Parasite help- 16 years of torment

For sure, that’s why I don’t like to give it any attention. Kind of hard to ignore though when it’s twitching your leg, your eyebrow, or other body parts non-stop. It even feels like trying to exorcise it gives it more power… which seems strange, but it seems to have less power over me when I do my best to ignore it.

But I want it gone, so I can’t exactly ignore it.

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Hey man I worked out how to deal with it! If your still interested in resolving it let me know!


For sure, I can’t PM though so please send me one.

I’ve gone through similar thing as the OP for a decade, with spirit gradually losing strength as I battle it, mostly by protecting myself through my own spiritual practices. I do not believe that the spirit that’s with me will ever leave, but it hardly bothers me anymore.

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I’ve gotten rid of parasites like that for others here on the forum and strong parasites to.
I can try to remove it for you later if your interested.


Just want to share the myth, the legend, Dremus.

I am in my early stages of working with him, but I definitely think this is worth a read for parasite problems.


I’m open to trying anything someone wants to offer. Please PM me :slight_smile:

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Hey what’s the situation with the parasite? Still bothering you?

I also want to second this article:

(Forum says the lovely Keteriya has shared this already, but I have skimmed this thread 12 times and don’t see it, so I’m going to share it anyway.)

The banishing only gets you so far, you’ll need to do some work to keep them away, and ^this^ tutorial is a good read for that. I reference it frequently in discussion.

Shameless Self-Promotion of some of my other Posts on Similar Topics (Click to Expand)

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I have shared some experiences on the dangers of magic/parasites:

A Personal Account of Parasites and My Own Ineptitude in Magic

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Your story is very similar to mine. This is extremely odd, because I’ve searched the web over the past 10 years and found nothing comparable to mine. Ofc, there are some differences. What I think happened to us is that we communicated with other worldly beings that somehow opened some type of psychic communication channel or something in our mind. This is where we may differ: in my case it seemed to be several random spirits or aliens, though it could just be one. It would make me hear voices constantly and communicate with my in strange ways, like through my thoughts and what I would look at, e.g., by looking at the clock, I could make out abbreviations for words and put sentences together that it would tell me, but it was probably manipulating my own thoughts, too.

Have you ever experienced movement of light or light following you and moving even when you’re alone in the dark? I don’t think it’s even possible for us to rid ourselves from the spirits (at least not in this life), but in my case it can hardly do anything anymore, so it really doesn’t matter.

Have you considered that everyone has such spirits attached to them or surrounding them, but they can only get through to people like us, because it is like the spirit/s opened up some type of psychic communication channel in our brains?

No not everyone has parasites attached to them and no it’s not normal.

No you and the OP opened a doorway that ANYTHING can get through good or bad. There is a reason why people are warned about using ouija boards without protection or knowing what they’re doing. They did not open some type of channel in your mind. That takes months or years of hard work to develop your senses enough to hear or see them.

Yes it is very much possible to remove the parasites and spirits and close the door. Quite a few people myself included have the ability to do so, and there is tutorials on how to learn to do so here on balg.

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I have a question that I am so curious to find out about the spirit that’s attached to me.

So, every single time I have a thought of a certain word, it changes the word in my mind to something else. It always changes this same word to the other same word that it changes it to. I cannot do it willingly, though. What I mean by that is that I cannot just say the word in my mind to observe it being changed. The spirit will only change it when I think of the word, but forget the fact that the spirit changes it.

My question is what the hell is going on? Is the spirit so very, very aware and extremely disciplined that it is just waiting there 24/7 to instantly change this word in my head? I know that it isn’t only focused on this task, but do you see my point? I don’t think there is a single time that I think of this word and the spirit doesn’t change it (unless I am mindful of the spirit changing the word).

Other than this petty thing and maybe some other petty stuff, the spirit doesn’t bother me. But when I was first afflicted by the spirits, my life was a living nightmare. The psychic attacks were so bad, and I can’t stress just how bad they were. It was like 24/7 psychosis, living in a horror film.

No I don’t see anything visual from this parasite.

I’ve considered just about every possibility for why this kind of shit exists, but still have no idea how something so pathetic could attach to me and remain attached despite my years of commanding it to leave.

I sympathize with you though, spiritual attack is a nightmare.

Yeah still around.
I can’t figure out how a parasite so stupid can be so stubborn and not leave.

Do you feel that it is watching you type when you talk about it and pretty much reading all your thoughts and always watching you? I’m just curious how our experiences compare. I know the entity that’s always with me reads all my thoughts and stuff like that, so it’s kind of weird when I talk about it.

Before my experience, part of me thought that spirits and stuff weren’t real because how can they possibly obtain energy since they have no bodies, no brains, etc. People say that they feed off of our energy; I still kind of find that hard to believe (that they can use energy from us to the point that they can do stuff, like exist).

It wants to break you. Make you subconsciously doubt yourself give in and break your inner defences. Ofcourse the depend on your energy to exist within/without-through you. You perceive them because there is a part of you that acknowledges their existence

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Banish, banish, uncross yourself (would recommend 11-13 day uncrossing) then keep banishing with preferred method.

There are plenty of references to uncrossing rituals your can find searching here or elsewhere.

Sorry didn’t work it out… just made it way worse instead… but if you can get your hands on white sage it does make you feel a whole lot better during a attack… kinda like the one it just saved me from.

If I may join the discussion, from what I understand, such parasites cannot stick around, once you’ve sufficiently raised your vibrations, to the extent that they cannot utilise your energy, as the frequency is simply incompatible with the kind of energy that they are made of. In those cases, they are simply forced to leave and must look for another energy source.

If you want, I can raise your energy vibrations temporarily, by flooding you with high-frequency light (it is what is known as the light of heaven), that should force the parasite to leave and hopefully the effect will last long enough for it to look for someone else to feed on. However, since you have opened some sort of gateway by using the Ouijja board in an unsafe manner, you will have to work on yourself energetically to keep your vibrations high enough, so that they can’t reach you.

Hello, I was wondering have you resolved your issues?

I actually have a similar thing that happened to me few years, people around me who were spiritually gifted couldn’t help me as they said what happened to me is very difficult as it is very rare. It turns out I had a parasite living inside me; it was feeding on me, my life, and my energy. How did it happen? well, I consume something from a “friend” and it has been growing since then. It was with me for few years. I was almost at the edge of depression, I wasn’t feeling myself, I seem lost.

And one evening, it actually keeps taking over me. I was not aware of it because it happened only in a split second but repeatedly. I become super rude, fierce, aggressive towards my friends, attacking them in a way unlike me. it was trying to separate me from these friends but thankfully my friends know how I usually behave so they were aware I am not myself. And that evening was actually the sign that I have something inside of me. Before that, none of us can detect what is wrong with me. The next day I did seek help, it didn’t work. Someone did some banishing ritual on me, it just hides and acts as it has disappeared but it didn’t as I could sense it few days later.

I was afraid because I know if I didn’t do something about this, I would be dead. So I told myself, if no one can help me, I should help myself.

So what I did is, I make a ritual using candles, intention, visualization to remove it. Btw, I was new to candle magick at that point of time. I have prepared a white and a black candle and a paper written with my intention for my candles, I wrote out my intention on the paper is to prevent my words/thoughts from being changed so I can read it out while setting the intention onto the candles. I would recommend using teal light candles as you will be able to control the fire better over than long candles and also to ensure the candles are able to burn properly to allow the ritual to be successful at a higher rate.

Before I start the ritual, I pray to my guides, asking them to bless me, cleanse me, my space and my surrounding. Next, I ask to be protected and make the ritual successful
I started off with the white candle, I set the intention by holding the white candle with both hands, saying I empower this candle to neutralize the impact, the attachment this entity has on me. I repeated a few times until I feel it is ready then I light it.

Next, holding the black candle with both hands, I set the intention by saying I empower this candle to cut off the connection with this entity, remove the connection with this entity, banish this entity out of my body, away from me & my body, from my life, from my surrounding. If you can visualize, you can visualize with the strings being cut off. while saying the intention. You repeat it and when it is ready, you light the candle and place it beside the white candle.

I did this repeatedly for 3 days and during daytime before noon. I can understand if you have fear in visualising since our thoughts can be twisted. So before you visualise, you should pray to your guides for strength and a clear mind to allow yourself to visualise clearly.

My first attempt actually failed because I only use 1 black candle but I realize it is quite strong and attached to me since it is inside me so I use a white candle to assist me.

Hope this sharing is able to help you and give you some strength.