What's normal? (Creating Wards Walk-Through Tutorial)



Can you see her, in the same way, standing with a large shield, and a sword in one hand?


yes. looks kind of goofy though



That’s because she’s a slim female.

Can you see (in the same way) a male figure, some actor or whatever, and you don’t have to be AS precise with his face - maybe even giuve him a full-face helmet.

This is the last question btw, I’m doing this in stages to make sure we cover all the bases, and I’ll be replying with something useful next. :slight_smile:





Now you’re at the stage of being the potter, at the potter’s wheel of creation, and what you’re creating is your wards, your servitors - this is how I got started, and to do, is to learn.

First, starting with seeing that guy in your mind, make him split into four seperate copies, like they’re standing hidden behind him and they step out to the side and stand in line. Have them bow to you, not grovvelling, but like loyal knights acknowledging their King.

Place into them the INTENT “To serve, protect, and defend Jimmy (or whatever magickal/real name you think of yourself by) and to have no will but Mine.”

Placing an intent is similar to the way your focus zoomed in on Meagan Good’s chin, it’s quite a distinctive feature of her face and the overall focus on one thing and not another about her, is similar to the way you’ll form this intent.

If it helps, visualise your will coming from your forehead (don’t worry about “third eyes” at this stage) and then turning into, for example, a ball of energy which then enters the foreheads of your four heavily-armed guys.

Your mind to theirs - your will becoming theirs.

Next, see them placing themselves so that they surround you on all four directions, facing outwards, and give them the ability to block, thwart and defeat attacks from below and above as well - maybe visualise them with archery gear, or just intend it.

Focus on them for a while and feel, and intend, that they keep you perfectly safe and repel all forces except those you choose to call.

They’re not phsyical, so they don’t need to shuffle round to follow you, they remain at the same distance all the time, guarding you and observing tirelessly, in your defence.

This is how I began creating wards, you can move on to visualising walls with machine guns/other armaments, machines, whatever suits your needs and temperament, but this is the basic method.

I broke it down step-by-step because I was hoping to draw it from a real place in you that can already visualise, and which can focus on fine details as well as the overall image, because I know that people do seem to run into problems with that.

Having created these servitors, it’s best to re-visualise them and re-send your intent once a day to begin with, later they will be able to run automatically, but a daily check-in will reassure you that they’re doing their job.


Great. If this works, maybe I can start drinking again. I love drinking.


Excellent break-down Lady Eva. Very useful starting information for wards, servitors.


I think setting boundaries is both good and bad, depending on the type of relationship you intend to have with the spirit. The more “casual” it is - like specific tasks or short lived relationship - the more boundaries could be made. And if you intend to have a longterm relationship, setting too much boundaries could restrict and limit your own spiritual growth.

As a part of my own spirit relationship, the foundation is LOVE and RESPECT, and then my spirits is free to interact with me whenever they want and need to. And it works perfectly fine, because they always stays in the background whenever I interact with other people, work or spend time with my family.

Setting boundaries is good in some ways, but it could also limit your own development just as much as the spirits. And the more you trust the spirit, and it is benevolent towards you, the less boundaries you should set. Mutuality within love and respect is quite liberating and that is the closest to freedom most of us strive for. That’s how I see this.


First- great little tutorial there Eva. I kind of feel like it should be its own separate, step-by-step thread of servitor creation actually.

Absolutely nothing.

Since the Individuation, each piece is “separate but equal” in the true sense.

There’s too much interconnected stuff for us to properly assess a “normal”. Whether or not that is a limitation of language, or of humans, remains to be seen.

What's good and what's bad?

Again, completely and utterly case-by-case.

For instance, although I refer to this account as “me”, or “I”, in truth I am not I but we in the spiritual sense. Not one intelligence, but many.

Legion, hive, call it what you will.

It drives some utterly, foaming-at-the-mouth mad.

It soothes me.

Is it normal for spirits that are attached to you everywhere you go to change your facial expressions and feel their emotions or is it harmful?

Can be both. In my case it’s like having so many highways of information running at any given moment, that only a select few can be tuned to when not in ritual.

Hence, the utility of ritual.

Is it normal to feel constant touching and to hear voices as well as thoughts and communication through the subconcious mind?

Yeah, though this “pressure” can manifest different ways, such as the feeling of eternally being watched, being on stage, etc.


There was another link on this site that talks about making a feeding source for your wards. Does anyone know where I might look to find that? I lost the link. :frowning:


This is one of my posts on the topic:


Holy shit I feel like there are some assholes who do this for fun. The leaving them in the dirt part.also my own personal band of ninja samurai warriors? Holy shit I feel like a daimyo already


Thank you.


I wouldn’t mind four naked Megan Good’s with swords and shields warding my magick circle!


It would be really interesting to channel them. Let these spirits have an hour to do as they please, see what happens. Of course everyone knows their own limits :slight_smile: . It would be pretty neat to see what they want.


And here I was wondering how to go about putting a Tibetan mastiff/Caucasian Mountain Dog-dragon serpent protector in my Scorpio statue as a guard/attack guard (had some smug Darth Maul looking fuck standing over me as I was waking up).


@Lady_Eva can you use servitors to protect others? i.e, your children/pets/home?


@Lady_Eva ^ ?


Just bumping this because I’ve updated the title and added tags to make it easier to find, on-forum answer to the above questions are YES, you definitely can use this to protect others, once you have the basic technique and have experienced it working for you, you can use similar methods anywhere. :+1: