What's normal? (Creating Wards Walk-Through Tutorial)

There was another link on this site that talks about making a feeding source for your wards. Does anyone know where I might look to find that? I lost the link. :frowning:


This is one of my posts on the topic:


Holy shit I feel like there are some assholes who do this for fun. The leaving them in the dirt part.also my own personal band of ninja samurai warriors? Holy shit I feel like a daimyo already


Thank you.


I wouldn’t mind four naked Megan Good’s with swords and shields warding my magick circle!


It would be really interesting to channel them. Let these spirits have an hour to do as they please, see what happens. Of course everyone knows their own limits :slight_smile: . It would be pretty neat to see what they want.


And here I was wondering how to go about putting a Tibetan mastiff/Caucasian Mountain Dog-dragon serpent protector in my Scorpio statue as a guard/attack guard (had some smug Darth Maul looking fuck standing over me as I was waking up).


@Lady_Eva can you use servitors to protect others? i.e, your children/pets/home?


@Lady_Eva ^ ?


Just bumping this because I’ve updated the title and added tags to make it easier to find, on-forum answer to the above questions are YES, you definitely can use this to protect others, once you have the basic technique and have experienced it working for you, you can use similar methods anywhere. :+1:


And how to send them away when you don’t need them anymore? Or do they need to be destroyed? I’d like to try this but I don’t want to create something that I can’t deactivate.


Me with a genuine enthusiasm for seeing one of my favorite pieces of content on my dash this morning:


Where is the infernal empire now?


It’s in you bro, what’s the what?

You birthed a topic so many have found useful, so hit me up in PM if you want. :+1:


The Ultimate Invitation has been given.

To deny it is foolhardy.

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Hey! Some questions btw

^are wards servitor-lile entities?
^Do wards also needs a feeding sorce? eg-?
^how to check them in, if they are working or not?
^With time do they get stronger?
^how m i gonna know how strong is my ward?
^how can i make them stronger? Any method or tips?
^are wards also called astral wards? Or are they totally different things?
^can wards only block what i want them to? I mean like making ward to block parasites and imposters but allow to demon or spirits i work with or spirits that are not malious to me, is this possible?
^are astral traps made the same way but slightly different?
^is it possible to make a wand look like anything? Like guns, destroyers., seals.etc

There are my question, sorry for too many^^’
Kinda new to making wards ^^’

Thank you!


They’re energy forms, if you don’t want them to start becoming sentient make sure to program them to be like machines. Please do not create sentient life then end it, that may bite you in the ass later and it’s better to release them if they become too lively. Think of them as your mind’s children, and you want them out there ready to lend a hand if needed.

Set a clause they’ll be released automatically to seek their own destiny if not called for say 18 months. Magick is very legalistic in some ways, baking that in will win friends and influence people (spirits).

Sunlight, moonlight, starlight are all good, never get them to feed on anything you don’t want to create more of yourself/will not be in good supply from the outside world.

By feel really, same as any spirit. At first your senses and creative ability may not be that strong but ashould increase rapidly, I was making these as a child, just believe in your abilities. You can ask them to flash you an image of say the post you got that day in your mailbox/ on the mat before you p[ick it up.


There’s no agreed upon calibration I am aware of but you should be able to feel them.

Keep visualising them and welfaring them, make sure they’re okay, treat them like created citizens in your own kingdom.

Depends, words vary. These are meant to ward you in this world.


Beyond this tut, I don’t usually talk about defensive/offensive magick here, maybe someone else can handle that one. :+1:

Absolutely, keep it to things you can believe in and which you won’t start feeling silly about.

If needed btw, anyone can send orphaned/lost etc thoughtforms here, they’ll be given a new home:


Oh so is it possible to intract with them? Eg- talk

I didn’t know astral traps were offensive somehow?
How tho?^^’

@anon48079295 can you explain astral traps?, i’ve read about them somewhere i think :thinking:

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Astral traps? Do you have an example?

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Yeh thats what i’m asking, what are they?
I’ve read after creating them and if they are strong enough, if someone sends a curse or something simular it sends it back to its caster. Idk is it reversing spell? Is that how it works?

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