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Hi everyone I just here since my ex told me that his going to control me I’m not sure but I think his practicing the craft & can read minds sort of not sure…I start to seek how I able to protect myself I experiencing psychic attack & always having a shadow sitting near the sofa or kitchen so I start to google some sort of simple stuff to protect myself but it still not enough…what I’m really experiencing is he sent something that trying to possess me I already posted on my 1st post here
I’m not rich just to say so to pay experience caster…

Oh no how terrible. How do you manage now?

I can only recommend you to do lesser banishing.

Look up E.A. Koetting’s videos about cursing someone.

But if that doen’t work I would advice you to seek a doctor.

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First of all, just know that you are in control of your universe.

The fact that you can see this entity and it hasn’t succeeded yet is huge - you have natural talent and/or protections. It’s a great start.

it can’t get in unless you let it, but it will keep trying to wear you down until it does. He may have done a one and done ritual but be on the alert of other simultaneous attacks, especially if he realises it’s not working. But you have time. Make sure you take care of yourself physically to help keep your strength up psychically.

Search for a consecrated salt water cleansing, very simple and easy and how to take a ritual salt bath or shower, do this daily to keep cleaning off any ick he’s sending.

Then I suggest a multi-pronged approach

  1. Bind the fucker do he can’t work any more magik against you, repeat daily for 7 days, then weekly adding more.

  2. Address the entity, find out who/what it is, then either or a mix of:
    - banish repeatedly, commanding it to stop and leave, overriding his will - it’s your territory so you are the stronger here, a bit like having the high ground in a flight,
    - if the ex used Solomonic technqies it’s not attached to the task but to his control, so you can break it’s chains and it will leave
    - If it’s a parasite or lesser entity attack it and it will leave (if you don’t kill it)

  3. When you feel a psychic attack coming in, immediately repel it, no matter what you’re doing. Get angry and visualise a black wall all around you shoving it back. Send it back against him, literally thinking or saying ‘it’s yours shit YOU have it’ and see it enveloping his form.

  4. Break his attachment to you. You want him to not care about attacking any more. Wrok with Goetic daemons like, Sabnok to exhaust him, so he can’t fight, others to make him sick, to confuse him and make him not want to attack (Vine), make him fear you (Marchosias, Forneus).
    Or try the amaranth spell I posted here to dissolve the link to you you and make him forget you completely, destroying his emotions about you, and removing his feelings about his memories for you as well.

  5. He started it, you finish it. Death curse him. Repeatedly, do it every day for a month as a planned ritual (stop if the energy suddenly field like it’s done, no need to bother with more).
    There’s NO room in your universe for crap like this, and he might wiggle out of the bindings, get on the offensive and stay on it until he gets his head straight and fucks off or dies.
    No mercy. Show him no compassion, he would not, so you do not. Because you are unpracticed, his is no time for half measures, go for the kill, and you will probably get him out of your life for good is reasonable time. All’s fair in love and war… And you are at war.

Here are some more resources to learn from:

Robert Bruce Psychic Self Defence
E A Koetting Baneful Magik
E A Koetting Evoking Eterning to learn to evoke and then call entities in his Book of Azazel

Please watch this - this video will introduce you in detail to how power works and why you can easily overcome this. The title doesn’t do the content justice, it is pure gold.

There’s a steep learning curve in here. Start with the cleansing, bindings and banishing.


I’m going to assume this was your attempt at the introduction you were asked to do, and move this to the proper section.

Welcome to the forum.

Try this.

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Don’t be scared and let fear set in, this is used as a fuel. I know it may be difficult, it would be difficult even to me, but if a car doesn’t have fuel, it will stop. That’s all in a nutshell.


Try working with king Purson, your ex sent something that possesses you so do it in return.

King Purson can take any human body, which is I think kind of like a possession.

If you don’t want revenge, simply pray to angel Michael.

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I have no doubt this is more on spiritual since i have nothing to be depressed of & can feel it’s presence you can check spirit possession symptoms

Do a lesser banishing ritual. There are loads on YouTube.

Or you can pray to angel Michael.

If you want revenge I’d recommend Purson, Andras, Glasya-Labolas (he is no joke), Vine, Marbas (gives disease to a person) , Ose (brings insanity to a person), Focalor, Shax, Sabnock etc…

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I don’t want to jump & call this entities I don’t have even experience yet

@Luci_Fur I would first take in consideration the price you are willing to pay in energy and in lifeforce. He is trying to control you through an shadow entity. The entity it self can not breach your natural boundaries which is good. That tells me you have a lot of positive energy natural in you.

I have an experience with a similar thing I will share with you on destroying someone. I first called upon the strongest thing I knew then this was in the beginning of my practice of the craft it is called seteach anou artesh ( it’s a version of a seven candles ritual but I used 12 ) (to symbolize the 12 aspects of a life according to the ancient Egyptians ) Its an old sethteash ritual that was only used in ancient Egypt when you wanted to destroy someone with in the 12 worlds meaning that you destroy their very being and stop them from entering to the next. I was given this by setheash with a warning are you prepared to give up your life and force only because of jealousy, envy and lost love.
I answered yes and preformed the ritual.
Seeing what I did to that person I changed my out of mercy (I did love that person before I did the ritual. ) and asked seteach to reverse it.
It took me four moons to recover from that and after that seteach told me that their will be consequences on my action. But because I gave back something I did not loose my life then.

Four years later going home from a party I was jumped by three Naziz the assaulted me to such degree that because of the cold (this happened during the winter ) and loss of blod I died. Thanks to my Gardien a buss came by that saw the incident taken place and the bus driver refused to leave when my assailants demanded he did ,and an ambulance as well the police was called to the scene. In the ambulance I Astro projected and could see how my body was lying their and then darkness.
The day after in the hospital I had returned to my body And I could see three spirits and what I believe one angel.
The hospital told me that the ambulance personal had revived me in the ambulance due to the cold and the lost of blood I was died for one minute.

This was the price I payed for the ritual it came just like he told me but because I payed it by giving up my own life force the ancient brought me back and the revenge they took on the people that attacked me was destruct full and hard. So the balance was restored.

I tell you this only to think before you use to much effort on destroying someone and revenge. For every energy you put in you also have to be prepared to loose some.Their must always be a balance.
That in the mater of destroying him now he deserves what is coming to him and he will probably get just that.

On the protection part I would do this !

  1. You would use a cleansing circle By that the entity will be unable to enter your home As you are rendering it’s objective and putting up psychic shields around your home as well as astral-walls.
  2. I would then use a protection circle , protective circle are deity magic as in petitions ceremonies to deities such as Merlin , Morgane le Fay or in this case queen Mab she likes those kind of guys ,that this guy seem to be. And will probably do more than just aid your protection circle.
    I always put up an protective circle and a cleansing circle before I sleep and have done so for the last 23 years. The protection circle I use is a mix of sethteash and Celtic deity magic.
    I hope that this helped you a bit and let me know how it turned out
    Blessed be !
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@Luci_Fur welcome to the forum !

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I don’t know how to evoke yet & I don’t have a place to practice actually I don’t know where to start can you please pm if you don’t mind?

Can you please pm me

Even my third eye is not open I don’t even know if it is open