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Most of the people in my life call me Satan. It’s just been my user name on so many social platforms it isn’t even a meme anymore and now my even my Amazon packages have it on there. But if you’re uncomfy with that you can also just call me Ash. As far as my background goes I was raised by my grandmother who was a practicing grey witch. My first memory was me scrying into a bowl on the kitchen table lol. I received my first tarot deck at around 10 and recently starting practicing with oracle decks.I believe my strengths include the foresight I gain from those readings as well as what appears to me only in dreams.
I’m here now because I didn’t even know who Azazel was until about 5 years ago when he started just showing up in my life. All this time I have no idea how to work with him or why he’s stuck around so I would love some insight on that matter. I’ve also recently started working with Runes and would absolutely appreciate some knowledge from those experienced . I’m grateful this outlet exists and my hope is to gain some information from all of you willing to help.

Thank you for reading and thank you for having me,
I hope you’re staying safe right now with everything going on <3



Welcome to the BALG forum.


Welcome to the forum. I hope you learn many interesting things here and enjoy yourself!


Welcome @Satans to the forum hope you find your path


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Welcome @mugumesamuel It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


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As you are already a trained witch, I suggest you adapt the practices you already know to demonolatry as opposed to the reverse. You need to study and read books regarding demonolatry but for the magickal workings, many can be converted/broken down to basics into the system you already know.
V.K. Jehannum is a great resource. He suggests googling his name and any entity you want to know about as his blog can be a bit difficult to penetrate if you are new to the practice/his writing style.


Oooo thank you for the tip !

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Welcome on Balg,

Since we’re on the topic:

You can do pretty much the same on youtube.

On Both Youtube and google,
you can find Demons, Angels, Gods etc the fastest when you type their name along with the word “sigil”,
i still do 7-90 percent of my research that way.

you can learn all importent skills from such sources aswell.

And here on the forum,
we have a few special topics / area’s,
i’d also like to introduce you to:

First off,

more under:


Trust me,
there is one subject no one should leave out in their practice,
if you ask my opinion;
Health/healing. (except vampirism, but that’s just a different form of healing.)

  • The MOST USED HEALING SPELL ON Become a living God;
    Call on Raphael, Marbas or Asklepios.
    and get healthier than you ever where before.

more under:


Always useful:

Undo, Banish, Destroy;


  • This Topic alone, singlehandedly holds more than a full library on Magickal Tutorials, Guides, and Teachings.

It’s the Gold of the Forum.

When you think something is impossible - check that TOPIC - and see if you can find something on your problem.

Apart from that,
more Tutorials:


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