Simple energy work tutorial: Going back to basics

That’s great Gary!

What happens if you fall asleep now my curiosity wants to know

It’s nice seeing some direct magick/energy work discussions from time to time :smiley:

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I have to say that even though i was familiar with most of the basics of that, not only that it’s nice to read more explenations and opinions again but also that was in really good details and even clearify more useful information to me.
So Thanks!

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How do u actually harness the energy of Venus ? Or any other thing that we just have to imagine . I mean. From earth , the runes and other objects , we can touch . Planets ? How?

Linking and external energy manipulation.

Yea . How do I link ? Imagine the planet Venus and imagine drawing energy from it ?

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You can visualize the planet yes and a tether to it as if you’re siphoning energy from it. Most planets are ambient energy it’s just different “flavors” of ambient energy.


Absolutely love this. Thank you for being so thorough!

Tried to open hand chakras by clapping, and then started to rub my hands vigorously until it felt fiery, and imagined a red ball grown to a dodgeball size, bounced up and caught it.

Will proceed.

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Hit with all five elements, felt each in their weight, texture or consistency.


On activation of hand chakras, if you dont feel much electricity between the palms, does it mean that you just need to practice more, or is it possible energy is almost non existent, in which case, how do you nurture energy back to good health?

If you don’t feel much, it probably has more to do with with lack of sensitivity than anything else. As long as you’re alive, your body produces energy. You will become more sensitized to it with practice.


Thats a good point. Considering how much Ive burnt my hands and fingers cooking throughout the years, it would probably make sense to get them re-sensitized. Perfect Persistent Practice makes perfect :slight_smile:

When you use that technique. You have to visualise the rune all around your ball or you have to channel its energy?