How to learn Magick

Hey Friends,

since the new year I‘d like (again) to learn Magick. Well, it’s my second try. My first try was at school time about 16 years ago. My problem that time were limited resources (money and information). Btw. I’m male, 34 years old and live in Germany.

My current problem – and that’s the reason how I found BALG – is some kind a current mass on information about Magick. And I have no idea, what I should read. Well I started with the three Magick Books written by Crowley and his book about Thoth Tarot and a book about the Abremalin ritual to communicate with the HGA. At least reading the Abremalin book was some kind a waste of time, because it seems like I have to be more advanced to do the ritual and has to be more or less alone for a half of a year. It’s impossible for me, because – well I have to earn somehow money for living.

So, I started a new book, written by Frater V.D. called in German “Schule der hohen Magie”. Maybe someone else know it. But I’m still not sure if this book is the right one for me.

Well, what do you want to learn Magick for? I think the main reason is the self-improvement. I want to invest time and money now to get easier through life. To make my business more successful (afaik most successful businesses have at least some kind of supernatural component in it). And I also want to learn more about the world outside and also about my self.

But on the other hand I’m kind of lazy. At college I didn’t want to learn how to solve differential equations because I knew, I would never do it again by hand. So with Magick I’d like to take some kind of shortcut. To get maximum results with a minimum of effort.

Can someone tell me, what’s the best way on the path of Magick?


Welcome to the forum!

Personally, I came to this path in search of knowledge and to improve my life and those around me.

Lots of people are in search of the easiest path. I’m still early in mine, so I may not be the best to offer advice on the direction you should go. But pretty sure some around here could point you in the correct direction. Although, as I understand it, it’s largely a personal thing, as for what feels right for you and what you’re most interested in. There’s many paths to take.


Welcome @LL0rd to the BALG forum.

hello, welcome. some of the most basic things you can try are an aura cleaning, and working with psionics in the form of Psi balls.
for aura cleaning, sit back, relax for a bit then breath in. as you breath in imagine sucking in a golden light, then exhaling a matte yellow light. do this until you exhale only golden light then you should be good.
Thats one basic way, and there are many. search around and find what fits best for you.

also pick up some form of meditation.

Search around on here, ask more questions and take it at your own pace.


Hey Friends,

currently I have a little problem and hope that you can help me. E.A. Koetting says that a Mage shouldn’t take Magick to serious. He should play with it. On the other hand he says in one of his books, that Demons have an evil nature and some of them take more then they give.

My Problem is, that here my fears come into play.
Few years ago, my grandpa got unconsciousness and was taken to the hospital. In the ER the MD told me, that he has a problem with his heart. The whole atmosphere was like my grandpa will not survive the night.

To release the stress I went out in the night and suddenly I saw a falling star. And I made a wish, I can’t remember what this wish exactly was because everything was so fast and instant. The result was, that my grandpa is still alive. But he can’t walk anymore, is bound to the bed and has pain. Some times he beg me to kill him. And sometimes I think that may be it was wrong to make this wish.

Back on todays fear…
Well the first thing I’d like to play with is wealth. But my fear is, where does the money (or the wealth) came from? My fear is, that on one hand I get some wealth but on other hand I loose something. What I don’t want is that the money I’m going to receive is from the life insurance of my mother, who currently fight with a lymphoma.

How can I be sure, that nothing negative happens?

The thing to keep in mind is that death is a part of life. It can be easy to get all attached to love ones and not want to let them go. Don’t feel you have to heal or save everyone.

When requesting wealth, it is probably better to be more specific about the source of wealth. You don’t want to just think about money, and then mess up the rest of your life in the process.


I would agree with Jastiv. When I make a petition (altho, as I’ve said, I have read and researched much and practiced little, so I’m not a “master occultist”, or the like. There are many more that can answer this much better as I’m still learning to put theory into practice and get the results I want), I am pretty explicit and precise as possible with the language I use when making a petition/asking an entity for help. I also don’t want the “Monkey’s Paw” effect, where you get the results by having something fucked up happen.

When it comes to actual practice, there are so many ways people get the desired results, and so much contradictory information when it comes to methods (some people say “oh, doing this that way is a no-no”, and others say “oh, that’s fine”) that it leads me to believe that it’s your will, intent, focus, desires, etc… that matter the most. But, again, this is coming fro someone relatively new to starting to seriously practice, so take what I say with the proverbial grain of salt. Hope this helps :wink:

Hey Guys,

just a little question. I have some kind of “last minute resistance” against black magick. I don’t know why, but I compare black magick to Star Wars. Do I want to be a high rank commander on the ship of the empire? To wake everyday up in a clean room and have everything I want? Yeah, shit I want. I want the back side.

On the other hand there are the rebells and the Jedi. They live in more or less Dirt, have to fight for their food, and so on. Yeah, may be this is morally the better way… but shit, the back path is better.

What do you think?

Hi LL0rd, maybe it would be good to start with some ‘lighter’ material. Like Buckland’s book on witchcraft? And from there discover which way is your way.
(I don’t know the exact title of the book now, but the author is Raymond Buckland)

Isn’t it like dipping a toe into cold water instead of just jumping in?

Is that a bad idea or a good one?

No idea, but in my world it’s like one of my mentors said: if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no.

Thank you for linking my work in this!