THought of Toth

Dear Children of the infinite knowledge,

there has yet to be shown,
the way,
that carries through.

By permission of my current Vessle,
i speak out to you,
from a stance,
pointing out of time and space,
in amamenti’s halls,
i dwell for my next incarnation,
to fully walk this earth again.

thou shall not fear,
those times currently going on.

Necessary changes take place.

Your race,
the race of mankind,
transforms for the better.

the dot which seperates sentances,
the illusion,
of pause,
between speech.

Thou have never witnessed,
what i see constantly,
clearly ringing throughout my beak.

The silenth,
between the sentances,
is where real understanding takes place.

No conversation,
any of you,
ever held,
could take place,
without taking the time,
of your opponent catching up.

The voice of silence has been gifted to a few of you.

And those whom been gifted,
have prooven well usage,
of the given power.

a shadow token,
has been stored for any magy,
whom seek to access that hidden power,
for themselves.

that none of you will be able to teach it forth,
to other magy.

All you can do,
is show the passage,
and let the mages claim it for themselves.

66 - 48 - 23

write those numbers around a triangle.

symbolize the deepest silence,
your meditative mind has reached so far,
to my sigil,

within the triangle.

For those, untrained in Astral Travel,
be prepared to be taken to an Astral Travel,
by my followers.

Note from host yberion:
this is a self-initiation rite,
and doesn’t require prior knowledge or training.

Thoth will train you individually into the artform,
of non-spoken-casting.

Recommended usage:
To gain back control over your own mind.

To enhance and better control mental abilities like Telepathy,

Not recommended for emotional based skills, like empathy.

Also useful for Meditators,
which want to skip a couple of decades in their training,
and reach the final stages of meditation quicker.

End of yberions Note.

I’ll then,
take you to a specific plane,
mainly consisting of void energies,
which will transform your mental faculties,
to enhance your comprehension,
of speach,
and symbolism,
over the current limitations you’re used to expieriencing.

This offer is for anyone,
who seeks to gain sheer intelligence.

and rhythmic understanding,
decoding and encoding of cryption and seals,
will be teached to those,
whom remain in my prepared training plane,
for longer then 72 hours.

Of course,
there’ll be a time gap between your actual living time,
and your training in my domain.

To successfully go through my training,
i recommend you to let loose of your regular worries,
prior to accessing the given portal.

doesn’t suit me or my demands,
in this working,
but simply allows you,
to be fully focused into the work,
rather then lingering between the worlds,
and wondering why my teachings don’t go through into your daily life.

As yberion occasionally expressed before,
you’ll be trained in Numinosis,
at the later stages.

That will,
enhance your ability to create sigils and seals,
to invisible casting,
(casting with your eyes),
and binding energy ethernally into sigils,
to make them re-usable for other magy.

P.S. - even tho this was channeled forth by Toth,
i didn’t really feel possessed,
since i’m merged with him for such a long time by now (several years.)

Normally i don’t explicitally let him speak through me,
this was done on his request.

Hope i gave all information necessary.




Thank you @Yberion & Toth

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I love it!!! I shall give it a try. I have another sigil for Toth but i shall try this one. I started recently to work with the egiptian pantheon and I find It awesome. Thanks @Yberion

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thank you

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Thank you both for sharing. We are lucky to have your insight, and this synchronicity has not gone unnoticed

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Addition from Oberyon.



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Dang it, i need to get more used to wikifying those posts.

sorry for double post.


Okay, since the first people have started working with it,
i feel obligated,
to link the Emerald Tablets,
as a source.

Just for Reference.

Rest of reseurch:




What exactly does he mean by that? Little confused on the process

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Well, unless you try it out,
you won’t know it.




I admit, my astral travelling skills are not good, especially when i started this. Upon opening the sigil and sleeping with it routinely for a little while, i can confirm that from the very first night, I was taken to be taught. And though the travels were not necessarily lucid, the lessons were engaging, FUN, and stuck in a way that defies normal logistic comprehension. As though the teachings are embedded deep in the mind and you utilize them via necessity.


in case it’s overlook otherwise:


in representative function,
for Thoth.

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Ahh Djehuti-I had interacted with him briefly back in November 2018. Very much a teacher who gives you not the answer to the question, but rather the how you can solve the question


Around the 14 minute mark,
he’s explaining,
how from drawing an item,
it developed into the Mandarin Symbol,

which for me,
alignes a lot with Numinosis,
as one of the key functions of Numinosis,
is to learn understanding symbols,
not just by the meaning that social norms and school education teach,
but rather,
finding those symbols in other forms,
adapting them,
and learning to read symbols,
where to a normal mind there aren’t any.

(Proto-Language, if you want to see it that way.=)




I think Training in Numinosis will most likely,
be going best with the Library of Babel.

Propably going to be the guys who’ll benefit most of it.




Toth just showed me this.

He said,
he’s been crafting a magickal being,
for us,
to make the transition from his knowledge towards us easier.

He says,
her name is Ashmitaya.

Not completely sure if this here belongs to it.

He says very clearly,
her name is Ashmitaya,
not Ashitaya.

From another Topic:

Special Attention to:


As SHaDoWSToRM696 was so nice,
to share his Crafted Sigil of Toth initiation into Numinosis.

And he did a perfect job there!!!

This is exactly,
what that Rune should look like.

Enjoy using it.

And Credit towards SHaDoWSToRM696, for sharing it with us. :blush:




Toth sigil requested to be uploaded by @Yberion

Thank you Brother!

Great Work there!!!



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Thank you brother.
Your welcome.

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Does anyone have any advice for a beginner who has thus far been unable to reach toth. I have activated his sigil and asked him for assistance in astrial travel, which I have been attempting to do for a while now. Right when I think I am about to get there I fall asleep. I know he is open to teaching which is really all I want. Any advice appreciated. Thank you.



He’s not gonna teach you all in one minute you know?

You’re getting there.

Take your time.

Just because you don’t see him,
doesn’t mean he doesn’t see you.

Maybe this helps you get the heck of it.

And benefiting your work,
there’s been tons of work done,
for you,

It’s up to you,
to realize that.