tricky situation, right now he is winning with her love. But I am not snuffed out completely. The awful things she lied about me in that post, and the things she said to me. I honestly feel it is her trying to make me hate her. Which doesn’t work, I still love her madly.

But the best course of action I can take is to do divination, manifest the change of her love, and wait. No action in the physical world can help, no words I can say to her will currently change her mind. I can only keep bettering myself physically and mentally, and wait. And try to get stronger with magick to possibly nudge the tides more in my favor.

@LunarHarvest Please don’t forget to answer the questions I asked you to complete your introduction.

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The target of all my spells is a witch. She is more adept than I am, as she is the one that got me into practicing. She has since left me for another man, what would be the best way to penetrate her protection for my spells to have a greater effect? I know that she practices HooDoo, any information I could read up on?