How To Cut Energetic Cords and Unmerge with other people

How To Cut Energetic Cords and Unmerge with other people

Many indivituals work together in the area of the occult and thats a very good thing that is developed in the occult fileds comparing to the old times of the occult,many people work together closely and thats cool and awesome as you can exchange energies freely have more supposely trust worthy relationships etc.

But not many are aware of the risks of merging with other people,
Look i been through that and i know the nasty effects that being are :

  • Not being truly monoatonomous as i wanted to be spiritually

  • I simply dont like the energy of other people which made mine a bit blurry and i really didnt like that.

  • Many people do these kind of stuff before they even know that person fully i literaly heard someone “hey lets merge into one being” that alone can scream the bullshit by it self,and in the end they have energetic fuck ups because of the unhealthy relationships.

  • Chaotic thoughts and emotions.

And many others,its important for me to say that, i dont work with anyone but sometimes i do but not as closely ,the end of the day its only you in your ascend,but i am very happy to help and work with others.

How To Unmerge

The number one thing that will boost your unmerging proccess is having a healthy Sadhana,a strong sense of self,this meditation of sadhana that i am about to show you along with the other exercises

Sadhana Meditation

The Sadhana is the act of surrending the ego and meditating in yourself with out ego and “I”
I know Entities and spirits use Sadhana Acts upon themselves for example as Ea Koetting said that Abaddon chants and prays a chant to himself.

Enter a Mindfulness state of mind
by observing your breathing and thoughts
as you fall deeper,your will see your mind
getting clearer and clearer observe nothing
and most importantly be nothing which is crucial in this exercise.

Let go of yourself of your ego,as now you are with nothing
Breath from the Root chakra feel the energy rising to all of the chakras
into the crown chakra and say
“I call Atman,I call god I call myself i Call the universe within me”
let yourself surf though the waves of Cosmic energies,
see your atman and connect with it and become him.

descend into your body as atman as your true self and through not attachment
become it,having let go of all past energies.

Energy Healing Field & Shield

Reclaiming the Chakras.

People who Merged their energies Together Have surely done the Merging meditation on the chakras or directly in the aura or energy itself either way the chakras will be affected by it positively or negatively.

The chakras are weels of power and energy and are sparks of the atman manifesting himself into the realm of malkuth descending from the light kingdom the kether into here Malkuth the physical plance,The sephiroth teaches as that the sephiras are the steps of creation into physical existence into spiritualy non solid into sold then into the between then fully physical.

The sephiras can be seen as the chakras and the kether being the crown chakra that descends cosmic energy into the higher ones.

In the Merging work the Energies were deeply affected as the chakras are cores of power and many people dont know their importance their true effects i would suggest for someone that didnt been merged for a long time to simply Intent the meditation to through out the energies,but for the practioners that did this long term the work will be longer.

i would suggest to clear out the chakras and re create them carefuly,

Potent Chakra Creation

Enter the trance state of nothingness and say

“OhGnitzol’Chluz Vlasta’mus”

as you are now into the void let yourself to be dissloved focus on the intent for the chakras to dissolve and Vibrate Slowly and observingly


carefuly come back to your place you have to be Fully blank to that point
breath the breath of the celetial heavens and vibrate “Kether”
and see the Light of the universe coming into you descending through all the sephiras and realities into here say
“Take me into the kingdoms of soul
Take me into the creation of the heavenly portals
of the Atman to enter and solidify In the Malkuth for the
Enlightment i Achieve”

and now simply feel your new chakras coming feel on your root a new chakra stornger coming back feel the quentities of each chakra coming back

  • Root : Connection to earth,Perception Safeness Survival

  • Sacral : Connection intot others Feelings,Sex Lust

  • Solar : Power,healthy ego Confidence.

  • Heart : Love,Emotional connection,meaning,worth Family.

  • Throat : Authority,Indentiy Truth

  • Ajna : Knowladge Wisdom,self knowladge & work

  • Crown : Primoridal connection with the true self and universe and the eye to the spiritual worlds.

Once the basic Features like colours and mentalities are back vibrate the sounds of the primmordial universe into the microcosm these are the seven Bija Mantras who have lots of uknown uses and secrets in them.

  • Root : Lam

  • Sacral : Vam

  • Solar : Sol or Ram

  • Heart : Yam

  • Throat : Ham

  • Ajna : Om

  • Crown : Om & Silence.

and then say this incantacion that brings down the energies of the universe when alligning the chakras

“Veltra sahnn siah vlek sun tsun’san vleksan Kether
Vlatrus on’beltra ra”

then into each chakra feeling changed into atomic levels that is inderscrible.

Then simply meditate on them lengthy and if needed repeat.

Theres lots of things to say about that deep chakra / soul work that i may do an another post someday but if you have questions i am happy to awnser them.




This “nothing” is what you truly are at the center of your being. You will find that as you become nothing that you also become everything. Good work here. :+1:


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congrats you are doing very well focused stable areas to work. :black_heart::wink:

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Thanks for posting this @Xag_darklight, I am gonna do it, also bumping it in case anyone has anything they want to add.