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I have been looking through the forum and haven’t found any answers myself. before I ask my questions if a post already exist that you know answers it directly just redirect me. ok, so first I was wondering, do you all actually feel energy and power physically, or is it imaginary in the mind? if you can truly feel it, what kind of work should I put in to get to the point of feeling my own energy or power, and will it be noticeable or will it be subtle and hard to distinguish? I assume once established one should be able to move it around through and around the body? also is it the same as aura and does any of this at all play into seeing aura? thanks for any answers or direction to a post. I may not find things perhaps due to my search terms or wording.


All of them. At the beginning it’s just mentally, with practice, meditation, rituals, you get better and stronger. With practice you improve and getting stronger


alright well practice practice practice. it seems that is the general response. I will keep with it and be mindful of any growth I may undergo

For me energy feels mental and physical, mentally it’s a kind of tickle in the back of my mind while physically it’s like having water or fire or air brush against my skin, some people’s energy feels really hot (my friend his energy had me feeling as though my back was on fire) some energy feels really cold on my fingers, and so forth.


amazing. this is certainly a solid answer that has me understanding that it isnt simply ones imagination. im now so excited to discover my energy.

also just a random comment for me but idk if anyone has ever told you @anon48079295 but your pfp is awesome. did you make it?

Lol thanks, I used this character creation mini game :laughing:

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I know the question has kinda already answered, but for me, yes I do feel is physically, usually more so than mentally tbh. It’s like the feeling of when you walk out a building, and it’s windy; you can feel that wind blow all around you and the air pressure is different- That’s what energy feels like to me.

It’s important when first starting to be very quiet and still. If your mind is buzzing around with ‘is it working? what do i feel? do i feel anything?’, you’re not gonna have great results. Let the energy come to you, and use your power to build it up and go deeper and deeper!

Hope that helps, and welcome to this path brother! :metal:


thank you very much for the response. I feel grateful for the knowledge and wisdom of those who have given me great insight. I will work hard to continue growing. it is an absolute honor and pleasure to be among you all. thank you for the warm welcome. I will keep meditating and quieting the self. I shall remain mindful.

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It feels like a hot flash in my spine, that just feels like a leaf. It tingles sometimes and is comparable to a nicotine rush. Sometimes it feels like a cooler sort of liquid in my head area.
I have picked an energy exercise and done it daily. Good ol practice makes perfect.
I have not really tried to move it in any way besides directing energy in ritual.
Its been interesting putting it into words.