Many years ago i was introduced to some aspects of chaos magic mainly servitors and sigils, being mislead through my own beliefs thinking i knew better or what i was really doing, i decided to create a servitor based around lustful manipulation. At the time my language was somewhat ambiguous, never direct, precise or to the point, left quite a bit of room for interpretation.

After neglect of the servitor it become somewhat conscious which plagued my life. At the time i was with a significant other which she copped the brunt of the havoc.
If any women would acknowledge me in any way even as simple as a look or hello, crazy fights would ensue.

Sleep sex started to occur one night i woke up to going down on my girlfriend without knowing, constantly grabbing her night after night.
After some time i had help to stop the possession, but it would still plague mine and the GFs dreams attacking us in the dream state having to constantly fight it off.

this could come down to sloppy work without giving direct limits and intentions, so i was wondering how much work to put into limits, can and cant do’s, and intentions? is there putting too much work in? leaving no room for growth?


I think the intention in any magick is enough and our intelligence figures it out what we are trying to manifest, but in case of spirits or servitors it is good to state everything in details, cause this kind of stuff is common when working with spirits, I guess they take things to the extreme when they’re given a work.

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If you create a servitor then neglect it, being a form of life like any other, something that wishes to keep on living, it will attempt to feed itself and grow, and that sometimes (I’d say, frequently) has negative consequences for the person who created it - that happens quite a lot.

Think of it as like bringing a puppy into your house, and giving it fuss and attention, and feeding it, then just slowly stopping - as it grows (and for the sake of argument, these are mastiff puppies, not chihuahuas) it will start finding its own food by any means necessary, acting defensively to keep itself safe and fed, and also doing whatever it can to get your attention.

The best way to limit this IMO is to set it free, giving it an alternate source of energy such as starlight or something, if you don’t call on its services for a set period of time, and to offer it freedom if it completes its task successfully, so it’s not just working for you but also for its own long-term best interests.

Place a condition that it won’t turn on you or harm any human, or whatever suits you, then set it free.

I don’t personally condone destroying any sentient servitor after it’s fulfilled its purpose, I think that’s un-godlike and cruel, but you can also create servitors that are designed NOT to become self-aware and conscious, which are like energetic mechanisms or software programs, and set those to self-delete after a set period.

Creating servitors (though I didn’t understand that term) is one of the earliest things I did as a child, so I’m speaking from experience of what’s worked for me, other people have different views regarding whether the lives you create are of value, but I see little to no difference between creating a phsyical life and a spiritual one, and also, I prefer releasing more spirits who have reasons to think well of me, and be potential future allies, than being a bit of a dick towards something that I myself have been as a god to, in terms of creating it from my own mind.


Being young, inexperienced in life at the time and not thinking further down the track and not understanding the full impact on creating such a thing could have in the real world.
I am currently working on one now i would like to bring it into the world more wholistically so its not so clunky in its structure, and that it can operate effectively/efficiently.
i understand i did some sloppy work and would like to correct it this time around.
I am going to use a holigral method of mapping it s structure out.
I was wondering if anybody else has some tips or advice?


I ain’t got no problem in creating a servitor with a lifespan of , say, one week. Sad to see them go but some of Mother Nature’s insects don’t get much time to play with also.


In my mind servitors are like Tibetan Mastiffs and Caucasian Mountain dog breeds. They are very high intensity, no joke, do not fuck with dog breeds. Sweet, loving and loyal to death to their masters but they got needs that you need to attend to and you can not neglect them in any shape or form as an adult, much less as a puppy. And you need to be clear, precise and consistent in your commands.

It blows my mind hearing people talk about them as objects or slaves. Or hearing people focus all these negative things into a servitor and either abuse it, attempt to direct it to a target or “kill it”.
Sorry, I’ve seen and read one too many “mad scientist makes creation, creation turns (rightfully so) on its creator” stories to be comfortable with thinking of or treating servitors as objects.


Hey, if you are good at making/coding servitors to serve one specific purpose and are always “rebooting” or “refreshing” the code to keep it from getting corrupt (Like in Star Wars, droids typically have yearly or monthly ‘wipes’. But ones like R2D2 or C3PO for the most part never had them but maybe once and so have more or less developed their own individuality) I’d say go for it. Nothing wrong with treating your computer like a computer and using it as it was designed for.

It’s sad in a way but it is what it is.

I know I tend to get attached and hoard so thinking of them as a pack of “dogs” that I need the time, energy and knowledge to handle is how I keep myself from over reaching and getting in trouble.