Still hung up on your target after casting a love spell on them? GET IN HERE

TL;DR: do the rituals “Remove Parasitic Beings” and “Protection Against Influence” from Magickal Protection by Damon Brand.


Ok let me give you a little background so you get where I’m coming from, because I’ve seen this exact same story happen time and time again to others here and on other forums…

  • I was dating a guy, everything was going great (he wasn’t an ex, and we were in good terms)
  • I did the ritual to “turn attraction into love” from the Magickal Seduction book
  • The guy ghosted me and I was like wtf…
  • Bonus: the ritual greatly affected me, but not my target. I grew obsessed, though I didn’t show it or chase my target or anything.

(This could happen with any other targeted love ritual, but it’s mostly common with this one in particular.)

At this point, I’ve read many saying the target felt the energy, the energy was too strong, the target resisted, etc etc. The point is: the result wasn’t what was intended. Period.

I tried many other spells and petitions and got no results or improvements at all, not only was contact broken completely, but my target went for someone else. And this story is far too common by now!

In time, I had no choice but to accept it. I didn’t beg, didn’t try to contact my target again or anything.

But the problem was… my target was still on my mind every day. It wasn’t healthy, I wanted to move on, and I couldn’t. The second ritual from the MS book is known to cause this, to affect mostly the operator, but not the target themself.

I was searching for similar experiences on social media groups about GoM, and it’s a repeated story that seems to happen all the time. But something stood out… someone suggested doing the rituals to get rid of influences, whichever they may be, and that the results could be stunning.

This person in particular made it seem like they realized their target had done magick on them as well, which is why they couldn’t let them go. Even if that’s not the case, even if your target knows nothing about magick or manifesting, YOU SHOULD DO THAT RITUAL (Protection Against Influence, from the Magickal Protection book). I added “Remove Parasitic Beings” on top because there could be remnants of the so many spirits I called upon back when I did love workings on my target.

You have no idea of THE RELIEF you’ll feel afterwards! Don’t believe me, TRY IT. DO IT!!!


Awesome. I think if you don’t mind tis would go great in the Unofficial Tutorials Love collection, there’s not enough healing and unbinding stuff in there to my mind. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I’m happy to help! :smiley:

I’ll try it.

runs into the thread stumbling over a chair COMING!!!


Deteach from the results.
Focus on thr moment.
Focus on yourself

Just came here to further stress that “Protection Against Influence” has a MASSIVE effect!!!

It’s like it removes and rips off whatever blindfold you had on, that you were not even aware of.

If you’re ready for the true colors of people to be revealed and for you to see people as they truly are, DO IT. When the blindfold’s off, you can finally start making informed decisions and you’ll feel more firm and far less confused about whatever was making you feel emotional and/or mental turmoil.

I didn’t do it with anyone in particular in mind, I just wanted any external influences, magickal or not, off me. And IT’S WORKING!!!


I’m currently doing the Master Protection ritual, it will last 33 days.
Next i’m gonna try.

I relate so much with that dreadful experience with love spells.
I had this recent target who not only didn’t come back, but also found a long term girlfriend very soon after??? like WTF… It’s like my spells did the exact opposite… That while in the past a guy I used to work on would come back the day after casting the spell. So weird… I wish we could figure out what went wrong. I feel like my skills need some serious refinement… I’m kinda afraid to touch love spells ever since because i feel like it will fuck things up even worse

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Tbh that’s what happened to me last year. Everything was going great with someone I was dating, I did a love spell on them and boom, they ghosted me and got together with someone else lol the total opposite of what I wanted.

I must say I had love spells work out for me in the past, but they were made intuitively by me, and not taken out of a book or guide or anything. This last time, I tried one from GoM’s Magickal Seduction book, and that’s when I got that poor result. So I don’t doubt my magick nor magick itself, nor GoM’s work either, but it’s that specific method that didn’t work for me (and there are many more stories like mine with that particular spell here in the forums).

The thing with the “Protection Against Influence” ritual is that I think it’s meant to cancel any influential spells done on ourselves by others, but the curious thing I found out while doing it is that it also goes way beyond that and removes all coercive influences that anyone might have put on us.

We rarely (if ever) suspect anyone put a spell on us, right? Truth be told, most people are not into the occult and don’t even believe in magick, and yet they manage to influence others and their surroundings unknowingly. Another way we can be influenced is through lies.

The marvelous thing I found out with the protection against influence is that it’s literally like a blindfold coming off. Suddenly, truths start to be revealed, and you may not like it… but truth does, indeed, set us free to make more informed decisions.

This could be someone at work trying to sabotage you… it could be a crush that you suddenly realize is a criminal or lied about something big… it could be anything. But it’s like you open the gates to clear thinking, without external influences, and all you get is the plain truths. And with that, you can do as you wish.

I didn’t do it with anyone in particular in mind, I just focused on my will of wanting to remove any unwanted, undesired, negative, external influences, whether they’re magickal or not. Any and all.

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I personally feel that only a very few practitioners are competent enough to successfuly utilize love magic. I’ve seen some badass witches make targets CRAWL BACK, begging to be taken back - completely breaking their will, and forcefully so. I feel like it’d take a lot of practice and experience to reach that level of powerful. I was thinking maybe to victimize a target whom I’m not really into them that much, so I don’t really care, and practice on their expense. Because being scared of using love spells isn’t exactly gonna take me anywhere, right?

Mmmmm sounds tempting, but I wonder if it would work. It depends on the spirit, I guess. I imagine quite a few would refuse to take part on it.

But if you make it work, let me know because I could use that too lol